2013 agm friday 15 th november n.
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2013 AGM Friday 15 th November PowerPoint Presentation
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2013 AGM Friday 15 th November

2013 AGM Friday 15 th November

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2013 AGM Friday 15 th November

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  1. 2013 AGM Friday 15th November Forest Glade Sports Club The Club House, Barleylands Road, Billericay, Essex

  2. Agenda • Introduction • Interim Chairman’s report • Secretary report • Adult report • Youth report • Softball report • Treasurers report • PR & Marketing Officer report  • Constitution & Club Rules amendments • Election of club officers and committee members • Motions from the floor • Report from BBF AGM • Development Plan & 2014 targets • Forest Glade update & Sports Club • Player recruitment • Any Other Business & members questions Presenter Sean

  3. Interim Chairman's Report • Re-Brand of the Club – new logo and branding • Redbacks completed in National Baseball League for first time • Single A team competed well • Softball introduced • FG Redbacks Bronco team reached the BBF National Final for the first time in the clubs history • Little Redbacks numbers rose significantly, with LRB competing in a number of tournaments • Plans completed & approved for Backstops at both Melbourne Park and Forest Glade Presenter Vince

  4. Congratulations Presenter Sean Jason Gore – Winner of 2013 Project Cobb Baseball Photograph of the Year

  5. Secretary Report • 88 active members • 31 Adult players (decrease of 15 from 2012) • 32% attrition (higher by 3% than 2012) • 54 Youth players (decrease of 6 from 2012) • Good increase in Little Redbacks numbers • Increase in Bronco numbers • Pony numbers slightly down • Numbers effected by withdrawal of Feltwell Pony • 11% attrition (12% in previous season) • 3 non playing coaches Presenter Sean

  6. Adult Report “A season of growth pains” • First season of NBL all fixtures were played but struggled with getting the wins they deserved • Could not raise sufficient players for AA team • Single A team competed well and in all of 2013 fixtures • Competed at MEET tournament in Neunen, Netherlands and gained first ever international win • Decrease in adult players overall • Need to address high attrition rate • Need to address AAA/AA Presenter Neil

  7. T-Ball Bronco Pony Adult 4-10 10-13 13-16 16+ Youth Report • 2013 started with 60 children we now have 54 children all registered with the club based out of Forest Glade • Player numbers grew at Forest Glade • Lost Feltwell Pony team (some 16 players) • Bronco Team completed 95% of fixtures in 2013 • Bronco team reached the BBF National Final for the first time in the clubs history • Feltwell Redbacks did not enter the season due to insufficient player numbers • Indoor training well attended • 150 + children coached at schools (2 schools) • For 2014 • 5 Little Redbacks move to Bronco • 6 Broncos move to Pony • 3 Pony players moving to FG adult teams Presenter Rob

  8. T-Ball Bronco Pony Adult 4-10 10-13 13-16 16+ Youth Report • 6 regular qualified coaches, down two from last year (Neil & Bill) • Supported by additional coaching • Jeff Summers (Bronco) • Stuart Harper Horn & Harry Ward (Pony) • Taz (Little Redbacks) • Little Redbacks U10, recruitment an outstanding success. Numbers increased from 5 or 6 in 2012 to over 20 players • FG Bronco recruitment at FG was up on last year • FG Pony recruitment stayed level • Sports Open days and Radio seem to garner more players than school “taster” sessions • A call for more coaches as the youth section grows! Presenter Rob

  9. Softball Report Two 6 week sessions – Forest Glade and Melbourne Park Attended Chelmsford Sports meeting to promote softball locally Writtle College – BSUK Level 1 course Taster days – YMCA, Essex Boys & Girls, Colchester University, Great Baddow High School Wickes tournament In total around 350 people taken part in softball this year 2014 Invite above organisations to take part in softball tournament Local bodies and large local companies target areas More people to help out with promoting softball and coaching Presenter Sean

  10. Treasurers Report: Year 1st Nov 2012 to 31st Oct 2013 Presenter Richard

  11. Donations Note: Does not include all the time & effort put into the club by, members, coaches parents and volunteers or Big League Chew off-sales Presenter Richard

  12. Club Accounts: Income & Expenditure Presenter Richard

  13. Recommended Fees for 2014 Presenter Richard

  14. Recommended Fees for 2014 Presenter Richard

  15. Media Review 2013 - Coverage • 15 radio slots • Over 90 newspaper features • Over 100 external website features • Major increase in Redbacks website stories (82) – more regular content and use of website to pull together information Presenter Richard

  16. Media coverage 2013 • More sustained success in terms of media coverage • Higher volume of stories throughout the year (although slight declines in coverage/value*) • Huge increase in social media interaction and impact • Beginning to see benefits of media coverage to wider club aims and achievements * Slightly lower circulation figures and advertising rates accounts for slight declines here Presenter Richard

