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Transition to Operations

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Transition to Operations. Erik D. Johnson, Deputy ALD for Programs NSLS-II Project Advisory Committee February 8-9, 2011. Outline. Transition to Operations Planning Challenges for NSLS-II Facilities TOP (FTOP) Photon Sciences Approach to Transition to Operations Planning

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Presentation Transcript
transition to operations

Transition to Operations

Erik D. Johnson, Deputy ALD for Programs

NSLS-II Project Advisory Committee

February 8-9, 2011


Transition to Operations Planning

Challenges for NSLS-II Facilities TOP (FTOP)

Photon Sciences Approach to Transition to Operations Planning

Project TOP (PTOP)

Some NSLS-II PTOP elements


transition to operations plan
Transition to Operations Plan

A comprehensive plan to manage the smooth turnover of NSLS-II facility from construction phase to operations (FY12-FY15)

    • Identifies and integrates transition activities (scope)
    • Aligns schedule and key milestones
    • Documents overall resource plan
    • Describes organization, including roles & responsibilities
    • Catalogs supporting documents
  • Draft documents being prepared
  • To be revised and updated through out transition period
key questions for transition to operations
Key questions for Transition to Operations

From several different perspectives ask:

  • What do you have?
    • Validation of attainment of project scope
    • Analysis of safety performance/ hazards
  • Who is responsible for operating it?
    • What organization accepts responsibility for operations
    • What is the span of their responsibility
  • What will it take to operate it?
    • Operating procedures, training, documentation
    • Financial planning (Operation, Maintenance, Improvement)
special challenges for nsls ii
Special Challenges for NSLS-II

Must consider broader context for PSD operations

  • Currently Operate NSLS (Until sometime FY14)
    • 59 beamlines currently in operation
    • Active user community (~2200/yr)
    • Hosted on a mix of facility and PRT beamlines
  • NSLS-II even with additional ‘off-project’ beamlines will not have the capacity of NSLS at CD-4
  • Need to plan for transition of user community as well as facility - a bit outside of the ‘usual’ TOP issues

Coordinate disposition of project scope with Portfolio

photon sciences directorate approach
Photon Sciences Directorate Approach
  • Recognize that PSD maintains a Portfolio of activities
    • Projects, Programs and Facility Operations
    • PSD now a matrix managed organization
    • Establish standard process for transfer of projects to Facility Operations (FTOP)
    • Many elements moving in and out of the portfolio
    • Define interfaces, interdependencies and coordination requirements
  • TOP documentation specific to each project (PTOP)
    • Work under the umbrella of the standard process and feed into FTOP
    • Tailor PTOP documents specific to the needs of each project
relationship of tops
Relationship of TOPs

Parent (Facility TOP)

Coordination of PSD Portfolio

  • Organization interfaces
  • How to accept project scope

Project Closeout

  • Project scope disposition
  • Required Prior to CD-4

Photon Sciences Portfolio Transition to Operations Plan

NEXT Transition to Operations

Children (Project TOP)

NxtGen Transition to Operations

NSLS-II Transition to Operations Plan

content of ftop
Content of FTOP
  • FTOP Goals
  • PSD Portfolio & Planning
    • Including planning assumptions and management strategy
  • Transition Scope, Phase, and Deliverables
  • Schedule and Key Milestones
  • Resource Planning
  • Management Organization
  • ESH & QA
drivers for creation of a project top
Drivers for creation of a Project TOP
  • Required by DOE O 413.3
    • Appendix A-16 Project Closeout
  • Outlined in the NSLS-II Project Execution Plan
    • Section 7 of base document, and appendices A,B and C
  • The TOP is a pre CD-4 requirement
    • Issue a Project Transition to Operations Plan that clearly defines the basis for attaining initial operating capability, full operating capability, or project closeout, as applicable.
    • The plan will include documentation, training, interfaces, and draft schedules
doe guidance for top
DOE Guidance for TOP
  • TOP in the context of closeout (DOE G 413.3-16)

Completion criteria (Verify KPP’s)

