rear suspension styles l.
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Rear Suspension Styles

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Rear Suspension Styles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rear Suspension Styles. Rear wheel drive. Live Axle with leaf springs. Wide leaf springs control side sway well A large amount of unsprung weight Leaf springs take up a lot of space. For every action there is an equal & oposite reation

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live axle with leaf springs
Live Axlewith leaf springs
  • Wide leaf springs control side sway well
  • A large amount of unsprung weight
  • Leaf springs take up a lot of space
For every action there is an equal & oposite reation
  • When the wheels turn clockwise, the the rear axle housing trys to turn counterclockwise
  • Axle wind up

This helps prevent axle wind up


the axle is mounted off center on the spring

Mounting one rear shock in the front of the axle and one behind the axle helps to reduce wind up and axle tramp
live axle with coil springs
Live Axlewith coil springs

Side movement

  • The upper control arms control lateral movement (side movement)
  • The lower control arms control differential torque (wind up)
watt s link
Watt’s Link

A Watt’s link allows the suspension to travel up and down while preventing the axle from moving side to side.


Note. . . single leaf spring

on independent suspension (RWD)

Diff. Housing

When the “A” shaped control arms are mounted at an angle, they are called semi-trailing control arms

Used on several sports cars

Handles cornering loads better

multilink independent rear susp
Multilink independent rear susp.


Hydraulic mount

on this model

Superior noise and vibration dampening

Hyd. mount



semi independent rear suspension
Semi-independentrear suspension
  • The axle assemble twists, which gives the semi-independent effect
semi independent rear suspension16
Semi-independentrear suspension
  • The axle assembly acts as a sway bar
  • Track bar controls side movement
tracking bar with diagonal brace
Tracking bar with diagonal brace

Another style also used with a semi-independentrear suspension

macpherson strut rear suspension
MacPherson strut rear suspension

Is this Fords

better idea???

macpherson strut rear suspension19
MacPherson strut rear suspension

Note. . .

toe adjustment


double wishbone type rear suspension
Double wishbone type rear suspension

Some models have flexable rubber bushings


Torque loads create bushing and control arm deflection during braking, corning, acceleration and deceleration.

This causes a toe change to enhance straight line stability

Toe change during corning leads to quickerand more responsive steering