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Greek Mythology

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By Erin Hussey, Britny Andersen, Kayla Sepe , and Morgan Milender. Greek Mythology. Stories of and. LOVE. ADVENTURE. Endymion. The Moon’s Sleeping Love (pg. 118). Main Characters . Endymion- A shepherd who was extremely beautiful; the Moon’s beloved.

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The Moon’s Sleeping Love

(pg. 118)

main characters
Main Characters
  • Endymion- A shepherd who was extremely beautiful; the Moon’s beloved.
  • The Moon- Kissed Endymion at night; selfish
    • Lulled him to sleep
    • Cared for him
    • But her passion for him brought her only pain (burden)
main points
Main Points
  • The Moon fell in love with Endymion
  • In order to love and caress Endymion, the Moon put him into an immortal sleep.
  • Though the Moon was content to have Endymion always with her, she knew that he would never be able to truly love her back.
significance of myth
Significance of Myth
  • The humans were able to relate to the selfish Moon’s actions.
    • The Moon put Endymion to sleep for her own good.
    • The Moon made this action based on the fact that she wanted to keep Endymion to herself and never let him die.


Apollo’s First Love

(pg. 119-120)

main characters1
Main Characters
  • Daphne – A wild, yet beautiful huntress who didn’t want to loved or be married.
  • Apollo – The God of Light and Truth who fell in love with Daphne and made her tree his own.
  • Peneus – Daphne’s father (a river-god) who wished his daughter to marry, but he gave in to her pleading against it.
main points1
Main Points
  • Daphne’s father, Peneus, wanted her to marry, but Daphne refused to fall in love or wed.
  • Daphne, being a huntress, went off into the woods where Apollo saw her and instantly fell in love with her.
  • He chased after her and she fled. After calling to her father for help, she was transformed into a laurel tree.
  • Though saddened by the loss of his love, Apollo made the laurel tree sacred to him.
  • Daphne was turned into a laurel.
  • This explains why this tree is sacred to Apollo.
alpheus and arethusa

Alpheus and Arethusa

The Two Rivers

(pg. 120-121)

  • Arethusa- Young huntress; loved hunting and forests; follower of Artemis; is now a well in Sicily. Alpheus fell in love with her even though she wanted nothing to do with men.
  • Alpheus- River god; was in love with Arethusa.
main points2
Main Points
  • Arethusa went swimming in Alpheus’ river.
  • Alpheus told her that he loved her but she ran away.
  • Arethusa called to her goddess Artemis for help and Artemis turned her into a spring of water.
  • Alpheus turned back into a river and joined with Arethusa’s river.
  • When Arethusa was turned into a spring of water she became the sacred well in Ortygia.
  • Alpheus changed back into water and now flows with her in the fountain.
  • Face what fate brings to you!
pha thon


The Son of the Sun

(Pg. 136-139)

  • Phaёthon- He was the son of the Sun god and Clemente. He desperately wanted to ride his father’s chariot.
  • The Sun god – The father of Phaёthon, and wrongly let Phaёthon ride on his chariot.
main points3
Main Points
  • Phaёthon was told that he was the son of the Sun god, and he went to visit him.
  • The Sun god told him that Phaёthon could ask him for whatever he wanted. Phaёthon asked to ride in his chariot and take his place for a day.
  • The Sun god let him ride the chariot, unwillingly, and Phaёthon let go of the reigns, so the horses ran into the sky, setting the world on fire.
  • Phaёthon fell to Earth and died.
  • Not listening to the Gods will land you in a serious situation or death.
  • The Sun god didn’t think before he promised to let Phaёthon wish for anything he wanted, which is a human trait (misjudgment).
  • Humans aren’t meant to be among the Gods.
the end

The end

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