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Introduction Pictures Hans Holbein Art in Church Art of Royalty Instruments Greensleeves Mystery Did Henry VIII Write Greensleeves? Greensleeves Lyrics 10. Artists and Materials 11. Bibliography 12. Famous Names 13. Credits. Contents. Introduction.

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  • Pictures
  • Hans Holbein
  • Art in Church
  • Art of Royalty
  • Instruments
  • Greensleeves Mystery
  • Did Henry VIII Write Greensleeves?
  • Greensleeves Lyrics
  • 10. Artists and Materials
  • 11. Bibliography
  • 12. Famous Names
  • 13. Credits


We did our Tudor enquiry project on Tudor art and music. We had fun finding information and putting it together.

We hope enjoy our power point!


Lute Tudor Rose

Hampton Court

Henry VIII Elizabeth I

hans holbein
Hans Holbein
  • Hans Holbein was born in 1497 in Germany. He moved to Switzerland and grew up there. In 1526 Holbein moved to England. The first English portrait he painted was of Thomas More and family. He became Henry VIII personal painter. Hans Holbein enjoyed painting religious subjects. He died of plague in 1543 in London. Hans Holbein was a truly great painter.
art in church
Art in Church
  • It was very important in Tudor times for a church to be nicely decorated. Religious Tudors believed that art would please God and if they gave him art he would send them to heaven. When important, rich people died sculptors would carve fancy coffins. Henry VII was good at saving money so he had a fancy coffin when he died whereas Henry VIII couldn’t afford a very fancy coffin…
art of royalty
Art of Royalty
  • Henry VIII personal painter was the German artist, Hans Holbein. When Henry was searching for a new wife, after Jane Seymore’s death, he sent Holbein to paint a portrait of a possible wife, Anne of Cleves. Holbein painted a brilliant portrait and Henry agreed to marry her. When the wedding day came he described her as a ugly horse.
  • Tudor handwriting was very artistic. Copies of Elizabeth I signature still remain.
  • Henry VIII was a skilled musician like his daughter Elizabeth I. He owned 10 trombones, 14 trumpets, 5 bagpipes, 76 recorders and 78 flutes!
  • Lute – Similar to guitar
  • Virginals – Similar to piano
  • Harp – 8-29 strings
  • Viol – 6 strings
greensleeves mystery
Greensleeves Mystery
  • In the Tudor period a piece of music called Greensleeves was composed but nobody knows who it was by. Some people believe it was written by Henry VIII for Anne Boleyn between 1491 and 1547. Since the time historians have mostly decided that it wasn’t written by Henry VIII. It is said Anne rejected his love as in the song “She cast me off discourteously.” One thing for sure is no one really knows who wrote it.
did henry viii write greensleeves
Did Henry VIII write Greensleeves?
  • We did a survey on our class and Mrs. Skelton's. The results…
  • Yes Uncertain No

19 7 27

We conclude that it was pretty close but by a small amount more think he didn’t write it. We don’t know, historians don’t know, not even the cleverest person ever knows who wrote Greensleeves (Henry VIII knows if he wrote it though!)

greensleeves lyrics
Greensleeves Lyrics

Alas, my love, you do me wrong,To cast me off discourteously.For I have loved you well and long,Delighting in your company.Chorus:Greensleeves was all my joyGreensleeves was my delight,Greensleeves was my heart of gold,And who but my lady greensleeves.Your vows you've broken, like my heart,Oh, why did you so enrapture me?Now I remain in a world apartBut my heart remains in captivity.

artists and materials
Artists and Materials
  • In the Tudor times artists were among the lowest paid workers. The most important English Tudor artist was Nicholas Hillard.
  • Ink was made from nutmeg
  • Paint was made from natural materials such as charcoal, earth, chalk, copper, red rock, lead and tin. If you were rich you might even have paint made from gold.

Nicholas Hillard

  • The Tudor Court- Jane Shutter
  • Tudor Art- Susie Hodge
  • The Tudors- Robert Hull
  • Videos (Thanks Miss Campbell)
  • And some already known knowledge!
famous names
Famous Names
  • Henry VII
  • Henry VIII
  • Elizabeth I
  • Hans Holbein
  • Anne Boleyn
  • Anne of Cleves
  • Nicholas Hillard
  • Thomas More
  • Jane Seymour

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Put together


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