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Unit4 Making the news PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit4 Making the news

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Unit4 Making the news
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Unit4 Making the news

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  1. Unit4 Making the news 凤洲中学 QMQ

  2. Types of jobs at China Daily Types of jobs What it involves interviews people or finds out events from eye-witnesses and writes news stories reporter / journalist 记者 checks the writing and facts and makes changes if necessary editor 编辑 takes photographs of important people or events photographer摄影师 gives opinions on plays and books critic评论员 lay out articles and photographs designer 设计师 printer印刷工 prints the newspaper

  3. What are the qualities a good news reporter needs to have? 1 higher level of education 2 work experience 3 good communication skills 4 curious,active personality 5 hard-working 6 enthusiasm for the job 7_____________________ 8_____________________ *Very important *important *not very important

  4. 半岛电视台著名记者阿卢尼 国际著名记者、作家爱泼斯坦 意大利著名记者格鲁伯尔

  5. MY FIRST WORK ASSIGNMENT “Unforgettable,”says new reporter

  6. Reading – I Skimming ( 3m ) Read the text in 1 minute, and find out all the questions Zhou Yang asked.

  7. Careful reading How do you divide the text into three sections according to the duties of a reporter ? Section 1 : Section 2 : Section 3 : to work with colleagues what you should do when covering a story a case where reporters were accused

  8. What does the reading passage mainly talk about? • The qualities needed to become a good reporter • The skills to become a professional photographer • How to have a good interview • Being carefully in the new environment • A and C

  9. Section 1 : When can a new reporter cover a story by himself?A. Never can a new reporter by himself. B. Only after he has seen what an experienced reporter does. C. Not until he is old enough . D. Only when he takes a camera with him. cover a story True or False Zhou took a course of photography at mid-school. at university

  10. What a new reporter should do on the first day? 1 The first time he will be sent with an____________________. 2 him to take a________ with him. He will have a professional ____________ with him to take photographs. experienced reporter There is no need for camera photographer

  11. Section 2: True or False While interviewing, the reporter would just ask the questions prepared before hand(事先). Besides,ask the questions depending on what the person says. What a reporter needs to remember when going out to cover a story? 1 He needs to be _________.2.A good reporter must have a “_____”for a story .3.He has to listen to the _____________.4. if necessary, he can prepare a________ to make sure that he gets all the facts straight. curious nose detailed facts recorder

  12. Choose the correct explanation to the phrases 1 what do I need to remember when I go out tocover a story. 报道新闻 A. tell a story B. write story C. send a story D. report a story 2 A good reporter musthave a “nose” for a story. 有一个对新闻敏感的 “嗅觉” • A. know what has happened. • be able to “smell” the truth when somebody is telling part of it. • C. be able to discover the whole truth by doing research. • D. B and C

  13. 3 This isa trick of the trade. 行业诀窍 A. something that cheats somebody B. something that helps you do the job in a professional way. C. something used to hide secrets. 4 We sometimes use small recorders to make sure that weget all your facts straight. 直接获得全部真实材料 A. to make sure that the story is accurate B. to get the facts directly C. to get the things specially

  14. Section 3 : True or False 1 The footballer admitted he took the money . 2 Zhou Yang is very eager to cover a story . The footballer was thought to be guilty because .A. He usually told lies. B. He stopped the reporter publishing an article. C. He took money for deliberately not scoring in order to let the other team win. D. He bribed another football team.

  15. How to protect from accusations 1. He must have the __________ to support his story by using small __________. 2. Do research to prove he is ________. evidence recorder right

  16. Zhou Yang’s notes 1 be able to tell if someone is telling the truth 2 be accurate 3 do research 4 ask questions get the detailed facts 1 ask questions 2 note reactions 3 check facts 4 do research use research and ask witnesses use a tape recorder for the interview

  17. Using Language GETTING THE “SCOOP”

  18. 《21世纪报》总编聂黎生 《南方都市报》执行总编庄慎之 《纽约时报》执行总编凯勒 中国日报总编辑朱灵 《英语周报》社长兼总编席玉虎

  19. to present ideas fairly to get the story first clever ways known to experts to report on an important event not to understand an idea properly this is the story match the phases and the explanation trick of the trade get the facts straight get a scoop get the wrong end of the stick this is how the story goes cover a story

  20. to act like a person trained for a particular job connected with the teaching of students education

  21. an official part of an activity following ideas and methods used for a long time something to do with oneself related to one’s job

  22. 1. You go to an interview to _________________for your story. get the information 2. You ________________to see if the story is true or not. do some research 3. You begin to write the story using _______from the interview. 4. You give the article to the copy-editor to_______. notes design

  23. 5. The article is given to a native speaker to __________________ polish the style 6. The last stage the article is _________________by the chief editor. checked /approved 7. All the stories and photos are set and ________ _________ for the printing are made ready. color negatives 8. The first edition of a news paper is made.

  24. be ahead of an interview with a famous film star set to work check the evidence design the main headline and smaller heading polish the style last of all the first stage of the process one last check a real scoop Useful expressions

  25. Rewrite these sentence using normal word order. 1) I did not know how to use that recorder. Neither did he. I did not know how to use that recorder and he did not know, either.

  26. 2) Only then did I begin my work on designing a new bridge. I began my work on designing a new bridge only then. 3) Not only was there a Christmas tree, but also exciting presents under it. There was not only a Christmas tree but there were also exciting presents under it.

  27. 4)“Is everything ready yet?” asked Hu Xin to the photographer Hu Xin asked the photographer, “Is everything ready yet?”

