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Grand Lodge of Idaho

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Grand Lodge of Idaho Lodge Leadership Training Grand Lodge of Idaho Welcome to the Masonic Leadership Training Workshop. The 60 second introduction Name Lodge Current Office What do you want from this course Grand Lodge of Idaho Lodge Leadership Training Why Change?

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grand lodge of idaho

Grand Lodge of Idaho

Lodge Leadership Training

grand lodge of idaho2
Grand Lodge of Idaho
  • Welcome to the Masonic Leadership Training Workshop.
  • The 60 second introduction
    • Name
    • Lodge
    • Current Office
    • What do you want from this course

Grand Lodge of Idaho

Lodge Leadership Training

why change
Why Change?
  • Significant Membership Decline
  • Idaho Masons are getting Older
  • Low attendance at Meetings
  • Financial Difficulties
a new attitude
A New Attitude
  • Thrive Vs Survive
masonry needs to be
Masonry Needs to Be:
  • Relevant to Society
  • Relevant to the Community
  • Relevant to it’s Members
  • Positive
  • Enlightened
  • Dedicated
lodge recommendations
Lodge Recommendations
  • Form an Executive Committee
  • Develop a Lodge plan
  • Form Essential Committees
  • Activities
  • Community Service
  • Sickness and Distress
  • Masonic Education
  • Financial Audit
worshipful master recommendations
Worshipful Master Recommendations
  • Assign committee responsibilities
  • Identify community project
  • Provide interesting activities
  • Identify and develop new lodge officers
  • Long Term Plan
  • Budget
  • Annual Plan
long term planning goals i
Long Term Planning Goals I
  • Increased attendance and participation
  • of existing members
  • Better ability to attract candidates
  • Better ability to keep and utilize candidates
  • after their degrees
  • Better fiscal responsibility
long term planning goals ii
Long Term Planning Goals II
  • Increased social responsibilities
  • Personal growth of members
  • Fulfillment of Masonic Ideals
  • Better visibility in the community
annual plan i
Annual Plan I
  • Degree Conferrals and Practices
  • Stated Meetings
  • Fund Raising Activities
  • Community Service
  • Member Service
annual plan ii
Annual Plan II
  • Masonic Education
  • District Events
  • Visitations and activities
  • Steps toward long term projects
planning for success
Planning For Success
  • Plan your work and work your plan
  • Planning insures execution
  • Don’t set objectives that can’t be monitored
  • Plans identify events; People make them happen
  • Members support what they create
review plans
Review Plans
  • A review of the Lodge’s planning calendar
  • should be One of the first things discussed
  • under “Old Business” at each stated meeting.
the planning process
The Planning Process
  • Define the Problem
  • Obtain Facts
  • Set Goals
  • Devise workable plans
  • Set Plans into motion
  • Review regularly
  • Make necessary revisions
  • Review event success and update the plan

