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The Wedding

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The Wedding

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  1. The Wedding By Nicholas Sparks A romantic, fictional novel.

  2. The Wedding This novel is the sequel to Nicholas Spark’s The Notebook. The main character, Wilson, is married to Jane, Noah and Allie Calhoun’s daughter. Wilson is a successful lawyer who finds it difficult to express his feelings. The novel begins with Wilson, the narrator, explaining the story behind forgetting his 29th wedding anniversary. Desperate to show his wife how much she means to him, he seeks guidance from Noah, who he has a close relationship and who has been praised for being a romantic husband.

  3. Over the year that spans from the Lewis’ 30th anniversary, Wilson tries to rekindle the love and romance that he feels has died in his marriage. He fears that his wife no longer loves him, while his love has only deepened for her. With Noah’s help and learning a lesson on love based on Noah’s relationship with a swan and his in-laws magnificent 50 years of marital bliss, his plan to sweep Jane off her feet and make her fall in love again comes into full focus at the end of the novel.

  4. Likes Realistic Romantic Quirky Characters Great Detail Answered questions I had after reading The Notebook. Dislikes I thoroughly enjoyed every part of this novel. The only thing I disliked is one part of the ending. I would have changed the storyline about Noah and the swan. My Opinions

  5. Recommendation • Mature Audience • Romantics • Men and women • Couples approaching their 30th anniversary. • Couples feeling that the feelings are diminishing or that their significant other does not put enough effort into the relationship.

  6. Want to know more? • The Official Nicholas Sparks Website • A Book Review By Judy Gigstad • The City of New Bern, North Carolina, the setting of Sparks' novel. • Books By Nicholas Sparks • The Wedding Reading Group