The most dangerous role of the underground railroad
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The Most Dangerous Role of the Underground Railroad - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Most Dangerous Role of the Underground Railroad. Runaway Slaves. Runaway Slaves. Runaway slaves faced the most dangers during their tip to freedom along the Underground Railroad.

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Runaway slaves
Runaway Slaves

Runaway slaves faced the most dangers during their tip to freedom along the Underground Railroad.

Unfamiliar territories/climates, lack of food and appropriate clothing, traveling at night, slave catchers, and fake safe houses are some of the dangers they faced.

Unfamiliar territory
Unfamiliar Territory

Runaway slaves had to quickly adapt to new and strange territories.

  • Swamps

  • Forests

  • Rivers/streams

  • Fields

Climate changes
Climate Changes

Especially in the Northern states, the climate changes dramatically from that of the Southern states.

  • Colder weather

  • Snow

  • Frost

  • Sleet/hail

No food
No Food

Runaway slaves didn’t pack food before they ran away.

  • Berries, roots, plants, etc. from forests

  • Given food by people in favor of anti slavery

  • Safe houses provided food

  • Stole from farms along the way

I nadaquit clothing
Inadaquit Clothing

Slaves didn’t own nice clothing.

  • Basically wore rags

  • Rarely wore shoes

Traveling by night
Traveling by Night

Traveling by night wasn’t very easy.

  • Can’t see much of the unfamiliar land

  • The North Star wasn’t always visable

Slave catchers
Slave Catchers

Slave catchers were always a threat.

  • Some hunted slaves using dogs

  • Brought back to slavery if caught

  • Don’t know who to trust

  • Miss communication could lead to being caught

Decoy safe houses
Decoy Safe Houses

As time went on, not all safe houses were authentic.

  • Slave catchers caught on to safe houses

  • Fake safe houses were set up to capture slaves

  • Harder to tell whether a safe house was real or not