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  2. WIRING ACCESSORIES To be truly seamless, some interior design concepts need switches to be as invisible as possible. Until now full-flat switches that could satisfy this need have been limited to luxurious electronic switches and lighting control systems. The accessories includes extensive ranges of fused plugs, extension sockets, safety covers, door chimes and night lights.  Our quality accessories provide professional applications to users with already proven reliability.

  3. Cables • All Kind Of Cable are available, For special requirement and regular requirement, • Power Cable,Instrument Cable , Data Cable, Multicable, High tensile cable, Temperature cable

  4. Distribution & Protections Distribution Bords Meter Housings • Guaranteed safety: compliance with national and international • standards • Simple choice: housing optimized characteristics • Easy to install: enclosures and switchgear modular system • Safe use:- protection against electrocution and fire caused by short circuits, overloads or faulty appliances- protection against lightning strikes- control of lighting circuits - isolation Prtection, Isolation, Controlling, Signaling & Metering Productr Acti 9 Communication system

  5. Human Safety & Security Door video phone Smoke Sensors Escape light Movement Detectors

  6. Escape light .The main functions of an emergency lighting system when standard lighting fails are the following: Provides light when power falls. This avoids people remaining in the darkness and thus, avoids panic. Clearly show the escape route using clear signs Ensure that alarms and the fire safety equipment present along the way out are easily identifiable. Each product includes a battery and a light source able to provide a predetermined luminous flux for one hour or more. Benefits Many ranges to match all your needs perfectlyAdapted to all building types, these emergency lighting ranges are one of the essential stand-by devices guaranteeing safety of occupants.They prevent panic movements in the event of serious problems (fire in particular). SimplicityThe light fittings guarantee safety of people in buildings open to the general public.Their simple design guarantees quick assembly and easy maintenance.By combining Teleur type remote controls with the fittings, the battery charge is preserved.Thanks to the use of LEDs in stand-by periods, these fittings offer extremely low electricity consumption, thus contributing to building overall energy savings. SafetyAutomatically actuated in the event of power cuts, these fittings offer a clear marking of the emergency exits.They comply with European standards EN 60 598-1 & EN 60 598-2-22 and offer a high levelof quality and safety meeting the various prevailing regulations. Applications Ranges dedicated to all public premises: hotels, offices, schools, all shops, etc.Developed to ensure safe evacuation of all buildings.

  7. Voltage Surge Protection & Earthing System Damaging surges associated with lightning or utility problems can travel along your utility and data lines, damaging your electronic devices and destroying your valuable data.. TheSurge Arrest Home/Office series provides a high level of protection for your computers, electronics and connected devices, as well as providing surge protection for your phone lines and on selected models - coax cables. Earthing System

  8. Lighting Management System Motion Base Sensors Occupency Sensor Light Sensitive Switches • Easiest method of adding occupancy detection • Replaces existing toggle switch without additional wiring • 30 to 50% Savings • Lowest cost approach for individual room control Time Switches Motion Base Sensors

  9. Movement Detectors • 2-Pole Wall Switch Sensors • Independent control of two circuits • Perfect for bi-level applications • Pole 1: Automatic On Pole 2: Manual On • Separate time delays / pole (e.g.10 min for lights, 20 min for fan) • Control different load sizes with same unit (e.g. 120 VAC fan & 277 VAC light) Private Office wired for Bi-Level Restroom w/ Light & Fan

  10. Home Automation & Control System Designing and building an energy efficient home that conforms to the many considerations faced by home builders can be a challenge.On the other side an energy efficient home allows you to take control of your investment. Today, it is possible and practical to have it all - a more comfortable and durable home while doing your part for national energy independence and environmental protection. It's a win-win situation for everyone - now and for future generations

  11. Cable Management System • Total solution provide regarding • any kind of Cable management • Floor boxes • Pop up boxes • KTS Cable support system • Under floor cable management system • Fire protected cable management system • Busway & Cable management • Alluminiumtrunking • DLP plastic trunking • Chain power application • And Many More

