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  1. Advertising • Definition – form of communication that attempts to persuade potential customers to purchase or consume a particular brand of product or service. Message on behalf of an institution, organization, or even a candidate for political office.

  2. Elements of advertising • A. product – tangible or a service • B. package – does the package influence the consumer? • C. pitch-persuasion (advertising techniques) • D. position/placement of the product in an advertisement. Color? Red – most popular. • E. Purchaser – “target market”

  3. Happy families Ad features a family; maybe the entire family. May just use parent and child; grandparent & child. Ad suggests that “using” the product will make your family “happy”.

  4. Exotic Places Ad features a beautiful “get away” or the scene will be a vacation type location. Very peaceful, calm, makes you forget all your problems. May be the beach, vacation spot (Disney World), mountains.

  5. Everybody’s Doing/Buying it! This ad makes you feel that ‘everybody’ else is buying/using/enjoying the benefits of the product/service. The ad will often feature groups of people. Example: 5 people wearing the same brand of jeans/shoes.

  6. Celebrity Endorsement • Popular person (actor, singer, athlete, politician) is featured in the advertisement, leading you to believe that they “use” this product.

  7. Sex Appeal • The most popular technique used! Focuses on beautiful men and women. People are very fit and usually tan! Clothing is at a minimum!

  8. Plain Folks • This technique uses plain, ordinary, next door neighbor type people. Helps convince people that the product or service is for the average, American consumer. Helps the consumer identify with the product and people in the advertisement.

  9. Science and Statistics • This technique incorporates numbers, percentages, graphs, surveys, and research. Things that would appeal to someone who places value on “Science & Math” findings. Makes the consumer feel as though the product/service has been completely tested or researched.

  10. Negative & Comparison • This technique will compare one product (one being sold) to another similar product. Used with cleaners, toothpastes, insurance, etc. The advertisement doesn't slander (bad mouth) the other product, it just lets people believe that the other product isn't as good as the one being sold.

  11. Fears and Insecurities • This technique focuses on something bad happening IF you don’t buy or use this product. Example: Security systems- IF you don’t install ADT- your family may be victim to a robbery.

  12. The technique wants to create a fearful situation so you will buy/use the product/service. Companies that sell prescription drugs often will say that “if you don’t take this medicine, you may have a heart attack”. Example: “if you don’t install On-Star you may not get immediate assistance to an accident”.

  13. Health and Nature • Ad urges consumers to buy “healthy” or “natural”. Advertisements may also encourage protecting the environment. Emphasis on health and longevity.

  14. Patriotic • Uses words such as “American made” “buy American”: may use red, white, and blue color schemes or flags. Speaks of freedom and loyalty to your country.

  15. Positive effects • This ad will influence you to buy the product and part of your money will be donated to charity. Ad may inform you that the company is a “proud sponsor of the special Olympics”. Research find a cure…may even feature someone who is disabled or handicapped.

  16. Humor • The ad usually will make you laugh; may have silly characters, the obviously “not possible” situation. Example; cartoon like characters as actors.

  17. Something for nothing! • May feature the word “on sale”, “buy one get one free”, “order now and we will send you a second set of…”, etc. The ad has a sense of “urgency”… (This special expires in 2 days).

  18. Value & Reliability • The technique focuses on the “best value” – “longest warranty” – product will “last longer”. Makes you feel good about spending your money because you will receive something that will last you forever, or at least a longer time! Ad will mention the money saving factor of their product.