  28. Inversion 倒装

  29. 一、概述: 英语句子的基本语序是主语在前,谓语动词在后(the natural order) ,当语序颠倒时就成了倒装结构( the inverted order) 。把谓语的全部放在主语之前称为完全倒装;而只把助动词或情态动词放在主语之前,则称为部分倒装。

  30. 二、全部倒装句有: 1. here, there, now, then, thus, out, away, in, up, down等副词置于句首, 谓语动词常用be,come, go, lie, run, rush。当其主语为名词时,通常要使用倒装。例如: a. There goes the bell. b. Then came the chairman. c. Here is your letter. d. Away went the boy! e. Off goes the woman! 注意:上述全部倒装的句型结构的主语必须是名词,如果主语是人称代词则不能倒装。 Herehe comes.Awaythey went.

  31. 2. 以引导词there开头的句子,须使用倒装结构,除 there be 外还有there Live / stand / lie / exist等。例如: a. There are three books on the desk. b.Therelived an old fisherman near the sea. c.Therestands a tall building in the centre of the town.

  32. so, neither, nor表示前面所述一件事也适合另一个人或物时.So用于肯定句(“…也是这样”), neither /nor用于否定句(“…也不是/会这样”). • a. Tom can speak French. So can Jack.(Jack也行) • b. If you don’t go, neither will I.(我也不去) • 如果上文所述两件事也适合另一个人或物,就用 So it is /was with sb.或It is/was the same with sb. • c. Mary went to the bookshop and bought the novel. • So it was with Jane./It was the same with Jane. • d. Jack got up late and could not catch the bus this • morning. Soit was with Bob./It was the same • with Bob.

  33. 另注意: 当 so引出的句子用以对上文内容加以证实或肯定时,不可用倒装结构。意为 “某人/物的确如此”。--Tom can speak French. --So he can.(他确实能说法语) b. --Mary went to the bookshop and bought the novel. --So she did.(她的确这样做了) c. Tom asked me to go to play football and so I did.

  34. 答案B。第一个句子使用了would, 用neither表示附和的意义时,助动词应与上文一致。 高考链接 1. ---- I would never come to this restaurant again. The food is terrible! ---- _______ . ( 2004全国 ) A. Nor am I B. Neither would I C. Same with me D. So do I

  35. 4. 介词短语做地点状语放在句首 Eg. a.In the cottage lives a family of six. b.Near the bridge was an old cottage. c.In front of the house sat a little boy. d. At the foot of the mountain lived an old man.

  36. 三、部分倒装句有: 1. 疑问句 a.Haveyouseen the film? b.When arewegoing to drink to your happiness? 注意:如疑问词在句中做主语,则用自然语序。 c. Who isyour sister? d.What isour work?

  37. 2. so/such...that的so/such位于句首时, Eg.a.So loudly did the students read that people could hear them out in the street. b.So small were the words that he could hardly see them. c.Such a famous man he is that everyone wants to take a photo with him.

  38. 3. 否定意义的副词或短语位于句首时,常见的有: in no way, not only…but also, never, little, rarely, seldom, hardly... When, no sooner…than, scarcely…when, in no case, not until(当Not until引出主从复合句,主句倒装,从句不倒装。)等. Eg. a. Not until the child fell asleep did the mother leave the room. b.Hardly can I follow you.    c.Seldom do I visit USA. d. Never have I seen such a performance . 注意: 如否定词不在句首不倒装。e. I have never seen such a performance.f. The mother didn't leave the room until the child fell asleep. .

  39. 4. 省略连词“if”的条件副词分句,如: a.Were I you, I would not do such a thing. = If I were you, I would not do such a thing. b.Would the machine break down again, send it back to us. = If the machine would break down again, send it back to us. c.Had you worked harder, you would have passed. = If you had worked harder, you would have passed.

  40. 5. 有些表示“感叹、祝愿”等语气的句子,也可使用倒装结构 Eg.a. Isn’t it cold! 天气真冷! b.May both be happy! 祝你们两位幸福! c. May God bless you. 愿上帝赐福于你。d. Long live the king! 国王万岁!

  41. 6. Only 位于句首,强调句子的状语时。 Eg.a. Only then did I fully understand what my father said. 只有到那时,我才充分理解我父亲讲的话.b. Only when I left school did I realize how important study is.只有当我离开学校时,我才意识到学习有多么重要。 注意:如果only强调的是句子主语时。不倒装。Eg. c. Only he can help us.

  42. 1. Your chance comes to shine now. Now… 2. He little realized how disappointed she was. Little… 3. She had hardly arrived home when it began to rain heavily. Hardly… 4. We can finish our task in time only in this way. Only… Change the following sentences using inversion. comes your chance to shine. did he realize how disappointed she was. had she arrived home when it began to rain heavily. in this way can we finish our task in time.

  43. 5. I didn’t find out he was a liar until I saw his letter. Not until… 6. Following the roar, a grizzly bear rushed out. Following the roar, out… 7. The bird flew off. Off… 8. Many old castles are around the lake. Around… 9. I have seldom been to the shop for shopping. Seldom… I saw his letter did I find out he’s a liar. rushed a grizzly bear. flew the bird. the lake are many old castles. have I been to the shop for shopping.

  44. 练习 Ⅰ. Multiple choices. 1. ---Do you know Jim quarreled with his brother? ---I don’t know, _______. A. nor don’t I care B. nor do I care C. I don’t care neither D. I don’t care also

  45. 2. Not until all the fish died in the river ____ how serious the pollution was. A. did the villagers realize B. the villagers realized C. the villagers did realized D. didn’t the villagers realized

  46. 3. Only in this way ____ do it well. A. must we B. we could C. can we D. we can

  47. 4. Only when class began ____ that he had left his book at home. A. will realize B. he did realize C. did he realize D. should he realize 5. Not a single mistake ____ in the dictation yesterday. A. did he make B. made by him C. he made D. he had made