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Book report “Vampire kisses” PowerPoint Presentation
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Book report “Vampire kisses”

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Book report “Vampire kisses”
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Book report “Vampire kisses”

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  1. Book report“Vampire kisses” Savanah Jones 3B

  2. Setting • This story takes place at a few different places dullsville high school, • Sterling’s mansion, Raven’s home, and a graveyard. All of it happens in a little town called dullsville.

  3. characters • Raven Madison= Goth, wants to be a vampire, best friends with Becky, hates Trevor with a passion, and is in love with Alexander. • Alexander Sterling= Goth, is a vampire, left Romania, gets home schooled. And is in love with Raven. • Becky= A farm girl, best friends with Raven, hates Trevor with a passion, and has a crush on Matt. • Trevor Michele= captain of the soccer team, is very rude to Raven and Becky, has a crush on Raven, and started the rumors about Alexander being a vampire, best friends with Matt. • Matt= soccer player, best friends with Trevor, and has a crush on Becky.

  4. Rising actions • Raven turned 16 • She went to a party she was not invited to • Trevor took raven into the woods to see if she would have sex with him there ( F.Y.I. he was drunk) • Raven took Trevor’s clothes and pinned them to his locker one by one and finally took his tidy whiteys and hot glued them to his locker • Raven snuck into the mansion multiple times • Went trick or treating with Becky and ended up hitting Trevor with a tennis racket because he spay painted the mansions gate. • Gave Jameson (Alexander’s butler) a snickers and a spider ring • Almost hit alexander with a van • Got a job for loosing her dads tennis racket • Hid from Jameson when all he wanted was to give back the tennis racket • Got an invitation to have dinner with Alexander at the mansion • Had to ask Becky to baby sit Billy (Raven’s baby brother) so she could go to the mansion

  5. Climax • Raven went over to the mansion to have her date with Alexander. Jameson opened the door took her coat and took her to the room with painting. Alexander stood behind her 5 minutes later and had 3 roses in his hand and handed it to her. They symbolized every time he’s seen her. He took her to the dinner table and they started to talk and ask questions. Jameson came out with dinner. They ate and kept eating. Once they were done eating they went outside to the backyard. Alexander brought out books and a candle and lit it. Alexander and raven were laying on the grass looking up at the stars all of a sudden bats started flying over the moon. A mosquito bit raven and they went inside to put ice on it. Then raven realized it wad midnight and had to go home.