  17. Analysis of coverage Coverage and AVE comparisons 2012-2013 AVE (£) Coverage • 2012 – 199 stories in newspapers/on radio/websites • 2013 – estimate 230 • 2012 – coverage just over 4m opportunities to see/hear • 2013 – estimate 4.2m • 2012 – AVE just over £40k • 2013 – estimate £35k Everyone loves a stat… Presenter Richard

  18. Media highlights • Broncos finish as runners-up in Youth National Baseball Championships • Redbacks AAA team promoted to NBL • Softball programme launched • Wickes Softball Tournament at Forest Glade • MEET 2013 (Holland) and victory • Essex MEET 2013 – although ultimately postponed, were able to attain media-coverage in advance • Benefited from meeting people from Brentwood Gazette/Essex Chronicle at Sports Awards in 2012, where AAA team came second – building reputation within community Presenter Richard

  19. Social media and ‘influence’ tracking • Overall influence numbers will be about the same as in 2012 • Average influence per story lower – generally because fewer victories to celebrate • Major increase in Twitter followers (528 – 386%) • Gradual increase on Facebook (main 28%; academy 83%) • Has led to greater outreach and interaction in community (e.g. Witham Cricket Club) Presenter Richard

  20. 2013 assessment • Great continuation on where we were last year – reaching maximum likely regional penetration without major investment of resources into outreach • Articles ranging from competition to infrastructure development featuring across media • Strong social media presence alongside newspaper/websites/radio coverage – club members getting involved in conversations more regularly, and doing more interviews • Clearly admired by other clubs in the country for our efforts • Much better use of website for pulling together content, although pages could do with a few more regular updates Presenter Richard

  21. 2014 Media strategy • Continue with greater club development to generate more stories (off-the-field activities just as important) • Need junior press officers or press representatives from all teams (more important in 2014 as Mike is standing down) • More completion of ‘What’s On’ sections – Essex Arrows have done this for many of their community websites and local papers/radio websites • No need to pay for advertising in newspapers/on radio BUT could be good to purchase marketing materials such as banners or sails to take to outreach events, give us more presence • More outreach to potential sponsors – we have fantastic stats in terms of media coverage and people we can reach with our communications and we should be able to capitalise on this Presenter Richard

  22. 2014 – what can you do? • Continue to be heavily involved in social media – the effects of this have been well noticed through greater reach an interaction this year (e.g. getting radio interviews and attending Witham Super Sixes through Twitter interaction) • Keep abreast of local news and possibilities to get involved – e.g. school sports, Active Essex development, national plans to get more children involved in sport • Wear Redbacks’ merchandise more regularly outside of baseball-related activities • Photography and videos (Flickr/YouTube Channel) and put them on social media (remember to get branding of Redbacks in there wherever possible) • Get a good profile picture of yourself that we can send in to papers (approx. 1000x800 pixels) • Highlight Redbacks’ activities to friends and family, as well as work colleagues • Take photos while at training sessions and games and tag them to keep people updated of all activities we’re involved in Presenter Richard

  23. 2014 – what will that do? • Increase awareness of the club • Increase interconnectivity of media, supporters, successes and community • Move towards goal of ‘Essex’s Premier Baseball and Softball Club’ • Greater all-round understanding of the sport and the county’s historic connection to baseball • Potential for greater offer to any funding partnerships or grant applications Presenter Richard

  24. Constitution amendment voting (1) 1 Name (change of club name to Redbacks Baseball & Softball) Reword of Clause 1.1: The club shall be called Redbacks Baseball & Softball (hereafter referred to as the Redbacks). General Clause reword in Constitution: To reflect that Redbacks offers softball and has as its governing body the British Softball Federation (BSF) 3 Aims and Objectives (to reflect age range of younger players) Reword Clause 3.2: The Essex Redbacks shall consist of a adult programme with one or more teams playing in the BBF leagues, a youth programme for players aged between 4 and 16 years old that will play either in the BBF or Little League youth leagues or locally organised leagues as deemed appropriate by the club committee. Reword Clause 3.3: In addition the Redbacks shall run schools, college and community baseball programmes to promote the club and baseball at local schools and community groups 4 Child Protection (to reflect latest guidelines) Reword of Clause 4.1: All Club Committee and Youth coaches must be subject to a Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check. Any Club Committee member or Youth club coach who is not in possession of cleared and valid DBS check (as per guidance from BSUK) cannot carry out either their elected position or coach children within the club Presenter Richard

