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Diego Velazquez

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Diego Velazquez. By: Dylan Dunn And Daishalys Colon. Diego Velazquez. Diego Velázquez was born June 6, 1599 in Seville, Spain. At a young age of 11, he began a 6 year apprenticeship with a local painter named Francisco Pacheco.

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diego velazquez

Diego Velazquez

By: Dylan Dunn


Daishalys Colon

diego velazquez1
Diego Velazquez

Diego Velázquez was born June 6, 1599 in Seville, Spain.

At a young age of 11, he began a 6 year apprenticeship with a local painter named Francisco Pacheco.

Diego’s early paintings were traditional religious themes, but he also became influenced by the naturalism of Italian painter named Caravaggio.

Diego set up his own studio after completing his apprenticeship in 1617. A year later, he married Pacheco's daughter, Juana

By 1621, the couple had two daughters

In 1622, Velázquez moved to Madrid

Thanks to Diego’s father-in-law's connections, he earned the chance to paint a portrait of the powerful Count-Duke of Olivares.

The count-duke then recommended Velázquez's services to King Philip IV; the young king of Spain decided that no one else would paint him and appointed Diego as one of his court painters

  • Diego Velazquez died on August 6, 1660 due to serious illness(fever) in Madrid.
christ contemplated by the christian soul
Christ contemplated by the Christian Soul

This Christ painting was done with oil paintings on canvas.

The year Diego painted this painting was around the time 1628-1629

The Christ painting used normal standard straight colors of brown, red, white, grey, and yellow

Down at the bottom of the painting you can see whips, also on Christ there is blood on his legs and on his“underwear”

The mood of this painting is sad because the Guardian Angel, the Christian Soul, personified as a kneeling child, contemplates the suffering of Christ

Christ was being tormented by being tied up, and getting whipped

coronation of the virgin
Coronation of the Virgin

Diego painted this “Coronation of the Virgin” in 1641-1644

Diego painted this in Museo Del Prado, Madrid, Spain

The painting was painted with oils on a canvas

The mood is an emotional expression because the women is known as “Virgin Mary” and she is pointing towards her heart for reminiscent

The painting was done for the chapel  in the Queen's chambers at the Madrid’s Alcázar Palace.

the crucifixion
The Crucifixion

An oil painting on canvas

The Crucifixion was oil painted in 1632

With the four nails in his skin and Christ resting along the platform it represents silence and rest rather than torment

The mood of this painting is happy and thankful. It brings happiness to those who know Jesus is now resting in peace and now watching over them til the day they die. Also is thankful because people know Jesus fought for them and their sins and are now protected by him.

The Crucifixion was painted in Museodel Prado, Madrid

the immaculate conception
The Immaculate Conception

The painting is oil on canvas

The Immaculate Conception was done in 1618

The mood of this painting is free. It’s free because Virgin Mary is standing on top of the world above mankind’s original sin.

The Immaculate Conception was painted in Seville, Spain

This painting is considered one of the most popular subjects in the Golden Age Spanish paintings

supper at emmaus
Supper at Emmaus

Famous painting done with oil on canvas

Painted in between 1622-1623

This painting that these 2 men just now recognized that they have been dining with Christ himself

Mood of the painting is surprised because these 2 men were caught off guard at the fact they have been dining with the father himself.

The painting was done in Seville, Spain right before Diego had left for Madrid

The religious painting is supporting Christianity

the temptation of st thomas aquinas
The Temptation of St. Thomas Aquinas

The painting was done in 1632

Shows temptation to refuse the prostitute shown in the back where the door is

Mood is respectful because the guardian angel is holding the saint and saving him and the other angel is preparing to put a white ribbon around the novice. They respect the fact that he rejected the prostitute

The angel puts the white ribbon on the saint because he kept representing chastity

The painting was painted in Museo del Prado, Madrid