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Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman spent most of his career working as real estate developer however, for a period of time from 1999-2004 he worked in the New York Mercantile Exchange. During that period of time Clayton Perlman worked as a Clerk in Crude Oil and Natural Gas futures and option pits. He also “worked on trade reconciliations operations for small hedge fund for an off the floor trading operation.”

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Clayton Perlman

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  1. Clayton Perlman Clayton Perlman Clayton Perlman Owner of Brown's Point Marina Clayton Perlman Clayton Perlman

  2. Hard Worker Clayton Perlman • Clayton Perlman is living the “American Dream.” He has built a very successful career for himself, which has included the development of his own businesses. • He is a real estate developer in New Jersey with completed projects in California, Nevada, and Utah. • Clayton Perlman was an apprentice at a construction company in Miami, Florida. • Clayton Perlman has also worked in the New York Mercantile Exchange in New York, as a clerk for two different trading companies. He got his clerk’s license, and began work in October 1992 as a Futures Trading Clerk. • Perlman was mainly working in energy commodities, but these commodities break down into 4 categories: livestock and meat, agriculture, energy, and metals.

  3. Negotiations and Acquisitions Expert Clayton Perlman • Clayton Perlman is a man who knows his way around the negotiation table. He has been conducting negotiations and acquisitions for a long time. When it comes to getting a contract for work, Clayton Perlman has experience dating back to the early 1980s, when he worked to bid out contractors as a project manager for Perlman Properties. • Since that time, Clayton Perlman's skills have only grown. He successfully landed a contract to develop a 295-unit, multi-family residential project. In addition, he developed high-end, single-family residential lots. From 1993 to 1996, while working in Nevada, two of Clayton Perlman's greatest successes were the negotiation and acquisition for development of 4,500 homes in Nevada, and another of a 1,400-room casino.

  4. Clayton Perlman has Trade Experience • While most of his life has been spent in the real estate development field, Clayton Perlman has experience working with trade and commodities future in New York City. • He developed residential properties between 1982 and 1992. During those years, he had worked as a project manager for the family company, became a co-founder of FICCA Perlman Developers, and then moved to California where he became Principal and President of his own company. • For a year, Clayton Perlman took a reprieve from real estate development. With experience in finance through his previous positions, he was readily hired to work for a trading company in New York City. • He began his employment in Development and as a Futures Trading Clerk in October of 1992. He worked for the company a full year and left in October of 1993, to resume real estate development.

  5. Contact Clayton Perlman Address: 7 Rivers Edge Drive Rumson, New Jersey 07760

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