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Artifact Bag/Internet Search/Literature List

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Artifact Bag/Internet Search/Literature List - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Artifact Bag/Internet Search/Literature List. By: Jennifer Sewall. Henry Ford (1863 - 1947) - Founded the ford motor company and developed the idea of an assembly line. Each worker performing the same operation on a moving conveyor of cars.

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Henry Ford (1863 - 1947) - Founded the ford motor company and developed the idea of an assembly line. Each worker performing the same operation on a moving conveyor of cars


Bill Gates (b1955) - The joint founder of Microsoft along with Paul Allen. One of the most famous entrepreneurs of the present day, partly due to his business methods. Long before the days of the PC, Gates studied Basic programming on old GE and DEC computer systems. He joined Honeywell in 1974. Microsoft began in 1976 and developed several languages for computers including Basic, (Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code), nowadays forgotten but in the 70's it was the language that let everyone write programs.


Richard Branson (b1950) - Whilst one of the most successful entrepreneurs, Branson, a dyslexic, has the ability to connect and promote anything he turns his hand to. His business empire covers soft drink, Airlines, Cell phones, Records and many other items.  Richard started with a school magazine whilst at university, the magazine became so successful he skipped university and went into publishing. He then saw an opportunity with the record industry. The UK government maintained prices country wide at that time,


Samuel Moore Walton (1918 - 1992) - Walton began Wal-Mart the largest retailer in the USAHe pioneered discount merchandising by negotiating low prices with wholesales, but passing the savings on to his customers, this was unusual at the time, normally the extra profit was kept by the retailer. This certainly worked and is still the principal the company operated on today.


This picture of a class is the best picture of a community. Each student is responsible for his or her actions in the classroom. They are being taught to be active members of the society that surrounds them.


This is Governor Charlie Crist. He is the head of our community here in Florida. He makes decisions that will help Florida become a better state. He has a civic duty to make the right choice when it comes to his state.


The world needs money to survive. Each person needs to make money to buy and sell goods. You need to be aware of how to save the money you earn and spend it in wise ways. The mini society will teach you how to do the right thing.


Teachers in essence are the leaders of their own community in the classroom. They are responsible for the decisions they make in the best interest of their students. Without teachers to teach students, the students would not become the citizens they grow up to be.


Mini Society teaches students how to be proprietors of their own stores. The steps that have to be taken to own their own business. It teaches students to be responsible in the way they run their business so they are successful.

internet sites
Internet Sites
  • This site is a great site for students to chose what they want to learn about and will take them to interactive sites about the subject they select.
  • This site has so many games in activities that have to do with Social Studies. The students can do anything from map building to learning history.
  • This site is the news written for children so they can understand what is going on in the world. Sometimes the news is hard to hear and complicated, this site makes it kid friendly and uses words they can understand.
  • This website is awesome for the mini society lesson plan. The student is able to create their own city and run it how they want. It is a great way for the student to see what works and what does not work in a society.
  • This is a game for economics. Students choose the price they are going to sell the lemonade for and have to see what works and what people buy. They have to satisfy their customers, just like in the mini society.
  • This site is amazing! It teaches students how to earn a paycheck, pay bills, save money, and spend wisely. It helps them figure out a budget and the student has to spend how they need to survive.
children s literature

Children’s Literature

Book’s for children to read.


This book is about a young boy that starts his own lawn mowing business. His grandmother gives him an old lawn mower and he builds a business with the neighbor. The neighbor invests the boy’s money in the stock market and it grows. A summer job turns into an entrepreneurship. The book is funny and children love it.


This is an excellent book to show children how trying to save money can be hard. Brother and Sister Bear are taught by their parents to save their money, but when they see things they want in the store, they want to spend, spend, spend. The Berenstain Bears’ books always have great lessons in them, and children enjoy them because they can relate to the bears.


I n this book, Tyler dreams of traveling around the world without his parents. However, the Great Spirit of Entrepreneurs calls on him to make a machine that does homework faster and to create a business to sell these machines to his friends. Will Tyler be successful? You have to read to find out!