  12. Product: Cable Management Challenged: DO NOT TOUCH ANY OF THESE WIRES!!!!

  13. NETS Cable Management - Past Overhead Tray: Vertical Cable Support Changes in elevation: FL4-2060 Horizontal Cable Managers

  14. NETS Cable Management - Present Tiered Overhead Tray Changes in elevation Vertical Cable Support FL0-1042 Horizontal Cable Managers: Hydra-Cable Management

  15. Next Generation Cable Management • F- Upper and Lower Jumper Trays • G- Horizontal Managers • H- Consumables ties and straps • I- Cable spools • J- Radius drops • K- Vertical Cable Managers • L- Front-to-Back Horiz. Managers • M- Single Side Vertical Managers • N- Double Side Vertical Managers • O- Horizontal Managers

  16. Product: Wrap-up • Cable management is no longer optional. • Products are becoming more user friendly. • Products are getting more readily available. • Larger number of manufacturers in the cable management arena.

  17. Power Control & Protection System Circuit Breakers Motor Starters Operation during severe disturbances: • System element protection • System protection • Automatic reclosing • Automatic transfer to alternate • power supplies • Automatic synchronization Switch Fuse Units Power Relays Power Contactors Changeover Switches

  18. Industrial Plug & Sockets • complete range of high-performance industrial plugs and sockets. • The FAST patented solution: this innovative cabling system enables connection without stripping the conductor and with absolutely no screws required.

  19. These installation solutions are: • Quick to connect • Safe to use • Functional and ergonomic • Easy and intuitive • Benefits • The fastest connection solution • Easy installation • High-performance products • Complete range • Applications • The PK range of industrial plugs and sockets is designed to suit all electrical installations in all kinds of environments: tertiary sector, industry, buildings, construction sites, workshops and agricultural sector.

  20. Cable Conduit & Cable Carier System 1. Plastic Cable Conduit System Plastic & Metal SNAPPET

  21. 2. Protective cable conduit system parallel corrugated

  22. 3. Protective cable conduit system metal

  23. 4. Protective cable conduit systems liquid tight

  24. Fire Protection System fire protection systems for electrical installations for many years. In accordance with the requirements of statutory regulations and legal provisions, all systems have been tested and approved to applicable fire protection standards. As safety is becoming an ever more prevalent issue, legislators are continuing the now familiar trend of setting out more and more specifications for fire protection. The validity of these specifications extends to electrical installations, and proof of such compliance must be provided. Options for fire-resistant cable installation above suspended fire protection ceilings do of course also fall within the scope of such specifications.

  25. Fire Protection Duct OBO fire protection ducts are known for installation in emergency and escape routes for some time now. The ducts are made of fiber-glass reinforced lightweight concrete and allow flexible installation with high protection classes. The designs are proved for installation ducts (I-class), but also for electrical function maintenance (E-duct).

  26. Fire protected cable management system In this area you can find a lot of installation variations, as standard-specific or cable-specific support system for the supply of safety-relevant systems. Herewith you can realize installations with diverse requirements for function maintenance classes E30 to E90 and according to DIN 4102 part 12.

  27. Escape route installations Due to their high load capacity in case of fire, OBO escape route installation systems are perfectly suited for use in fire protection ceilings. They can fulfil the strict criteria cable systems directive for installation according to (M)LAR. Besides collection metal clamps and metal cable clips, you can find various cable tray mounting variants. All systems include the proof of an official materials testing institute

  28. Fire proof Junction box The housing of the OBO FireBox is made from a thermoset plastic and is equipped with a ceramic connecting unit that is built to withstand high temperatures. The connecting unit is fully pre-assembled. The green and yellow protective conductor terminal is connected directly to the mounting bracket. In this way, the need for protective covers for the metal parts becomes

  29. Connectors & Terminal Blocks We provide majorly , all various Kind Of connector , with require specification, Which may in Rectangular, circular, epic m or in different type We also provide , connector for solar plate , which are halogen free, adjustable in all kind whether Rectangular & Circular Connectors Terminal block housing SOLAR Connector

