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Greek Mythology

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Greek Mythology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Greek Mythology. Mrs. Gladish’s 2 nd Grade Class STARLAB 2009. Andromeda. Andromeda is the daughter of the king and queen. She is stretched out in the sky and chained by her ankles and wrists to a rocky island where she is waiting for Cetus, the Sea Monster. Brittany Dodd. Aquarius.

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Greek Mythology

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greek mythology


Mrs. Gladish’s 2nd Grade Class


  • Andromeda is the daughter of the king and queen.
  • She is stretched out in the sky and chained by her ankles and wrists to a rocky island where she is waiting for Cetus, the Sea Monster.

Brittany Dodd

  • Aquarius is a giant holding a huge jar that shows water pouring out of it into a stream.
  • Aquarius is a constellation for the rainy season.

Marissa Trevino

aquila the eagle
Aquila, the Eagle
  • Aquila was Jupiter’s favorite bird.
  • He had the difficult job of flying with a man on his back.

Jasmine Rottet

  • Bootes and his two hunting dogs were put in the sky to watch Big Bear.
  • They wanted to make sure he stayed in the same spot forever.

Jason Fleck

cancer the crab
Cancer, the Crab
  • Juno sent Cancer to annoy Hercules while he fought Hydra, the Water Snake.
  • Juno disliked Hercules.
  • Hercules crushed the crab with his foot, but Juno tried to save Cancer by placing it in the sky as a constellation.

Evan Dunning

canis major the big dog
Canis Major, the Big Dog
  • Canis Major is the largest of Orion’s hunting dogs.
  • He was placed at Orion’s feet in the sky so he could help him chase Taurus the Bull across the heavens.

Kirk Steinhart

canis minor the little dog
Canis Minor, the Little Dog
  • Canis Minor is the smallest of Orion’s hunting dogs.
  • Canis Minor is more like Orion’s house pet.

Darsey Vonderheide

cassiopeia the queen
Cassiopeia, the Queen
  • Cassiopeia brags about how beautiful she is all the time.
  • The other maidens in King Neptune’s kingdom wanted him to punish her.
  • Neptune sent Cetus, the Sea Monster to scare all the people.
  • This turned into a problem in the kingdom so the king had to sacrifice his daughter, Andromeda, to the sea serpent.
  • Cassiopeia was placed as a constellation as a punishment. She sits upside down in her chair and swings every half night around the North Star.

Carmina Armstrong

  • Centaurus was a creature with the head, trunk, and arms of a human.
  • It was joined to the body and legs of a horse.
  • Jasmine Rottet
cepheus the king
Cepheus, the King
  • Cephus is a dim constellation because it is not easily seen.
  • This is explained because Cepheus always played second fiddle to his wife, Queen Cassiopeia, who ruled the roost.

Dayton Cummins

cetus the sea monster
Cetus, the Sea Monster
  • Cetus is the sea monster that Neptune sent to chomp Andromeda and punish Queen Cassiopeia.
  • Cetus is 40 feet long. This is about the size of a bus.
  • Cetus had a forked tail of a dolphin, paws of an animal, a head of a greyhound with short tusks, and a long scaly neck.

Jackson Brosmer

  • Crater represents a cup.
  • Corvus, the Crow was sent to fill Crater in the spring and take it back to Apollo.

Jason Fleck

draco the dragon
Draco, the Dragon
  • Draco was a dragon sent to guard the golden apples by Juno.
  • Hercules was sent to steal the golden apples and asked Atlas to help him.
  • Atlas agreed to help steal the apples if Hercules would hold up the Earth for him.
  • Atlas enjoyed his freedom so much that he ran away with the apples.
  • Hercules tricked Atlas into taking back the Earth and Hercules stole the apples.
  • Juno punished the Draco by putting him in the sky where he would always remain on guard and could never rest.
  • Kadin Breeding
eridanus the river
Eridanus, the River
  • Eridanus is also known as the river of the heavens.
  • It starts at the foot of Orion and continues across the sky.
  • Apollo placed the river in the sky to remind him of his son.

Trey Mundy

hydra the water snake
Hydra, the Water Snake
  • Hydra is one of the longest constellations.
  • In the middle of Hydra there are two small constellations, Corvius the Crow and Crater, the Cup.
  • Corvius tried to blame Hydra for making him late.

Malachi Baumeister

leo the lion
Leo, the Lion
  • Leo’s main star, Regulus, was known as the ruler of all stars.
  • Ancient people believed that the summer was so hot because of the stars of Leo.
  • These powerful stars are compared to the most powerful animal, the lion.

Bradley Rampersad

gemini the twins
Gemini, the Twins
  • Castor and Pollux were twin brothers.
  • Castor died in battle and his brother begged Jupiter to let him go with his twin.
  • He could spend half his time with his brother and the other half in Hades.
  • Jupiter honored the twins by placing them in the sky.

Caitlyn Brinkman

hercules the kneeler
Hercules, the Kneeler
  • Hercules was the son of Jupiter.
  • Juno, Jupiter’s wife, was jealous of Hercules.
  • Juno sent two snakes after Hercules when he was a baby, but Hercules was able to fight them off.
  • Hercules had to complete 12 tasks as a punishment.

Ethan Kendall

orion the hunter
Orion, the Hunter
  • Diana, goddess of moon and hunting, fell in love with Orion.
  • She ignored her job to go hunt with Orion.
  • Her brother, Apollo, was so upset with her that he shone bright rays on Orion.
  • He challenged Diana to hit the faint dots.
  • Diana hit the dots without knowing that they were Orion.
  • She was so upset that she carried him up to the sky with her, where he shines brightly.

Logan Dodd

pegasus the winged horse
Pegasus, the Winged Horse
  • Neptune made Pegasus out of white beach sand, rainbow-colored foam from waves, and the blood from Medusa.
  • Pegasus is famous for carrying Perseus through the sky after he fought with Medusa.
  • Pegasus was also the favorite horse of Jupiter.

Susie Suttles

perseus the champion
Perseus, the Champion
  • Perseus was known for destroying Medusa, who turned people to stone.
  • After Perseus fought Medusa, Pegasus the horse carried Perseus through the sky.
  • In the sky, Perseus noticed Andromeda was being attacked by a sea monster.
  • Perseus came down and told Andromeda to cover her face.
  • Perseus held up the head of Medusa and turned the sea monster to stone.

Brooklyn Dodd

pisces the fishes
Pisces, the Fishes
  • Venus and Cupid turned themselves into fish to hide from a dragon.
  • They tied themselves together so they wouldn’t be separated.

Mathew Jacob

taurus the bull
Taurus, the Bull
  • Jupiter, the king of gods, disguised himself as a bull to trick Europa.
  • Europa fell for his trick and climbed on his back.
  • Jupiter ran away with Europa.
  • Jupiter revealed himself and Europa became his bride.

Toby Dooley

ursa major the big bear
Ursa Major, the Big Bear
  • Juno was so mad at Callisto that she turned her into a bear.
  • Callisto’s son didn’t know that his mother was turned into a bear and accidentally shot at her.
  • Jupiter turned the son into a bear and threw them up in the sky to be together.

Gabriella VanAlstine

ursa minor the little bear
Ursa Minor, the Little Bear
  • Little Bear is also known as the Little Dipper.
  • The North Star is in this constellation.
  • The North Star is a guide star to help travlers.

Maria Nichols