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THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD. The Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad was a secret network of people who helped runaway slaves escape to freedom . The Underground Railroad. Slaves traveled this path to Canada to attain freedom. The Underground Railroad.

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the underground railroad
The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad was a secret network of people who helped runaway slaves escape to freedom

the underground railroad1
The Underground Railroad

Slaves traveled this path to Canada to attain freedom.

the underground railroad2
The Underground Railroad
  • Abolitionists helped the slaves escape There were blacks and whites, women and men, Northerners and Southerners; all who thought slavery was wrong.
the underground railroad3
The Underground Railroad

Slaves stayed in special hiding places in the South and North called “safe houses” or “stations”

the underground railroad4
The Underground Railroad
  • Some stations had white bricks on the top of their chimney
  • Others would place a lantern outside the house.
the underground railroad5
The Underground Railroad
  • Conductors would lead the fugitives along the Underground Railroad from station to station.
the underground railroad6
The Underground Railroad
  • As a conductor, Harriet Tubman helped thousands of slaves escape
  • Her nickname was "Moses" because she helped free so many slaves.
the underground railroad7
The Underground Railroad
  • There were lots of “wanted” poster for slaves
  • Harriet Tubman was the “most wanted” slave. The reward for her was $15,000
the underground railroad9
The Underground Railroad
  • Slaves used code words and phrases to secretly discuss heading for the North without tipping off their owners.

Station - place of safety

"The wind blows from the south today" -the warning of slave bounty hunters nearby

the underground railroad10
The Underground Railroad
  • Slaves sang spirituals - they had hidden messages that only the slaves understood
the underground railroad11
The Underground Railroad

“Follow the Drinking Gourd”

At the end of the "drinking gourd“ (the big dipper) was the north star. And the path of the north star was the path to freedom.