Readiness assessment

Commissioning Plan

Transition to Operations Plan

Quality Assurance Plan

EMS System Revision

Safeguards, Security and Safety Plans

Post CD-4 Approval Requirements

doe g 413 3 16 project top elements
DOE G 413.3-16 Project TOP elements

Suggested elements (not requirements )

Project Description

Planning Management

DOE Orders and Guidance

Key transition Phase Steps


Operation Cost

Organization/Stakeholder Interface

Transition Team

Configuration Control

KPP’s and Completion criteria

Schedule and Key Milestones

Readiness Reviews

Operations and Maintenance Management

Facility Support, Op’n & Maint Training

EMS and QA Documentation plan

Safeguards and Security Documents


Authorization and Notification

Project Transfer to operations

Business Functions

Project Information and Records Turnover

Transition to Operations Reporting

User/Operating Staff Planning

Lessons Learned

Project De-staffing Plan

transition of nsls ii project scope
Transition of NSLS-II Project Scope

Project ScopeOperations Assignments

Project Management DOE/BES, BNL, PSD

Conventional Facilities PSD, BNL-F&O, ITD

Accelerator Facilities PSD AS Ops, XF Ops

Experimental Facilities PSD XF Ops

R&D Facilities PSD/ BNL



project performance and completion criteria
Project Performance and Completion Criteria
  • Defined in the Critical Decision Approvals and also refined in
  • Global requirements Document
    • Defined minimum goals for each stage of commissioning, prerequisite to starting next stage
  • Start-up Test Plan
    • Defined criteria for completion of commissioning stages
  • NSLS-II Project Key Performance Parameters
nsls ii project transition to operations planning
NSLS-II Project Transition to Operations Planning
  • PEP (Appendix B7) views two phases of transition to operations
    • Conventional Facilities and
    • Technical construction
  • ES&H perspective for both CF and AS/XF
    • Beneficial Occupancy Readiness Evaluation
      • Phased occupancy of building that evaluates CF deliverables
      • Validates safety functions (fire protection, alarms, egress …..)
    • Authorization Basis Documentation (SAD and ASE)
      • Defines envelope for utilization of project scope
      • Foresees transition to NSLS-II facility operations (FTOP)
conventional facilities transition activities
Conventional Facilities Transition Activities

Serve as a template for PTOP feeding to FTOP

  • Integrating O&M in start-up and commissioning
    • Eventual stewards gain experience with equipment
    • Equipment vendors interface with ultimate owners
  • Verify technical performance is achieved
    • Independent Commissioning Contractor
    • Internal design and O&M staff involved in validation
  • Oversee occupancy/ASD installation phase operational requirements
    • Again foresees ultimate utilization of the facility
nsls ii project closeout report
NSLS-II Project Closeout Report
  • Target date: October 2014
    • Technical, scope, cost and schedule baseline accomplishments
    • Financial closeout, including a final cost report
    • Closeout approvals
    • Contract closeout status
    • Adjustments to obligations and costs
    • Photographic documentation
    • Baseline change control log
  • not required for NSLS-II Project
    • Permits, licenses, and/or environmental documentation
    • Deactivation, decontamination and decommissioning planning
facility transition to operations manager
Facility Transition to Operations Manager
  • Lead the integrated transition management team
  • Develop transition plans and documentation
  • Manage implementation and execution of the transition plans
  • Serve as the single point of contact for all matters relating to the implementation of transition plans
  • Ensure ES&H and QA goals are achieved for transition activities
  • Identify and manage transition related risks
  • Identify and ensure timely resolution of critical issues which impact transition activities
  • Hold regularly scheduled transition meetings
  • Participate in project closeouts and operational readiness assessments
  • Keep PSD management informed in timely manner
  • Establishing Transition to Operations Planning Process for Photon Sciences Directorate
  • Formalizing coordination of TOP elements
  • Working documents to be finalized by early summer
  • Many elements for NSLS-II TOP described in detail in subsequent presentations
    • Authorization Basis Plan (S. Hoey)
    • Accelerator Start-up / Test / Commissioning (F. Willeke)
    • Beamline Transition to Operations (Q. Shen)
    • PS Portfolio and Future Planning (S. Dierker)