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The Eliminate Project Presented by: Zack Dameron (International Trustee) and James Chen PowerPoint Presentation
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The Eliminate Project Presented by: Zack Dameron (International Trustee) and James Chen

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The Eliminate Project Presented by: Zack Dameron (International Trustee) and James Chen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Eliminate Project Presented by: Zack Dameron (International Trustee) and James Chen (Kiwanis Family and Foundation Chair). A Kiwanis Legacy of Impact. Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD).

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Presentation Transcript

The Eliminate Project

Presented by:

Zack Dameron

(International Trustee)


James Chen

(Kiwanis Family and Foundation Chair)

iodine deficiency disorders idd

A Kiwanis Legacy of Impact

Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD)
  • In 1994, Kiwanis began a partnership with UNICEF, raising nearly US$100 million to combat iodine deficiency
  • Kiwanis is the reason that nearly all salts now are “iodized”
  • Their funds are now at work in more than 103 nations
  • 80 million children in the developing world will be born free of IDD this year
maternal and neonatal tetanus mnt

Where next?

Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus (MNT)
  • In 2009, Kiwanis International was ready to change the world once again through a global campaign for children
  • MNT kills nearly 60,000 newborn children and a significant number of mothers every year
  • A baby dies every nine minutes from MNT
  • MNT targets the poorest, most underserved women and children on Earth

What is MNT?

  • Stands for Maternal (mother) and Neonatal (infant) Tetanus
  • Contracted when a baby’s umbilical cord is cut with an unsterilized instrument
  • Tetanus spores live everywhere, but we are vaccinated against their effects
  • Untreated tetanus causes sever muscle rigidity, painful convulsions, and extreme sensitivity to light, sound, and touch
  • Toxins induced by the spores soon affect the brain through the nervous system, resulting in death within 4-14 days

Causes of MNT

  • Lack of or limited access to immunization and prenatal care services
  • Limited or absent clean delivery services
  • Improper postpartum cord care

The fatality rate can be as high as 100 percent in underserved areas

the eliminate project

What’s the goal?

The Eliminate Project
  • US$1.80 vaccinates a woman and her future babies against MNT
  • Over 150 million women need to be vaccinated
  • UNICEF has already begun the effort to eliminate MNT
  • Kiwanis has partnered with UNICEF to provide the final push to eliminate MNT in over thirty countries around the world by raising $110 million by 2015

What does it mean to “eliminate”?


“Elimination” is reached when less than 0.1% (1 out of 1000) of the live births in the country contract MNT.

This is different from eradication, the complete absence of a disease (i.e. smallpox)._______________


Current progress

  • Since the start of the Eliminate Project in 2010, the Kiwanis family has eliminated MNT in nine countries and has raised over $24 million
  • Key Club has raised over $1.15 million dollars
  • Still thirty countries and $86 million to go by 2015
recognition program
Recognition Program


  • Unique to The Eliminate Project, this award recognizes a one-time gift of US$625+
  • Service Leadership Program members may honor a special advisor, administrator or other individual with this award.
monday may 6
Monday, May 6
  • Spread the Word, Save a LifeThis event aims to establish The Eliminate Project as a household name on a national level and has two unique aspects.
  • The first aspect is to utilize local news media as a resource to spread awareness.
  • The second aspect of Media Day is to use all forms of social media to spread the word. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Tumblr. Flickr. YouTube. All of it! On this day, post about The Eliminate Project once every hour .
tuesday may 7
Tuesday, May 7
  • Around the World in 540 MinutesKiwanis International has raised the bar for all of its Service Leadership Programs. Our new goal is to raise $5.40 per member for The Eliminate Project. For this event we want every member to raise $5.40 in under 9 hours. Not only will we reach our SLP goal of $1.5 million by doing this; we will also save 834,000 mothers and their babies.
wednesday may 8
Wednesday, May 8
  • Advocate to VaccinateThe goal of this event is to target your student body, faculty, and staff. Talk to your administration and encourage them to hold an informative assembly that will teach your school about The Eliminate Project.
  • The second part of this event is to advertise The Eliminate Project in your neighborhood. The main objective is to go around your neighborhood and to introduce The Eliminate Project to each of your neighbors.
thursday may 9
Thursday, May 9
  • Give-it-up DayThis event is meant to make a difference by giving up something for just one day. We are asking that you save the money you would normally spend on a pack of gum, a cup of coffee, or on that new pair of shoes, and donate it instead.
friday may 10
Friday, May 10
  • Eliminate YOUR WayOn the last day of this campaign we want you to make one last push to raise funds and awareness. We want you to create your own idea and your own day for this campaign. Start a project, raise funds, and then send us your success story. Today is your day to make a difference!
  • This is the official hashtag created by The Eliminate Project. By using this hashtag you will remind everyone of our commitment to end Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus by 2015 once and for all.