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Transition. Shannon Lawler 5/31/2007 EdSp 681. What is it?.

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Shannon Lawler


EdSp 681

what is it
What is it?
  • A coordinated set of activities designed within an outcome-oriented process that promotes movement from school to post-school activities including: post-secondary ed, vocational training, supported employment, adult services or independent living
transition definition broadened
Transition-definition broadened
  • “Recently the concept of transition planning for students with disabilities has been broadened to include other points in a student’s educational career. For example, transition planning is being done for students transitioning from elementary to middle school and from middle school to high school.”

Council for Exceptional Children Website

what the law states
What the law states:

Beginning at age 14, or younger, a statement of transition service needs of the student.

Section 300.347 (b)(1)

Transition includes 5 areas:

  • Employment
  • Post secondary education
  • Home living
  • Community participation
  • Recreation & leisure
Examples of community participation

Knows basic legal rights and where to obtain legal assistance

Makes legal decisions

Makes informed choices

Recognizes danger

Understands street safety

Knows how to access help

Can self-medicate properly

Locates community services

Examples of home living skills

Maintains personal grooming

Selects appropriate housing

Demonstrates personal money management

Uses public transportation or can drive

Demonstrates written and oral communication

Recognizes home safety issues

Performs everyday household tasks

Examples of education

Knows how to apply for admission to post secondary

Makes satisfactory progress toward diploma

Has skills needed to succeed in post secondary programs

Knows self advocacy strategies and uses them

Understands disability and can request appropriate accommodations

Examples of employment

Knows requirements of chosen profession

Makes informed choices about jobs based on interests, preferences, abilities

Cab access assistance in finding a job

Demonstrates general job skills and work attitudes for keeping a job

recreation leisure
Recreation & Leisure
  • Participated in individual leisure activities
  • Participates in group leisure activities
  • Knows how to access various types of entertainment
  • Recognizes hobbies/interests
  • Health club/ YMCA/YWCA
putting it all together
Putting it all together
  • Student is assessed as part of 3 year re-evaluation in order to comply with IDEA
  • From the test results, a statement of needs are laid out
  • IEP goals are written to address needs identified
  • When all identified educational needs are met, student will graduate
questions concerns
Questions/ Concerns

Contact info:

Shannon Lawler

New Prague

Transition Program