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You Be The Judge

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You Be The Judge - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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You Be The Judge. Evaluating Web Resources. When you have an assignment to write a paper, do a research report, or just search for information on a topic, the Internet is one information source you can turn to. ?. BUT, how do you know whether you have found a

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You Be The Judge





When you have an assignment to write a paper,

do a research report, or just search for information

on a topic, the Internet is one information source you

can turn to.


BUT, how do you know

whether you have found a

good, reliable website?


As you have learned, anyone can make and post a website.

Since there is no review board to check the information to make sure it is accurate or appropriate for your needs, it is up to you.

You are the judge!

I am the judge!



In order to be a good judge there are specific things you should look for when you view and evaluate a site.

Let’s try looking at a site to see if you can come up with some strategies to use.


Take a look at the following site:

Like a detective, search for clues that show you it is a trustworthy site or an unreliable one.

Write as many down as you can and prepare to share your findings with the class.





Clues We Found

  • First
  • Second
  • Third

Overall, this is a _________ site.


To be a good judge the following are things to consider when evaluating a site:

  • Relevance/Coverage
  • Content
  • Readability
  • Current Information
  • Authority
  • Bias/Purpose
  • Access of Information


  • Does it cover the information you are searching for?


  • Is there a lot of information given? Does it cover the topic thoroughly?
  • Is this information unique compared to other sources you could use or would you be better off using book references?


  • Can you understand the information that is presented, or is it written above your head?

Current Information

  • When was the last time the site was posted or updated?


  • Is the information reliable?
  • Is it clear who the author is? Look for this at the top and bottom of the page. Check the author’s credentials.
  • Is it posted by an organization? Is the organization reputable and well-known in the field?
  • Do they state the sources of information and is there a way for you to check on them?


  • Is the information factual or someone’s opinion?
  • What is the purpose of the page? Is it a personal page, a commercial site, or biased in some way?

Access of Information

  • Is the site user-friendly? Can you get to the information easily?
  • Do the links on the site work properly?
  • Is the page uncluttered, easy to navigate and understand?

So…what have you learned?

Remember, just because you are successful finding some sites that match your research topic it doesn’t mean that your job is over.

Don’t forget to be the judge!

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