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Tommy john surgery. By: Ryan Kmiec 12 th grade Athletic Training Class. Who is Tommy John?. Played for 6 teams Including Yankees, Dodgers and Angels 288 Career Wins and 3.34 ERA First player to receive the surgery. History. Known as Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction

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Tommy john surgery

Tommy john surgery

By: Ryan Kmiec

12th grade Athletic Training Class

Who is tommy john
Who is Tommy John?

  • Played for 6 teams

  • Including Yankees, Dodgers and Angels

  • 288 Career Wins and 3.34 ERA

  • First player to receive the surgery


  • Known as Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction

  • Occurs in throwing sports

  • Mainly in baseball players

  • First done in 1974

  • Dr. Frank Jobe

History contd
History contd.

  • 1974 1 in 100 return rate

  • Now 85-90% return rate

  • 488 baseball players had surgery

  • Dr. Lewis Yocum and James Andrews

Same Bro

I could do this in my sleep

Ulnar collateral ligament
Ulnar Collateral Ligament

  • Inside of Elbow

  • Between Humerus and Ulna

  • Major Stabilizer

  • Stabilize against valgus force

Risk factors
Risk Factors

Shouldn’t have thrown that curve

  • Improper Mechanics

  • Pitch Count

  • Pitch Type- Sliders/Curveballs

  • Growth plate open in young athletes


  • Pain on the inside of the elbow

  • A sense of looseness or instability in the elbow

  • Irritation of the ulnar nerve

  • Tingling or numbness in the small finger and ring finger.

  • Decreased ability to throw

Before surgery
Before Surgery

  • Rest

  • Ice

  • Anti Inflammatory Medication

  • X-Ray

  • MRI

  • Prehab- if needed


  • Tendon from- wrist/forearm/hamstring/hip

  • Tunnels drilled in humerus and ulna

  • Tendon is passed through the holes

  • “Figure 8”

Rehab phase 1
Rehab- Phase 1

  • Wear a splint for seven to 10 days to immobilize the elbow.

  • Do gentle range-of-motion exercises for the wrist, hand, and shoulder.

  • Wear a range-of-motion brace to gradually regain full motion of the elbow joint.

  • Do exercises to strengthen the arm and shoulder.

  • Perform total-body conditioning exercises.

Rehab phase 2
Rehab- Phase 2

  • Starting about six weeks after surgery:

  • Most patients can begin to perform elbow-strengthening exercises.

  • For at least the next four months, most patients are advised to avoid activities that overstress the graft(Tendon)

Rehab phase 3
Rehab- Phase 3

  • About four or five months after surgery, athletes may toss a ball without a wind-up motion.

  • After six months, athletes may start to use an easy wind-up when throwing.

  • After seven months, baseball pitchers may return to the mound.

  • After nine months, pitchers may throw in competition if they are pain-free and have regained their normal strength and range of motion.

Tommy john surgery

Am i throwing harder
Am I throwing harder???

  • Idea that a player will throw harder if they have Tommy John Surgery.

This one's coming in harder than before

No it’s not C’YAAA!!


  • The surgery does not cause a pitcher to throw harder.

  • The intense rehab makes the person stronger than before.

  • Increased velocity

Notable pitching restrictions
Notable Pitching Restrictions

  • Little League- 85 pitches

  • Little League- No Curveballs

  • MLB- Innings Limit first year about 185

  • MLB- generally 100 pitches

Notable players
Notable Players

  • Stephen Strasburg

  • Joba Chamberlain

  • AJ Burnett

  • Brian Wilson (twice)

  • Rink Ankiel

  • Tim Hudson