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Geography Summer Project

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Geography Summer Project

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  1. Geography Summer Project Group 2 Stone Nullah Street & Wan Chai Market

  2. Wan Chai Market

  3. Background informationWan Chai Market • It was constructed in 1933 • location: at 264 Queen's Road East and Stone Nullah Lane in Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island. • A Grade III Historic Building in Hong Kong. • It is Bauhaus-style building

  4. Redevelopment It started pulling down old Wan Chai Market on May, 2009 A new Wan Chai Market has been built nearby. The old site would be served as residential and commercial use. The 4R strategy applied to Wan Chai market

  5. Changes/future changes of Wan Chai Market • Present Changes: • Old Wan Chai Market is still being pulled down. • The new one was opened on 1 September, 2008. • Air-conditioner and lift have been installed in the new market.

  6. Old Wan Chai Market is still being pulled down.

  7. Changes/future changes of Wan Chai Market • Future Changes: • The old site will then be used to build shopping centre and ‘The Zenith II’ of 46 storeys. • The construction work of ‘The Zenith II’ is expected to be finished in 2013

  8. New Wan Chai Market

  9. Stone Nullah Street

  10. Background informationStone Nullah Street • Blue House • located at Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai. • It was built in early 19s and has a history of over 80 years. • Blue House has four floors. The ground floor : commercial area like setting up medical hall and developing tea industry, the upper three floors :residential area.

  11. The 4R strategy applied to Stone Nullah Street and Blue House • Revitalization(including pReservation& Rehabilitation) • Details of the project:

  12. Project plan

  13. Changes/future changes of Wan Chai Market • Present Changes: • the government has decided to redevelop Stone Nullah Lane and the buildings nearby, including Blue House . • After the project ,the structure of Blue House will be in the same materials for the sake of retaining the original features .

  14. Present Changes in Stone Nullah Street & the surrounding area

  15. Changes/future changes of Wan Chai Market • Future Changes: • The government will use tea art and medical treatment as selling point and develop the nearby area into a theme tourist spot. • It is the change after applying the revitalization among the 4R strategy.

  16. Trip to Wan Chai • Our group went on a trip to Wan Chai Market and Stone Nullah Street on 2nd August, 2009. • We conducted a survey there.

  17. Map this version support IE5.0 or above 地圖面資訊

  18. Photos

  19. Analysis of the survey Introduction • We have interviewed 30 people on the street in Wan Chai. • 14 out of 30 interviewees who live in Wan Chai. • The majority of interviewees are between 40-59 years old.

  20. The interviewees living in Wan Chai mainly think that the living condition is satisfied or quite good.

  21. Analysis of Urban renewal of Stone Nullah Street and Wan Chai • 83% of the interviewees(25 people) know about the 4R strategy of urban renewal.

  22. About the project for Stone Nullah Street and Wan Chai Market, most of the interviewees(74%) know that they have been carried out redevelopment project and there is 1 interviewee only realize the project of the Wan Chai Market.

  23. 14 interviewees support the project but 13 of them disagree with it.

  24. Opinion of public that why they support or diadgree with the project

  25. Consultation of urban renewal Most of interviewees (81%) think that the government has not given out enough consultation about those urban renewal projects.

  26. It is shown that there are 73% of them said the government has not make use of their opinion.

  27. Overall conclusion To Hong Kong, the majority of the interviewees said that urban renewal was quite good. There are 40% and 23% of them who feel good and fair respectively.

  28. Opinion of our group mates on the redevelopment projects

  29. Group List Group Leader: 4A Chik Wing Yin Group Members: 4A Poon Hang Yin Gabrielle 4A Cheng KA Shun Christine 4A Tse Suet Ying Daisy 4A Wong Man Ting 4A Wong Ka Wing