steritite the universal container n.
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Steritite the universal container PowerPoint Presentation
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Steritite the universal container

Steritite the universal container

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Steritite the universal container

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  1. Steritite the universal container

  2. Case Medical • Innovative designer and manufacturer of high quality sterilization containers and instrument chemistries • Sterilization containers validated for all sterilization processes providing custom and modular options • Instrument chemistries composed of high levels of synergistic enzymes and chelating agents. • Validated and environmentally friendly • New modern and integrated facility in South Hackensack, NJ • All of our products are manufactured under our roof in the USA. • FDA Registered, ISO Certified, WBE and Corporate Member of AAMI.

  3. SteriTite: The universal container The same container for all needs and all devices requiring sterilization Ideal for standardization The only sealed container with 510k for all current sterilization methods. Including sealed flash sterilization with FlashTite valve plate for gravity and pre-vacuum steam. Pre-vacuum flash with paper filter and filter retention plate.

  4. Mini container Half-size container Full-size container Mid-size container

  5. Both perforated and Solid bottom containers available

  6. Features & Benefits Durable heat treatable aircraft-grade anodized aluminum alloy Nesting dimples for stable transport Tightly sealed construction with knife edge fit Maximum interior space Only 1” clearance required for contents Designed to facilitate instrument protection and organization

  7. Features & Benefits Rivet-less case assembly Off set filter plate to prevent puncture Lift loops on lids for aseptic removal Secure latching mechanism Interchangeable component parts Standard (DIN) sizing Ideal for containerizing loaners

  8. Working together with major medical companies Case Medical works with major medical companies to improve process and assure compatibility • ASP • Stryker • Intuitive • Olympus • Medtronic

  9. Working with You • Clinical and Product Specialists • To assess you tray needs • To customize your sets • To provide technical and clinical support • Local Case Medical Representatives on hand to address your needs and in-service staff • Our goal is to: • Shorten reprocessing times • Properly organize and secure your instruments • Provide the ultimate in instrument protection • Save $$$ with durable products that are truly universal

  10. Designed to package your instrument sets

  11. Davinci scopes

  12. Olympus scopes

  13. loaners

  14. Working with you to customize

  15. MEDITRAY, UNIVERSAL COMPONENTS: Can be used in all systems Modular parts make new sets Place to add more instruments Easy to change layout of tray Containerize in SteriTite containers or wrap Adapts to all systems, including STERRAD

  16. Stack multiple trays within the container for full instrument sets In most cases, only one basket is needed

  17. Stacking Trays

  18. Insert boxes replace peel pouches

  19. Corrosion resistant • SteriTite containers and MediTray products are cleared for low temperature sterilization including STERRAD and Steris V-pro. • Fully ANODIZED and passivatedfor maximum corrosion resistance • Only requirement is to clean with a pH neutral detergent • Others are non-anodized

  20. SteriTite maintains its integrity through all sterilization methods Theirs in STERRAD® Ours in STERRAD ®

  21. FlashTite® • The SteriTite container with FlashTite valve plate for sealed gravity displacement flash and sealed pre-vacuum flash • Meets AAMI and AORN parameters for flash sterilization • Eliminates the open flash pan • Complies with JCAHO requirement for sealed flash

  22. Questions?Thank you