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Junior Great Books Series 8. Sucker. By Carson McCullers. “Sucker” by Carson McCullers. Download PDF from website and read for homework- Monday, May 6, 2013

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Junior Great Books

Series 8


By Carson McCullers

Sucker by carson mccullers
“Sucker” by Carson McCullers

Download PDF from website and read for homework- Monday, May 6, 2013

** Answer & Discuss Pre-reading Questions

Pre reading questions
Pre-reading Questions

  • Why are people attracted to people who are not attracted to them?

  • Why do we sometimes pick on those who are younger than we are?

  • Why do people often look to others for affirmation of their own worth?

  • What would you like and not like about having someone admire you unquestioningly and believe everything that you say?

  • Why are some mean words harder to forgive than others?

  • What kind of person would you call a “sucker”?

Directed notes complete while reading
Directed Notes: Complete While Reading

Mark places where Pete says or does

something that shows he is growing up.

Follow- up question:

How does this show that Pete is growing up?

Interpreting words concepts
Interpreting Words & Concepts


  • feeling ashamed or disgraced

  • having one’s pride, dignity, or status lowered

  • What is humiliating about the way

    Maybelle treats Pete?

    2. Do you think Sucker felt humiliated by

    Pete’s bad treatment of him when he was a

    little kid?

    3. Why is Pete’s attack on Sucker after he breaks up

    with Maybelle so humiliating for Sucker?

Interpretive questions for shared inquiry discussion
Interpretive Questions for Shared Inquiry & Discussion

Why does Pete feel so bad about what happens

between him and Sucker, when he didn’t seem to

care much about Sucker before?