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Grand Lodge of Idaho

Grand Lodge of Idaho. DDGM Leadership Training. The Office of District Deputy Grand Master. He is the personal representative of the Most Worshipful Grand Master in his District. Only the Grand Master outranks him. Appointed for a one year term. APPOINTMENT OF THE DDGM.

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Grand Lodge of Idaho

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  1. Grand Lodge of Idaho DDGM Leadership Training

  2. The Office of District Deputy Grand Master • He is the personal representative of the Most Worshipful Grand Master in his District. • Only the Grand Master outranks him. • Appointed for a one year term.

  3. APPOINTMENT OF THE DDGM • The acceptance of this honorable appointment is a solemn commitment to support the Grand Master and his program, and to faithfully perform the duties required of the Office.

  4. RESPONISBILITIES OF THE DDGM • Serves as the "eyes and ears" of the Grand Master. • Assuresthat the customs, usages, and laws of Masonry are observed. • Encourage the practice of the tenets of Freemasonry. • Promotes peace and harmony,

  5. District Deputy Supplies and Materials (Kit) • The District Deputy will receive these supplies/materials from his predecessor. • They provide a wealth of information to assist in accomplishing his duties. • DDGM is accountable for these items.

  6. DUTIESOF THE DDGM • The duties of the District Deputy are set forth in Regulation Number 24 of the Idaho Masonic Code and Digest.

  7. DUTIESOF THE DDGM • Visit each Lodge in his District at least once (This is a MINIMUM!). • Examine each lodge’s books and records at least once each year. • See that all amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws are properly posted.

  8. DUTIESOF THE DDGM • Inquire into the financial condition and management of the lodges. • Encourage each Lodge to prepare an annual budget. • Acquaint himself with the general condition of the Lodge in every way and point out errors he may discover.

  9. DUTIESOF THE DDGM • Perform such other duties as may be required of him by the Grand Master. • When answering questions of law, refer his replies to the Grand Master for confirmation. • Give all necessary instructions.

  10. DUTIESOF THE DDGM • Examine each Lodges' By-Laws annually. • Ensure that the Lodge Counselor Plan of Masonic Education is being used by each lodge in accordance with the Law. • Recommend the issuance of Certificates of Proficiency.

  11. DUTIESOF THE DDGM • Review Candidate proficiency records and determine if there are candidates that need some special attention. • Encourage Lodges to advance all candidates without delays. • Make corrections in ritualistic work.

  12. DUTIESOF THE DDGM • Urge each Lodge to be properly represented at each Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge. • Each District Deputy is expected to attend the Annual Grand Lodge Communication.

  13. Regulation Number 39 • Assure that no illegal Keys are being used by the members. • Remind each Lodge that the reading of Paragraph 9 needs to be done and assure that it has been done and recorded properly in the Lodge minutes

  14. Condition of Lodges • Questionnaire Forms are available for use by the DDGM to record and report the condition of Lodges and the proficiency of their Work.

  15. District Deputy Reports • Two reports are required. • Condition of Lodges • Activities of the District Deputy.

  16. District Deputy Reports • The purpose of these reports is to provide a complete account of all conditions in every Lodge in your District. • These two Reports may be made at the same time but they must be completed twice each year.

  17. District Deputy Reports • The first Report is usually made prior to the Spring Educational Communication. • The second Report should be made during the month of July.

  18. Annual Conference for District Deputies • Each DDGM should attend a Conference scheduled annually by the Grand Master. • The purpose of the conference is to: • Discuss the duties of the District Deputy. • Consider current problems that exist in the Lodges • Exchange ideas.

  19. Expenses(See Regulation No. 25) • Each District Deputy is entitled to submit claims for expenses incurred during the year. • DDGMs should record actual expenses, i.e., printing, postage, telephone, mileage, etc. • Expense Claims may be filed more often than once each year if desired, but no later than July 1st.

  20. DDGM Powers • Unlike his duties, the powers or authority of the District Deputy are exercised only when circumstances demand.

  21. Certificates of Proficiency • The DDGM has sole authority for recommending the issuance of Certificates of Proficiency. • Two ways to display proficient Work: • Work may be given to the District Deputy. • Work may be demonstrated or exemplified in an open Lodge.

  22. Questionnaire on Masonic Law • The District Deputy is the sole authority and judge as to whether or not, from the answers given on the Questionnaire, the applicant is sufficiently informed on Masonic Law to merit a Master's Certificate.

  23. District Communication (Fall) • The most important Communication of the year should be the Annual Fall District Communication. • The Grand Master, and other Grand Lodge Officers, will be in attendance. • Each District employs it's own method for selecting the Host Lodge.

  24. District Communication (Fall) • The dates for this Communication are directed by the Grand Master. • The information presented at the District Communication Program will be determined by the Grand Master.

  25. District Communication (Fall) • HOWEVER, the DDGM runs the session. • Procedures/recommendations for this session are found in the DDGM Training Manual. • The District Deputy should file the Minutes of the meeting in a binder along with the Minutes of all previous District Communications.

  26. Educational Communication (Spring) • The purpose of this session is improve lodge Ritual, attention to Masonic Law, and Lodge Management. • The District Deputy arranges the host lodge for these educational sessions.

  27. Educational Communication (Spring) • The Right Worshipful Grand Lecturer will schedule/conduct the communication and determine the program contents.

  28. Miscellaneous • The DDGM does not belong to one specific district Lodge. Every Lodge within that district is his Lodge. • Keep the best interest of your District in mind at all times. • Always be positive and encouraging. • Lodge problems should be taken up with the Worshipful Master in private.

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