The Golden Rule

Treat Others as You would have others Treat You

ways to say thank you
Ways to Say Thank-You
  • A personal Thank-you
  • A written thank you from you to the Brother
  • Special Recognition from you during a Regular Communication
  • A Special mention of a Brothers help in your newsletter
  • Write a small article for the local newspaper
  • Present a special plaque or certificate
steps to getting a task performed
Steps to Getting a Task Performed
  • Define the job
  • Pick the right person
  • Let him do the job
  • Check up on the work in time to make alternate decisions
  • After it is done, review the work
  • Remember to give the recognition due
the immovable object
The Immovable Object
  • When he complains about a trivial matter during lodge, stop the meeting, tell him you appreciate his concern.
  • Then tell him this is probably not the best time to raise the problem, that it can best be handled by you personally and offer to meet with him later to discuss the problem.
  • By all means meet with him later.
the 5 p s of good counsel
The 5 “P’s” of Good Counsel
  • Personally
  • Politely
  • Positively
  • Promptly
  • Privately
worshipful masters responsibilities
Worshipful Masters Responsibilities
  • The well being and continuance of Masonry in his community
  • The well being and continuance of his lodge
  • The instruction and teaching of the members and Officers in the ritual, the principles and philosophies of Masonry
  • The conduct of the business of the Lodge
worshipful masters responsibilities24
Worshipful Masters Responsibilities
  • The upkeep and repair of the Lodges physical property
  • The social life of the lodge
  • Representing his Lodge to the public, other Masonic bodies and Grand Lodge
  • The proper conduct of his Officers and members
senior wardens duties
Senior Wardens Duties
  • Worshipful Masters Right Hand man
  • Presides when the Master can’t
  • Responsible for the harmony of the Lodge and should be the groups peacemaker
  • Responsible for “paying the craft” and is the man who should see each member gets the credit and recognition coming to him
junior warden s duties
Junior Warden’s Duties
  • Third in Command
  • In charge of the social life of the lodge
  • In charge of the members when they are not actually at ‘work’
  • Responsible for the refreshments, if any are provided after the meeting
  • Responsible for filing charges for Un-Masonic Conduct in the absence of the accusers
secretary s duties
Secretary’s Duties
  • The business agent of the Lodge, he is responsible for the keeping of the Lodge’s records
  • Maintaining membership lists
  • Handling correspondence
  • acts as middle man between Grand Lodge and the local Lodge, filling out the required reports
treasurer s duties
Treasurer's Duties
  • He is the financial officer of the Lodge
  • Pays the bills
  • Keeps proper records
  • Helpful person to have around during budget making sessions
deacon s duties
Senior Deacon

In charge of candidates during degrees

Responsible for accommodating visitors

Prepares Lodge for meetings

Junior Deacon

Takes care of decorum during lodge meetings by governing the door

Assist the Senior Deacon in setting up the Lodge

Deacon’s Duties
stewards duties
Stewards Duties
  • They are responsible for preparing candidates during the degrees
  • Officers of the Junior Warden, assist him in the social activities of the lodge
tyler chaplain marshal
Tyler, Chaplain &Marshal
  • Tyler He is the security Officer of the Lodge and by tradition is responsible for the physical facility of the Lodge
  • Chaplain He is the spiritual leader of the Lodge and should be prepared to offer an appropriate prayer at all Lodge functions
  • Marshal He is the officer in charge of parading. He escorts the Chaplain and leads the floor work during installation
the masonic family
The Masonic Family
  • Order of the Eastern Star
  • Amaranth
  • Rite Bodies
  • Job’s Daughters
  • Rainbow
  • DeMolay
committee chairman duties
Committee Chairman Duties
  • Be responsible for the success or failure of his committee
  • Prepare and submit a report identifying the committee’s activities, expenditures, income and recommendations
  • Not to incur any financial obligation without first obtaining the Worshipful Master’s approval
committee appointments
Committee Appointments
  • Appoint Committee Chairman
  • Consult with the Committee chairman to identify their preferences for members of the committee
  • Consult with the potential committee members to find which committees they prefer to serve on
  • Appoint Committee members
primary committees
Primary Committees
  • Executive (Planning)
  • Activity
  • Audit
  • Community Service
  • Sickness and Distress
  • Masonic Education
  • Building
secondary committees


Dinners and Refreshments


Candidate Coaching

Delinquent Dues


Officers Coach

Secondary Committees
Joint Church service

Outdoor Degree

Father and Son night

Lodge Anniversary

Family Night

Family Picnic

Masonic Ed. Program

Community Service

Homecoming Night

Past Masters Night

Youth Organizations Night

Rudyard Kipling Program

Memorial Service

Appreciation Dinner

more programs
New Masons Night

Early Day Lodge

Masonic/KC dinner

Town History

Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner

Agriculture Appreciation Night

Charity Night

Scottish/York Rite

Lodge History

Teacher of the Year

Citizen of the Year

Current Issues Forum

More Programs
community service
Community Service
  • Actions speak louder than words
  • Deeds speak louder than dollars
executive committee
Executive Committee
  • Long term projects
  • Lodge Plan
  • Budget
  • Fund raising
  • Financial oversight
  • By-Law changes
sickness and distress committee
Sickness and Distress Committee
  • Call upon, send a card or visit ill or injured Brothers
  • Check on missing regulars after each meeting
  • Report on shut ins
  • Send sympathy cards to Brothers with illness or death in the family
  • Responsibility of all members