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Clayton Perlman

Clayton Perlman

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Clayton Perlman

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  1. Clayton Perlman Enjoys Boating Clayton Perlman has always loved being on or near the water. His love for the water and boating not only motivated him to buy his own boat but also open his own marina. When he isn’t working, he can be found out on his boat on the ocean either fishing or just relaxing and watching the sunset. He often invites his friends and family members to accompany him on his boat for fishing and fun.

  2. Clayton Perlman Tips For Cleaning A Boat Clayton Perlman owns a boat and a marina and knows that it is important to keep a boat clean. Choose The Right Soap- Make sure the soap you choose to clean your boat with is safe for the environment and for the material your boat is made of. Rinse From Top To Bottom- When you rinse the soap from your boat, always start at the top and rinse down. Dry and Inspect- When you are drying your boat, make sure you are also inspecting it to make sure you got rid of all the dirt and that there is no major damage or problems.

  3. Clayton Perlman Preparing Your Boat For Winter Clayton Perlman is proud of his boat, and he wants to keep it in good condition. When the weather starts to cool down, he knows it is time to winterize his boat so it will be kept safe during the winter. Jack It Up- When you jack your boat up, it takes it off the ground and will keep it out of the rain, snow, and the cold ice. Use A Cover It’s always a good idea to cover your boat to protect it from the elements. Clayton Perlman has always enjoyed being on the water, and his boat makes that possible. He does everything he can to protect it and keep it looking and operating well.

  4. Clayton Perlman Choosing The Right Marina For Your Boat Clayton Perlman owns a marina in Keyport, New Jersey. He has many customers who choose to park their boats at the marina. If you are looking for a marina where you can store your boat, make sure you consider these tips. Cost- Cost is a big factor for most people when choosing a marina for their boat. Facility- Make sure you take a walk through of the facility where your boat will be kept. Some marinas only offer outside storage and others offer inside storage. Extras- Some marinas offer special packages or extras if you leave your boat for a certain amount of time.

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