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Advertising. How does it work?. Types of Advertisement . TV c ommercials Billboards Internet ads Radio commercials Pop-Ups Magazine ads. Target Audience. Who is the ad supposed to affect? Adults, children, women, men? How can you create an ad specifically for this audience?

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How does it work?

Types of advertisement
Types of Advertisement

  • TV commercials

  • Billboards

  • Internet ads

  • Radio commercials

  • Pop-Ups

  • Magazine ads

Target audience
Target Audience

  • Who is the ad supposed to affect? Adults, children, women, men?

  • How can you create an ad specifically for this audience?

  • Know if you’re targeting new or old consumers

Loyalty strategies
Loyalty Strategies

  • Gaining new customers loyalty

  • Taking a loyal customer from a company and converting them to your own

  • Reinforcement of existing current customers

Loyalty strategies1
Loyalty Strategies

Keep in mind:

  • Converting customers is the hardest strategy; people generally don’t like change

  • Keeping your loyal customers is where most companies make most of their money

  • Putting all three strategies in one ad will save the company money and generate more profit, though it could be long term

Analyzing the ad
Analyzing the ad

  • In order to analyze an ad correctly, you need a lot of time

  • Gives companies very detailed and specific information to help improve their advertisements for future needs

  • If done right, analyzing an ad can boost profit immensely

Short term vs long t erm
Short Term VS Long Term

  • Most advertisement works in the long term

    • People go through numerous steps before committing to a product

  • Short term advertisement isn’t as common

    • EX. ads seen shortly before purchase


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