  25. Constitution amendment voting (2) 6 Membership Fees New Clause 6.4:It is the policy of Redbacks Baseball & Softball that all fees should be paid promptly. The Redbacks will enforce a no play no play policy for all players. 8 Officers of the Club (to reflect softball on the club committee) Reword Clause 8.1: added Softball Officer to list of Redbacks Club Officers 9 Club Committee (added Softball) Reword Clause 9.1: added Softball Officer to list of voting Committee Members Reword Clause 9.2: The Committee Members positions Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Treasurer, Youth Officer, Adult Officer and Softball Officer, must be filled by 6 individuals (i.e. one person can't be both the Chairman and Hon. Secretary or any combination of the above 5 positions). New Clause:The chairman shall have the casting vote on any committee decision in which voting is tied Reword Clause 9.8:All Club Committee members must be hold a valid DBS check for Redbacks Baseball & Softballunless a post does not require this under BSUK rules . 11 Annual General Meeting (clause re voting rights) New Clause:Members of the club shall be deemed baseball, softball or both sport members dependent upon registration and fee payment. No baseball member shall be able to vote on softball only matters and motions, similar no softball member shall be able to vote on baseball only matters. A member who is both a baseball softball registered member and fully paid in both codes can vote on all matters arising. Motions and votes shall be annotated at the AGM as baseball or softball votes for clarity Presenter Richard

  26. Club Rules amendment voting (1) General Club Rules (to include softball and Forest Glade) 1.2 Amended Rule: The most senior representative baseball team shall be called the “Essex Redbacks” other Redbacks adult teams either baseball or softball shall be called Redbacks prefaced with a moniker showing the local region / area represented. The youth teams shall be called the “Forest Glade Redbacks or a derivative of using such the Redbacks moniker. The Club shall be based in, and play in, the South Essex Area namely Chelmsford and Billericay. Any further adult or youth team teams generated shall be named by Committee vote using the Redbacks moniker in adherence to British Baseball Federation (BBF) or British Softball Federation (BSF) rules. Presenter Richard

  27. Election of club officers and committee members Incumbents seeking re-election • Hon. Secretary: Sean Briscomb • Treasurer: Richard Crabb • Adult Officer: Neil Hall • Youth Officer: Rob Yuille Committee Members Those seeking election Committee Member • Chairman: Vince Warner • Social secretary: Position vacant • Marketing / advertising Officer: Position vacant • Fundraising / sponsorship Officer: seconded Sam Rounce • Media / press Officer: Position vacant Officers Voting is open to 2013 Redbacks club members (players, parents, associate members)Note: Head Coach & Team Manager positions plus Club Welfare Officer will be determined by application to the club committee Presenter Sean

  28. Motions from the floor To install Rob Nelson as Honorary Life Member of Redbacks Baseball & Softball Club. Proposed Rob Yuille Presenter Sean

  29. BBF AGM Report - Sat 9th Nov - Leicester BBF Motions and Proposals Disciplinary actions on BBF website, Stats to be loaded for all leagues, Affiliation between clubs, Youth teams for all clubs - phased BBF Incorporation Greater accountability, organisation, credibility and duty of care. Protects BBF Board Members. More commercial opportunities GB All Star Series A few weekends during the season. NBL All Stars, GB Lions and Juniors, Northern All Stars. Development opportunities. Use of Farnham Park. BBF Development and talent funding Efficient organisation. Development opportunities. Better use of technology. Youth scholarships and talent development – GB and local academies. Youth baseball review Summary – Local and travel play, expand YNBCs, June peak period. Future – return of PlayBall, new age groups, team in every town, more kids BBF website – club pages Presenter Sean

  30. 5 year development plan (1) Vision Statement • To provide the best possible environment to permit the ongoing growth of the club in participation and competitiveness of baseball to enable the Redbacks to become the leading club in the United Kingdom Primary ongoing aims: We want to …. • Encourage as many adults, male & female and youth, boys and girls as possible to try the sport of baseball. • Provide suitable and safe facilities and effective coaching in a number of locations (centred upon South Essex). • Offer age appropriate play and a continuous path (T-ball to Bronco to Pony to Adult) • Offer the opportunity for players to have varying degrees of involvement. • Have competitive teams for those with the ability and inclination. • Have significant and ongoing coach and umpire development. • Make membership of the club a positive experience for everyone. • Make members proud to say that they belong to Essex Redbacks Baseball Club • To support the development of baseball here in the UK though support of our sport governing bodies • Ensure the club operates on a sound financial basis providing investment every year to provide the capital for future projects. Presenter Sean

