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spy meeting 6 th october 2018 n.
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st therese child of jesus PowerPoint Presentation
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st therese child of jesus

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st therese child of jesus
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st therese child of jesus

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  1. SPY Meeting 6th October 2018 .

  2. New members .

  3. Who wants to be a Saint ? .

  4. How does a Person Become a Saint ? .

  5. 10 Holy Married Couples Who Were Both Saints!???????? .

  6. 10 Holy Married Couples Who Were Both Saints! .

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  17. What Alaska, people with AIDS, Airline pilots and Australiahave in common ?? .

  18. St. Thérèse is patron to: Priests, Airline pilots, Aircrew, Flower growers, AIDS patients, Missions around the world, Black missions and many more. Could St. Thérèse be your patron?

  19. How many of you know about our patron Saint ?

  20. Full name: Marie Francoise Thérèse MartinBorn in 2 January 1873 Youngest of 9 children Mother died when she was 4When she was 15 she became a Carmelite nunDied at the age of 24 because of Tuberculosis

  21. That’s it really-just an ordinary person ???

  22. But she was an ordinary saint! “ What matters” she wrote “is not great deeds but great love”She often fell asleep while praying. She was embarrassed but believed that God loved her just like any parent would love their children while they are sleeping

  23. Marie Françoise Thérèse Martin was born in Alençon in Normandy (FRANCE) at 11:30pm on January 2ndin 1873

  24. Rue Saint-Blaise's house at Alençon: The family home and Thérèse's birthplace

  25. When Thérèse was first born, her mother reallystruggled to feed her and she had to go and stay with another family, the Tailles, until she grewstronger. Perhaps this was a sign of the breast cancer that caused Zélie Martin’s death whenThérèse was just 4 years old Thérèse’s mother went to Lourdes in June of 1877 and died on 28th August that same year. While shewas hopeful of a cure, she placed all her trust in God and encouraged others to do the same

  26. Thérèse lived here from 16 November 1877 to 9 April 1888, the day she entered Carmel.

  27. Her parents were Louis and Zélie Martin; he was a watchmaker and she had asuccessful lace making business. Thérèse was their ninth and youngest child.Although they were reasonably well off, the family faced many difficulties: two brothers and twosisters died very young and Thérèse herself nearly died, but they responded to these challenges withfaith and trust in God rather than becoming bitter about difficult things that happened

  28. She’s also a patron of other things, most especially of missionaries people who go out to thewhole world with the Good News of God’s love and mercy. Although she had a real desire to be amissionary she actually died aged just 24 after having spent thelast nine and a half years of her life as an enclosed nun in an convent in northern France.

  29. However, since her death, her relics have been flown to over 40 countries across the globe and the Word of God has been preached at each ofthese events fulfilling her desire to be a missionary, not just for a few years, but ’till theend of time .

  30. St Therese audience with the PopeInitially, the Church authorities refused to allow a girl, who was so young to enter holy orders. They advised her to come back when she was 21 and “grown up”. However Therese’s mind was made up, she couldn’t bear to wait; she felt God was calling her to enter the cloistered life.

  31. Therese was so determined she travelled to the Vatican to personally petition the Pope. Breaking protocol she spoke to the Pope asking for permission to enter a convent. Slightly taken aback Pope Leo XIII replied: “Well, my child, do what the superiors decide.” Soon after, her heart’s desire was fulfilled, and she was able to join her two sisters in the Carmelite convent of Lisieux.

  32. How do You Pray ?

  33. Her prayer was simple “I just tell our Lord all that I want and He understands.”

  34. Why is she holding Flowers ?

  35. Thérèse loved flowers and saw herself as the ‘little flower’ of Jesus God created great saints, like the lilies and the roses, but he also created much lesser saints and they must be content to be the daises or the violets.St Thérèse of Lisieux

  36. What Do you do When People annoy you ?

  37. People annoyed her too! • “There is one sister in the community who has the knack of rubbing me up the wrong way at every turn… • so I was determined to treat this sister as if she were the person I loved best in the world. • Every time I met her, I used to pray for her… I felt certain that Jesus would like me to do that.”

  38. Ordinariness to Spirituality Who was Thérèse? • An Ordinary child • Experienced loss at an early age • A Spiritual childhood • A Carmelite Nun at 15 • Lived a Simple life of prayer • Practiced short, heartfelt prayers and her spirituality was based on doing ordinary deeds with extraordinary love • Canonized by Pope Pius XI 1925

  39. Thérèse, an ordinary girl, the last child of nine born to ordinary parents – Louis and Zelie Martin The love of parents is the medium through which the love of God is taught.St. Thérèse of Lisieux

  40. Thérèse at school Thérèse did not like school and was not a good student but later came to love science and history She worked hard and tried her best Like you she was bright and eventually flourished

  41. What are your gifts and talents?

  42. St. Thérèse’s Mission“the little way” • To make God loved • Was a commitment to the tasks and to the people we meet in our everyday lives • She wanted to be a missionary, she wanted to be on every continent at the same time, she wanted to reach the most remote islands of the world

  43. Thérèse wanted to spend her heaven doing good on earth

  44. The message of Thérèse is beautiful, inspiring and simple God does not look so much at the greatness of our actions, nor even at their difficulty, but at the love with which we do them St Thérèse of Lisieux

  45. Ordinary but extraordinary!To many even in the convent St. Thérèse was just an ordinary person.She teaches us to do the ordinary things of life with extraordinary love….a smile, saying thank you, holding the door open etc.

  46. The Little WayShe shows us a “little way” to get to heaven……LOVEShe liked to keep things simple. Her “little way” teaches us that God is everywhere-in every situation and in every moment

  47. What are the small acts of love that you do for others?

  48. The message of Thérèse is beautiful, inspiring and simple God needs from us neither great deeds or profound thoughts, neither intelligence or talents. He cherishes simplicity

  49. To look to God for direction is the only way to go about discovering how to use one’s gifts whatever they are. How have you used your gifts and talents this week? How will you use your gifts and talents tomorrow?

  50. The message of Thérèse is beautiful, inspiring and simple St Thérèse, the little Flower was a BIG help to America’s ice skaters! Tara Lipinski, Olympic Gold Medallist says of Thérèse “I know that without her I could never have done anything at the Olympics, not that she made me win, but gave me the faith to believe”. Timothy Goebel, Bronze Olympic Medallist says of Thérèse “her greatest desire was to lead others to faith in God, and faith in themselves”.