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All About Escalator Cleaning PowerPoint Presentation
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All About Escalator Cleaning

All About Escalator Cleaning

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All About Escalator Cleaning

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  2. WHAT IS ESCALATOR CLEANING Escalator is one of the first things patrons will see when they will enter a hotel, airport, shopping center or a commercial building. Irrespective of how clean the other areas of the building are. If the escalator is dirty and not cleaned properly then it will create a negative impression of the facility. Escalator cleaning with the help of professional and experienced cleaners will help to remove all kinds of dirt, dust and impurities from the escalator and will make the whole building look tidy.

  3. CHALLENGES OF ESCALATOR CLEANING When it comes to clean an escalator then there are various challenges that needs to be considered. These challenges are as follows As the escalator is neither a flat surface or a counter tops specific cleaning products and machines are required to clean it. You can use a scrubber dryers Ireland to clean the escalator very effectively. Also this scrubber dryer will help you to clean floor and other flat surfaces removing all forms of dust and dirt.

  4. DEVELOPING A PLAN To solve the challenges to clean the escalator making a proper plan of action will help you to make this task easier. Create a cleaning schedule for the escalator and try to follow it which will help you to clean the escalator easily and effectively.

  5. SELECTING THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT One of the most important step is the selection of right kind of cleaning equipment. Depending on the manufacturer of the escalator you need to choose the right kind of equipment for effective cleaning of the escalator. Some manufacturer suggest to tear the escalator down bringing it outdoors and using a high pressure cleaning machine to clean it. But this process is not so effective and this may create a problem while fixing the escalator back on the assigned position. One of the most advisable method is to use a dry cleaning machine to clean the escalator in a better way.

  6. CONCLUSION In this presentation some of the most important escalator cleaning tips and tricks have been discussed which will help you to clean the escalator properly and also following an efficient and time saving procedure or method. Also using right kind of cleaning machine like a scrubber dryer or a dry cleaning machine will make the cleaning process more easier and also will make the whole building clean and tidy

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