  30. Controlling, Signaling, & Indicating Units Push Buttons Selector switches Pilot Lights

  31. Tower Lights Buzzer (85 db) integrated in the base unit. Its signal is selectable and adjustable: choice of 2 tones, adjustment of noise level Light sources fully interchangeable: incandescent bulbs, Super Bright LED with steady or flashing light, "Flash"  discharge tubes on Ba15d base fitting Modular units stack vertically by simply interlocking and electrical connections between each unit are made automatically during assembly. Indicator banks supplied complete (pre-assembled and pre-cabled): The Emergency stop function is intended to prevent or avoid risks that could cause injury to persons or damage either to machines or work in progress. Specific pushbuttons, designed to achieve this function, are used in order to trigger an emergency stop signal. Benefit from the expertise and know-how of the worldwide leader for industrial pushbuttons, switches and pilot lights! Tested throughout the entire world and designed to withstand industrial environments, Tele mecanique Emergency stop buttons are ergonomic, robust, reliable and simple to install. Remote Push Buttons

  32. Metering & Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Mitigation Products Kilo-Watt hour Meters Power-monitoring Meters Panel Meters Advanced energy metering Meters designed for simple network monitoring applications like tracking real-time power conditions, monitoring network and equipment status, load trending, and basic alarming and event logging Communications Type Meters

  33. Capacitors A safe, reliable and high performance solution for power factor correction in commercial, industrial and semi-industrial applications. Suitable for fixed or, automatic PFC, real time compensation, detuned and tuned filters. Active Harmonics Filters Harmonic capacitor is specifically designed to carry wide spectrum of harmonic and fundamental currents without overloading It is designed for higher voltage capacitor to allow increased voltage due to introduction of series reactor The kvar of the capacitor is suitably designed to deliver the rated kvar of the filter at the bus voltage. APFC Relays Intelligent Electronic devices dedicated to the complete protection of electrical networks

  34. Panel Enclosures Universal Panel Enclosures The steel and stainless-steel enclosure ranges From small industrial boxes to large floor-standing enclosures, the Spacial range of metal enclosures can adapt to any indoor application. Ranges Two materials available to ensure best performance in any installation environment : • Special steel :  •  Special stainless steel :

  35. Meter Boxes EmptyEnclosures • Halogen-free • · High mechanical load • bearing capacity· • · Can be combined Plastic: optional Polystyrene or glass- fiber -reinforced Polycarbonate · shockproof · temperature resistant · Individual choice of fixing · 13 basic enclosures with up to 3 different cover heights extensive accessories · Quality documented by quality marks • Sealable • transparent cover • · Space-saving through • compact design

  36. STRUCTURE CABLING SYSTEM MAP Panel Desk Solution Before Our aim is to Provide new solutions for power & data connection, closer to the desk Main drivers : design, ergonomic, functional…smart ! After Pop Up Box Nice aesthetics A smooth opening, sockets slide up for an easy connection Product 100% metal Reduced thickness for perfect integration A safe opening with a "press & slide" latch

  37. PATCH PANEL Extending portfolio of products Cabinets offers security & protection for your valuable equipments Choice of selection - wall mounting and Free standing cabinets NEW INDIAN STANDARD 5 x 2P+T sockets + switch 6339 10 5 x 2P+T sockets + MBC 6339 11 Bold RJ45 Key Stone

  38. 18. Junction Boxes Floor boxes · Suitable for concrete and raised floor applications · Large capacity: from 10 to 24 Mosaic modules GPO or data · Strong and reversible lid · Stainless steel lid and carpet compatible versions available Junction box

  39. UNDER FLOR JUNCTION BOX &AND CABLE TRAY Under floor connection boxes are components of the screed-covered installation duct system. They are inserted at intersections of screed covered duct sections or installation pipes and in duct runs and, depending on the expansion, allow access to the cables routed in the duct or in the pipes or the installation of electrical resources