  31. 5 year development plan Yr 4 revised Projected 180+ 150 Revised 110 80 70 110 109 85 2014 2011 2012 2013 2010 3 Adult teams. 2 x Pony teams. 1 x Bronco team Essex / Kent Little League (Bronco) International tournament Adult & Youth. AAA team. Pony Team. Bronco Team. Adult diamond. Bronco diamond. Develop coaches. Basic equipment. Dev. sponsorship & comm. awareness. +ve end year cash. School sessions Billericay & Basildon. International tournament. Club Mark Status AAA team. AA Team Pony Team. Poss 2nd Pony. Bronco Team. T Ball Pony diamond Expand T Ball Re-brand T Ball New kids web site New Logo Revised & updated main club web site 2 x Bronco Teams Aim 150 + players NBL competes well Consolidate AA & Single A teams Adult recruitment drive (new) Softball (new) Spring MEET (new) Consolidate to 2 adult teams. Moderately increase player numbers Expand Softball Permanent Backstops Revised target for Member Numbers for 2014 is 110 Presenter Sean

  32. 2013 Club Targets review What we achieved • AAA team moves to BBF National League • New brand and logo • Significant increase in T-Ball (U10) numbers at Forest Glade • Re-branded T Ball to Little Redbacks - New web site & clothing • Introduction of Softball • Hosted community softball (Wickes tournament) at FG • Spring MEET • Planning approval for Backstops at Melbourne Park and Forest Glade What we failed to achieve • Revised and updated main club web site with possible logo re-brand • 2 x Bronco Teams (although end of season numbers were encouraging) • Aim 150 + players • Consolidate AA and Single A teams. Insufficient players for AA team • Continue Adult recruitment drive to facilitate a Redbacks team in every level of adult baseball in season 2014 (new) • Agree format and members of embryonic Bronco Essex Little League • Increase coach & umpire numbers with the club • Start T-ball program in Chelmsford Presenter Sean

  33. Backstop plans – Melbourne Park Presenter Sean

  34. Backstop plans – Forest Glade Presenter Sean

  35. 2014 Club Targets (revised) A year of consolidation Fund & Install Backstop at Melbourne Park Fund & Install Bronco Backstop at Forest Glade Funding request has been applied for Improve diamond at Forest Glade Pony/Single A Aim 110+ baseball players Aim for 20+ fee paying softball players Run more softball taster sessions and run local tournament Increase adult membership to enable a 3rd adult team in 2014 Improve on field results for NBL and Single A teams Increase player numbers across youth teams in particular Bronco and Pony Continue to drive Little Redbacks recruitment Creation of next 5 year development plan Presenter Sean

  36. Forest Glade Baseball update • All youth players train at Forest Glade • Single A adult team training and play home games at FG • Softball trialled at FG • Wickes Softball Tournament hosted at FG • New logo signage at main gate • Request car park signage • Bronco diamond (70ft) at Forest Glade • Infield is much improved • Purchased 24’’ cylinder mower • Backstops for Bronco & Single A/Pony diamond approved • 2014 Bronco backstop planned for completion subject to funding Presenter Richard

  37. Forest Glade Sports Club • Integrated Sports Club to be set up • Independent of any one sport/club • Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer • One committee member per sport to be on Sports Club board • Independent committees, constitutions & finance to run their own sport & projects • Joint projects will be agreed by sports club for benefit of all • Joint funding initiatives and knowledge sharing • Redbacks Baseball need to appoint Sport Club liaison officer • Help in sharing of Sports club tasks such as Ground Maintenance Chairman Secretary Treasurer Forest Glade fc FG Redbacks Baseball & Softball AN Other Sport Forest Glade Sports Club Presenter Richard

  38. Player recruitment • Need to recruit heavily in adults and youth to facilitate 3rd adult team in 2014/15 and keep FG youth teams developing Suggested strategies • More new content for web site including more authors • Further our links and articles with local radio • Continued high level press coverage • Attending Open Sports events/open days • Existing players / members - family and friends Any other suggestions ? Presenter Sean

  39. Club social events Youth Members presentation evening Saturday 23rd November at Hollywood Bowl Basildon Adult Members presentation evening in the new year Club quiz night Pre season Essex Redbacks day Adult and youth games Official team photos Mid season Essex MEET Any other ideas for Adult and joint adult /youth club social events for 2014 ? Presenter Sean

  40. Any Other Business • Adult Uniform Jerseys must be purchased • Supplier is Covee Presenter Sean

  41. Any Other Business • Adult winter training • Chelmsford Sport & Athletic Centre, Chelmsford • 24th November & 8th December • 4pm till 6pm • Youth winter training • James Hornsby School, Laindon • 17th November & 1st December + 5 sessions in 2014 • 2pm till 4pm • Club sponsorship • Still time to vote for Sean, Mickey and the Broncos in the Essex Chronicle Media Group Sports Awards Presenter Sean

  42. Any Other Business • Fundraising • AoB / Members questions • Drinks after AGM at the Kings Head Presenter Sean