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Welcome to Curriculum Night 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Curriculum Night 2013

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Welcome to Curriculum Night 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Curriculum Night 2013
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  1. Welcome to Curriculum Night 2013 “If all meanings could be adequately expressed by words, the arts of painting and music would not exist." --John Dewey

  2. Bachelor of Arts in English, Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona Master of Arts in Teaching Goucher College Baltimore, Maryland I have been a part of the Tarwater faculty since 1999. K-8 Certified Before coming to Tarwater, I worked for several community education programs holding jobs in various capacities. I taught both preschool and kindergarten programs, as well as supervising K-8 enrichment programs. Who is Your Child’s Teacher?

  3. Tax Credit

  4. Types of Instruction • Whole Group • The teacher provides direct instruction to the entire class. This type of instruction may be based on students’ needs. • Homogenous Groups • Students with common strengths or needs work together in small groups. • Cooperative Groups • Students work together on a project or task. This may be a mixed group of differing strengths and abilities. • Independent Activities • Students work alone to complete a task (journal writing, workbook pages, etc…).

  5. Reading Harcourt Guided Reading Groups Literature Studies AR/Self Selected Literature Writing and Language Harcourt Rebecca Sitton Core Words Words Their Way Six Traits Writing Language Arts

  6. Math • Students in fourth grade will receive math instruction from the Saxon Math program. This program builds foundational concepts and gives students daily practice in the following areas: • Numbers and Operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and percents) • Algebra • Geometry • Measurement • Data Analysis & Probability • Problem Solving • We will be switching classes to better meet the needs of our students.

  7. Science Life Science (types of plants and living things) Physical Science (energy) Earth Science Social Studies Arizona History American History World History Civics/Government Geography Science & Social Studies

  8. Volunteer in our Classroom! Parent Volunteers Volunteers are always welcome in 4th grade! • Field Trips • Art Masterpiece • Jr. Achievement • ….and more! • Please sign the volunteer chart on the back table. • Volunteers must have volunteer forms on file in the office. • Don’t forget to sign in at the office!

  9. Art Masterpiece • Art Masterpiece is a volunteer program that introduces students to the artwork of a variety of famous artists. The students study elements of art and principles of design . The students then have an opportunity to create art pieces of their own. • We need 1-2 volunteers per classroom. There are 6 lessons yearly. Supplies are provided.

  10. Communication • “Important Binder” • Keep student work in the binder until the end of the quarter. • “Important Folder” • Check daily • Agenda • There is a spot at the bottom of each daily column for you to sign. • Quarterly Progress and Report Cards • Communication (e-mails, notes & phone calls) • mitchell.dawn@cusd80.com

  11. Homework • Saxon math will come home Monday - Thursday. Even if your fourth grader has completed his/her daily written practice, review each problem with your child for accuracy and detail. • Reading 20 minutes is required homework. Your fourth grader set an Accelerated Reader point goal for first quarter. • Study spelling words however you choose. Tests are on Fridays. • Sign the bottom of your child’s daily agenda.

  12. Reading Makes a Difference

  13. Fourth Grade Procedures & Policies • Birthdays (volunteer needed for class directory) • Nurse & Bathroom Visits • Class Schedule • 6 day rotation (know PE & library days) • Platoon Schedule (Homeroom: Days 1 & 4 • Migala: Days 2 & 5) • Walker: Days 3 & 6) • Behavior & Discipline • Absences (please call the attendance line at 480-883-4303)

  14. Thank You for Coming to Curriculum Night! Thank you for coming. Please sign the sheet on the back table before you leave.