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a midsummer night s dream n.
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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream
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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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  1. A Midsummer Night’s Dream Test Review

  2. Is A Midsummer Night’s Dream a tragedy or a comedy? • A comedy

  3. Which of the young Athenians is first affected by the love potion? • Lysander

  4. Which man does Hermia’s father want her to marry? • Demetrius

  5. Where do Lysander and Hermia plan to be married? • At Lysander’s aunt’s house

  6. What part of her appearance does Hermia believe Helena has exploited to win Lysander’s love? • Her height-Helena is tall and Hermia is very short

  7. What does Oberon want that Titania refuses to give him? • Her attendant, a little Indian boy

  8. In the craftsmen’s play, why does Pyramus kill himself? • He believes that Thisbe has been killed by a lion because he finds her tattered, bloody veil at their meeting place

  9. Who brings the complaint against Hermia to Theseus in Act I? • Her father, Egeus

  10. What are Hermia’s choices if she refuses to marry Demetrius? • She can become a nun or be put to death.

  11. Of what tribe is Hippolyta the queen? • The Amazons

  12. What unusual way has Theseus “wooed” Hippolyta? • He has “wooed” her with his sword-meaning that he has conquered her and her tribe in battle.

  13. How does Puck prevent Demetrius and Lysander from fighting? • He mimics their voices and causes them to get lost in different parts of the woods.

  14. Which of the women is afraid of fighting? • Helena

  15. Whom does Demetrius love at the end of the play? • Helena

  16. Why are a group of Athenian craftsmen planning to put on a play? • They plan to perform for the wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta.

  17. With whom does Titania fall in love in Act III? • Bottom

  18. What prank does Puck play on Bottom? • He changes his head into that of a donkey.

  19. Whose idea is it to use the love potion on Titania? • It is Oberon’s idea.

  20. Who are Mustardseed, Peaseblossom, Cobweb, and Moth? • They are Titania’s attendants who also wait on Bottom while Titania is in love with him.

  21. Who are Titania and Oberon? • They are the king and queen of the fairies.

  22. What is Titania’s reason for refusing to give up the little Indian boy? • His mother was a dear friend of hers.

  23. How has the fight between Titania and Oberon caused disturbances in the natural world? • The seasons are all mixed up.

  24. Why is the flower whose juice Oberon seeks special? • One of Cupid’s arrows struck it.

  25. What effect does it have when the juice of this flower is put on someone’s eyes? • They fall in love with the first person/thing they see when they wake up.

  26. Who tells Demetrius that Lysander and Hermia are planning to elope? • Helena

  27. How many weddings take place at the end of the play? • Three

  28. Who blesses Theseus and Hippolyta with a magical charm at the end of the play? • Oberon and Titania

  29. Who suggests that the audience consider whether the entire play has been a dream? • Robin Goodfellow

  30. Who wants to play all of the parts in the craftsmen’s play? • Bottom

  31. How does Robin confuse the situation between the four young Athenian lovers? • Oberon tells him to put the potion in Demetrius’s eyes, but Robin puts it in Lysander’s eyes by mistake. So then Lysander is in love with Helena instead of Hermia.

  32. What is the relationship between Helena and Hermia? • They have grown up together and were best friends until this situation developed.

  33. Essay Questions • Be able to write a brief summary of the play • Be able to describe a character in detail • Be able to explain one of the conflicts in the play • Compare and contrast two characters: Robin and Bottom, Helena and Hermia, Lysander and Demetrius