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The Mountain Bluebird PowerPoint Presentation
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The Mountain Bluebird

The Mountain Bluebird

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The Mountain Bluebird

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  1. The Mountain Bluebird A PowerPoint by Winston Finished 5/23/13

  2. The name and description The Description of the Mountain bluebird is a Gray overall with a blue tail, (Female) and the male has a blue overcoat and a thin, Dark bill. Juveniles also have white-specked breasts/ flanks. This is a Male mountain Bluebird. As you can see, It is resting on a tree.

  3. Mating A Mountain Bluebird’s Mating season usually starts with the male mountain bluebird singing loudly to attract a female mountain bluebird. Fun fact- The Mountain bluebirds mating call serves another purpose; To mark his territory, And warning males nearby not to come near him!

  4. Preferred habitat and range Click to fast forward 12-14 days Mountain Bluebirds hover over the ground and fly down to catch insects, also flying from a perch to catch them. They mainly eat insects and berries. They may forage in flocks in winter, when they mainly eat grasshoppers. Mountain bluebirds will come to a platform feeder with live meal worms, berries, or nuts. This is a clutch of 4 eggs.

  5. Breeding And Nesting Habits Mountain bluebirds breed in a variety of habitats, characterized by open ground or short grass with nearby tree cavities for nesting. Consequently, the primary conservation consideration for mountain bluebirds is the availability of trees in the area to open habitat. A Mountain bluebird flying in the sky. Yippee!

  6. Human and natural threats The Mountain Bluebird became alarmed as bluebird numbers began declining. One of the main causes of their Decline in population are the aggressive birds. Coming in close second is human building, Because the gasses are destroying their nests. Also, The forests being cut down are harming the bluebirds. The trees are falling down and destroying their nests. You can help by donating to the environment! A Female regurgitating food to her young.

  7. Cultural Importance Nevada designated the Mountain Bluebird as the official State Bird in 1963. A member of the thrush family, the mountain bluebird lives in Nevada's high country. Also, the mountain bluebird is Idaho’s state bird! This is the seal of Nevada.

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  10. CREDITS! • Birdweb, For the info about the Threats, The Breeding and nesting, And the Habitat and range. • Wikipedia, For the name and description info. • And Allaboutbirds, For the Mating info. Thank you!