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Social Work Licensure

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Social Work Licensure. Professor Wally Gingerich, MSW, PhD, LISW-S, ACSW. Social Work Licensure. What is licensing? What is required to be licensed? Should you get a license? What is the process? Which exam should you take?. What is it? A License to Practice.

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social work licensure

Social Work Licensure

Professor Wally Gingerich, MSW, PhD, LISW-S, ACSW

social work licensure1
Social Work Licensure
  • What is licensing?
  • What is required to be licensed?
  • Should you get a license?
  • What is the process?
  • Which exam should you take?
what is it a license to practice
What is it? A License to Practice
  • Types of professional credentials
    • Academic degree, e.g., B.S.W., M.S.S.A., M.S.W.
    • Professional certification
      • Academy of Certified Social Workers (ACSW)
      • NASW Diplomate in Clinical Social Work (DCSW)
      • Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work (BCD)
      • Other certifications, e.g., Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor
    • License to practice social work
      • Required to practice social work in all 50 states
      • Intended to protect consumers (of mental health services in particular)
      • Requires adherence to the code of ethics (in the law)
states vary in how they license
States vary in how they license
  • Ohio – LSW, LISW
  • Pennsylvania – PSW, LSW, LCSW
  • New York – LMSW, LCSW
  • Association of Social Work Boards lists requirements for all 50 states.
lsw ohio
LSW (Ohio)
  • Licenses social work practice at BSW level and MSW prior to 2 years experience
    • BSW Bachelors exam
    • MSSA (MSW)Bachelors, Clinical, or Advanced Generalist exam
lisw ohio
LISW (Ohio)
  • Licenses practice at masters + 2 years exper.
    • MSSA (MSW)
    • Clinical or Advanced Generalist exam
    • 2 years (3000 hrs) of supervised experience
      • 1 hr. of supervision for every 20 hrs. of practice
        • You must have the LSW during this time
        • Supervisor must have LISW-S and be competent to supervise in your area of practice
      • CSD applicants need to show how psychosocial interventions were used in their supervised practice
should you get a license
Should you get a license?
  • Direct practice students
    • Required for many jobs
    • Civil service employees in Ohio are exempt, but that is likely to change
  • Community and Social Development students
    • LSW is a good idea
    • LISW may be worthwhile – it’s a widely recognized professional credential, even though it’s not needed for CSD practice
what is the process
What is the process?
  • Prepare for the exam
    • Purchase ASWB Study Guide - $30
    • MSASS Licensure Review Course - $40
      • March 27 – Dr. Strom-Gottfried, Ms. Stevens
    • Online ASWB practice exam - $75
    • Submit application to Ohio CSWMFT Board- $60
    • Must be in your final semester at MSASS
    • LSW Application form
    • Request for Exam Pre-Approval
    • Unofficial transcript of MSASS studies
what is the process1
What is the process?
  • Take an ASWB exam
    • Call ASWB to register for an exam
    • Make appointment to take exam at an ACT test center
    • Bachelor’s exam – $230
    • Clinical or Advanced Generalist – $260
  • Obtain a Criminal Records Check - $46+
    • Get fingerprinted at a Webcheck location
  • Take online Ohio CSWMFT exam – $10
  • Wait until you receive your license – only then may you use the initials after your name.
which exam
Which exam?
  • In Ohio the choice is yours – Bachelors or Clinical (or Advanced Generalist)
bachelors exam
Bachelors exam
  • Covers foundation social work practice
  • Questions are mainly recognition and recall
  • Does not assume any practice experience
  • ASWB recommends this exam for the LSW license
  • MSASS students have very high rate of passing Bachelor’s exam
typical bachelors exam question
Typical Bachelors exam question:
  • Cumulative social losses experienced by a person in the aging process MOST OFTEN lead to which condition?
    • Alzheimer’s disease
    • Senescence
    • Depression
    • Age-related cognitive decline
clinical or advanced generalist exam
Clinical or Advanced Generalist Exam
  • Covers advanced practice content
  • Questions require analysis and application of knowledge
  • Are designed for people who have their Masters plus 2 years experience
  • ASWB does not recommend that LSW applicants taking these exams
  • MSASS students have lower rate of passing these exams
  • Passing this exam now means you don’t need to take it again for your LISW
typical clinical exam question
Typical Clinical exam question:
  • A client who has received services for several years in a dialysis unit appears for a routine visit. The nurse notices that the client’s affect is markedly different from the last visit. After ruling out compliance concerns, the nurse refers the client to the unit social worker. When seeing the social worker, the client seems detached, self-absorbed, and tearful. The social worker should FIRST:
    • Assess changes in the client’s life situation
    • Schedule a family conference
    • Explore the client’s concerns about dying
    • Discuss the client’s feelings about dialysis
useful web sites
Useful web sites
  • Ohio Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapist Board
  • ASWB (Association of Soc Work Boards)
  • Ohio Webcheck
ohio cswmft board
Ohio CSWMFT Board
  • Marcia E. Holleman
    • Social Work Licensure Examiner
  • Jennifer Kreinbrink
    • Registration contact person
  • CSWMFT Office
    • (614) 466-5465