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SEPARATION PROCESS. Human resource management. What is Separations ? Cost of employee separations. Benefits of employee separations. Types of employee separations. Rehabilitation of surplus employees. Separation .

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separation process


Human resource management

What is Separations ?
  • Cost of employee separations.
  • Benefits of employee separations.
  • Types of employee separations.
  • Rehabilitation of surplus employees.
  • Separation means cessation of service or agreement with the organization for one or other reason. The employee may be separated from the payroll of the company as a result of
    • Resignation
    • Discharge & Dismissal
    • Suspension & Retrenchment
    • Layoff
benefits of employee separations
Benefits of employee separations
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Replacements of poor performances
  • Increased innovation
  • The opportunity for greater diversity
Involuntary separations

It occurs when an employer decides to terminate its relationship with an employee due to

      • Economic necessity or
      • A poor fit between the employee and the organization.
  • Voluntary separations

A separation that occurs when an employee decides, for personal or professional reasons to end the relationship with the employer.

types of voluntary separations
Types Of Voluntary Separations
  • There are two types of voluntary separations:
    • Quits
    • Retirement
types of involuntary separation
Types Of Involuntary Separation
  • There are three types of involuntary separations
    • Discharge
    • Layoff
    • Retrenchment
Discharge takes place when mgmt decides that there is a poor fit between an employee and the organization. It could be a result of
    • poor performance
    • Or because of some unacceptable behavior
  • Layoff means the “failure”, “refusal" or “inability” on the part of any employer to give employment to any number of workmen on account of shortage of raw material, accumulation of stock, breakdown of machinery or for any other reason.
Retrenchment means “discharge of surplus labour or staff” by the employer on account of long period of layoff, or rationalization or improved machinery or automation of machines or similar other reasons.
impact of layoff
Impact Of Layoff
  • Effects the morale of remaining employees
  • Regions economic vitality
  • Entire community suffers
  • Investors are affected
  • company’s image
  • Difficult to attract & recruit highly skilled employees
implementing a layoff
Implementing A Layoff
  • Notifying employees ( before 7 days )
  • Developing layoff criteria
  • Communicating to laid off employees
  • Coordinating media relations
  • Maintaining security
  • Reassuring survivors of layoff
alternatives to layoffs
Alternatives to layoffs
  • Employment policies
    • Reduction through attrition
    • Hiring freeze
  • Changes in job design
    • Transfer
    • Relocation
    • Job transfer
  • Training
  • It is an HR program created to help separated employees deal with the emotional stress of job loss.
goals of outplacement
Goals of outplacement
  • Reducing the morale problem of employees who are about to be laid off.
  • Minimizing the amount of litigation initiated by separated employees
  • Assisting separated employees in finding new jobs