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Tommy Wahyudi

Tommy Wahyudi

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Tommy Wahyudi

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  1. Tommy Wahyudi Indonesian Operators Popularity in WWW

  2. Table Of Contents • Measuring Popularity • Measuring Popularity Using Google • Measuring Popularity Using Alexa • Measuring Popularity Using Wikipedia • Wrap Up : Google Vs Alexa • Conclusion • Recommendation


  4. How to Measure Popularity • Market Survey ? • Research Company ? • Subscribers number ? Introducing new method… Search Engine

  5. Tools • Google ( • Google Trends • Google Search Engine • Alexa ( • Wikipedia (

  6. Who to measure ? • Telecommunication Companies : • Telkomsel ( • Indosat ( • XL ( • Telkom Flexi ( • Fren ( • Esia ( • Three ( • NTS ( • Smart (


  8. Google • Web Address • We use this address to search the number of article available in Google search engine database • http:// We use this address to search the trend of certain keywords. Each time a user search for a keyword / term then Google will increase search quantity to one for the keyword / term. The comparison can be done by just entering the keyword to compare separated by comma, example : cdma, gsm. This input will compare the number of user who search using keyword cdma with number of user who search using keyword gsm • Google is number one search engine according to many surveys. Google offers simplicity yet speed and accurate search.

  9. Google Trend (GSM vs CDMA) People Search about CDMA more than GSM

  10. Google Trend (GSM Operators) XL aggressively campaign new tariff Telkomsel and Indosat are stable 3 Launch (1st quarter, 2007)

  11. GSM Popularity Result (until year 2008)

  12. Google Trend (CDMA Operators) Esia dominating the market. Flexi and Starone are busy migrating to 800 mhz Esia offering talktime and Rp 1.000 per jam Flexi as the first CDMA player start to capture customer attention Starone new campaign attract customers. Offering Ngorbit campaign… Fren slowing down..not aggressively offer new campaign..focusing on their network expansion Smart Telecom enter the market. End of 2007

  13. CDMA Popularity Result (until year 2008)

  14. Google Search (Telkomsel) Keyword : telkomsel 749.000 Articles for telkomsel

  15. Google Search (Indosat) Keyword : indosat. Exclude im2 and m2 1.270.000 Articles for indosat. This is probably because Indosat have many products and affiliation companies

  16. Google Search (XL) Keyword : XL 430.000 Articles for XL

  17. Google Search (Three) Keyword : Three Operator 97.200 Articles for 3

  18. Google Search (NTS) Keyword : NTS 14.100 Articles for NTS

  19. Google Search (Flexi) Keyword : Flexi 317.000 Articles for flexi

  20. Google Search (Esia) Keyword : esia 385.000 Articles for esia

  21. Google Search (Fren) Keyword : fren 376.000 Articles for fren

  22. Google Search (Starone) Keyword : starone 237.000 Articles for starone

  23. Google Search (Smart) Keyword : smart telecom 26.200 Articles for smart telecom

  24. Operator Popularity Result* (until year 2008) * Based on number of articles


  26. Alexa • Web address • • Alexa is site that capture number of users that visit certain site. • While google focusing on the keyword, alexa focusing on the web site address that is visited to be measured. • Each time a user visit certain address then alexa will increase the number of visitor by one for visited website in their database • Data for this research only from the last one year

  27. GSM Website Visitor Comparison Telkomsel visitor is increasingly from month to month, align with their subscriber growth Visitor of XL website is increasing as they start to campaign aggressively People start to visit three website Indosat website visitor is stable People start to visit NTS website

  28. GSM Popularity Result* (until year 2008) * Based on website visitor

  29. CDMA Website Visitor Comparison Starone have finish the migration and start new campaign. Their site start to be visited again is most visited website Visitor of esia website increasing. Esia renew their web site Smart launch at september, people start to visit the website Fren visitor is stable

  30. CDMA Popularity Result* (until year 2008) * Based on website visitor

  31. Telkomsel website details

  32. Indosat website details Interesting…user tends to visit more on iring

  33. XL website details Interesting…abroad visitor mostly comes from singapore not malaysia

  34. Three website details Visitor to the website was surprisingly decrease although they campaign aggressively Though 3 is international player, visitor of the website only comes from indonesia

  35. NTS website details People start search about NTS. As result the percentage is increasing

  36. Telkom Flexi website details

  37. Esia website details Percent of visitor is increasing significantly

  38. Most abroad visitor comes from east europe ? Fren website details

  39. Starone website details Second most increasing percentage in last 3 months after esia website

  40. Site thumbnail is not updated Smart website details

  41. Operator Popularity Result * Based on number of users visit operator website (traffic rank)


  43. Wikipedia • Web address • • Wikepedia is an encyclopedia website. Wikepedia gives references to certain terms / keywords. Many users use this site to search information about a reference / terms. Even a reporter or journalist use this site to gain information… • Information in wikipedia provided by everyone who want to give explanation about a terms / keywords. This information can be edited by others.

  44. Telkomsel Wikipedia* *this is only a little explanation from wikipedia about telkomsel

  45. Indosat Wikipedia

  46. XL Wikipedia

  47. 3 Wikipedia

  48. Esia Wikipedia

  49. Starone Wikipedia

  50. Fren Wikipedia • Wikipedia for fren is not complete yet. But at least wikipedia have an entry about fren. “Fren adalah suatu jenis layanan yang menggunakan sistem telepon seluler digital (lebih dikenal dengan istilah CDMA) yang dirilis oleh Mobile-8 untuk telepon genggam (ponsel). Sebuah terobosan baru yang memperkenalkan biaya telepon genggam dengan harga yang lebih murah. Esia dapat dikatakan sebagai sebuah teleponrumah yang praktis. Mobile-8 (Fren) berlisensi seluler.”