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US Coast Guard Auxiliary PowerPoint Presentation
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US Coast Guard Auxiliary

US Coast Guard Auxiliary

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US Coast Guard Auxiliary

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  1. US Coast Guard Auxiliary Forms and Uniforms Modified March 2012/McBain

  2. Modified March 2012/McBain A Word About Forms • Nobody likes ‘em, but they are necessary • It is your responsibility to fill them in promptly, completely, and correctly • All forms have detailed instructions – please read them • Fill out online, it will help prevent errors and ensure that you’re using the latest version • Your FSO-IS and SO-IS are here to help! Just ask!

  3. Modified March 2012/McBain Where to Find Forms

  4. Modified March 2012/McBain Forms • 7029 Member Activity Log • Report all prep and travel times for missions shown on 7030, 7038 and 7039 • Report any hours that are not defined and reportable on other forms (7030, 7038, 7039) • 7030 Activity Report - Mission • use start and stop time • Review instructions thoroughly to ensure proper selection of mission category • 7039 Workshop Mission and Attendance Report • Report Instructor time and Member’s Attendance

  5. Modified March 2012/McBain 7029 Form Monthly

  6. Modified March 2012/McBain 7029 Member Activity Log Section 1 User data automatically entered on Web Form District, division, and flotilla number Member ID number and name Date settings E-mail address Pop up explanations provided for each column

  7. Modified March 2012/McBain Member Activity Log-cont’d Optional Current date Automatic calculation of totals FSO-IS and SO-IS automatically entered. Control buttons

  8. Modified March 2012/McBain 7030 Activity Report - Mission • Use this form to report standard mission activities • MEP/MS Missions • Public Education Classes • Safety Patrols • Search and Rescue • Member Training • Public Affairs • Only blocks needed for mission will be active • MUST put special ops info in remarks section

  9. Modified March 2012/McBain VSC Mission Report Form ANSC-7038 • Trainees where appropriate • Remember to pick correct type! Automatically calculated for you Be sure to note how many are High Focus And 1st Time For CFV, UPV, & UTV must have an OPCON There may be more than one Lead

  10. Modified March 2012/McBain MDV Form ANSC-7046 • Note total hours on last entry for each date and a zero on all other lines. Computer will calculate total visits and time within the box above. • Only ONE member, the rest are trainees • Can’t claim two trainees doing MDV at the same place at the same time Computer generated

  11. Modified March 2012/McBain Member Information UpdateForm ANSC-7028 • Only fill in informationthat has changed • Update email and phone contacts – very important! • Some changes can be made AUX Directory/AUX Officer • This is your official record –all other spreadsheets, mailing lists, chalkboards, etc. are secondary…

  12. Modified March 2012/McBain Uniforms • Wear them to Meetings • Focus on the ODU and Trops

  13. Tropical Blue • May be worn when Service Dress Blue is not required and a coat and tie are not more appropriate • Light blue Air Force short sleeve shirt, blue pants or skirt. Tunic overblouse, untucked, may be worn by women • Black socks and shoes • Shoulder boards, name tags, ribbons, qualification devices • Garrison or Combination hat only • V-neck tee-shirt only, no crew neck COMDTINST M 16790 1G I.7

  14. Operational Dress Uniform (ODU) • Worn where any form of Dress Uniform is not required or more appropriate and while commuting • ODU trousers are worn bloused with boots, un-bloused with boat shoes • Uniform sew-on devices will now display a black “A” for Auxiliary • Tucked ODU is authorized for Auxiliary wear until no longer serviceable

  15. ODU Coat (Unisex) • Coast Guard Blue • Proper wear • ODU coat sleeves may not be rolled up except as authorized • If the sleeves are rolled up they shall be done so in prescribed accordion style with only the cuff showing. • Undershirt • Coast Guard dark blue crew neck “T” Shirt • Insignia • Sew-on only, including office and member devices • Last Name and USCG Auxiliary tapes

  16. Operational Dress Uniform (ODU) Accoutrements • Boots, high top, lace up for most occasions • The Boat Shoe is an authorized option for Auxiliarists regardless of the type ODU that is worn (regular or hot weather) • Belt is black web belt with subdued open-faced buckle. • USCG Auxiliary ball cap, or Tilley hat from appropriate source may be worn with ODU COMDTINST M16790.1G H.4

  17. Caps Combination Cap • Can be worn with most uniforms • Men’s and women’s styles Garrison Cap • Can be worn with Tropical Blue, Winter Dress Blue only • With small cap device (left) and small metal office insignia (right) COMDTINST M16790 1G.D.1 COMDTINST M16790 1G.D.2