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Calibration Status

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Calibration Status - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Calibration Status. Frank Helmich – HIFI calibration manager. Overview. “History” Big picture Current status Meetings/proposals The future Schedule. History. Main in-orbit calibration work is; identification of the procedures for the in-orbit phase Plans for the in-orbit phase

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Calibration Status

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calibration status

Calibration Status

Frank Helmich – HIFI calibration manager

  • “History”
  • Big picture
  • Current status
  • Meetings/proposals
  • The future
  • Schedule
  • Main in-orbit calibration work is;
    • identification of the procedures for the in-orbit phase
    • Plans for the in-orbit phase
    • Exercise and verify observing modes
    • Calibration of individual spectra
  • The ICC does so by writing documentation:
    • Calibration plan
    • Astronomical Calibration Sources
    • Calibration Use Cases (requirements and procedures)
current status
Current Status
  • It became clear that this was not sufficient. Extra documentation for:
    • Solar system objects (first issue)
    • Frame work document:
      • Band pass calibration (almost finished)
      • Spatial response (almost finished)
      • Frequencies (first approach made)
  • Calibration plan is almost finished
  • Astronomical calibration sources (draft 0.4 is sufficient for the time being)
  • Use cases are not on schedule
  • Error budget not on schedule, but also not a problem
meetings proposals
  • Joint ALMA-HIFI calibration discussion
    • It is clear that we have the solar system objects in common with ALMA. For the rest there is hardly any overlap, due to the extreme difference between “beams”
  • HCalSG
    • Asteroids identified as the main overlap between the three Herschel instruments
    • Starting next semester we will try to coordinate ground measurements better (Hughes et al. JCMT-UK proposal)
    • All instruments face problems in the QM ground-calibration
    • There will be regular updates on pointing
  • Own initiative: Ground-based proposal CO 6-5 in AGB stars (strength & source extent); Joint Duth-Canadian proposal to JCMT)
  • Calibration review end November
  • To review the procedures and plans of the calibration group: i.e. Are we planning/doing the right thing?
  • What can be presented:
    • Calibration Plan
    • Frame work document
    • Astronomical calibration sources
    • Solar system objects
    • Use Case document
    • First part of calibration of AOTs
  • Not ready:
    • PV-plan
    • Normal operations plan
  • Schedule is tight
  • Manpower is lacking
  • However, a small group has achieved quite a lot over the last two years
  • We have created a common understanding of our calibration needs
  • We will have to work hard to be in time for the review, but prospects look good
  • We will need two more meetings before the review