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  1. KOPICE Resort & SPA

  2. Basic information Kopice is a village situated in Grodków county in the Opole region. The ruins of the oldpalaceare well known as the greatest highlight in the district. In 1360 Kopice was the abode of von Borsnitz descendants and since 1450 it was owned by the von Beess family. In 1534 the place was possessed by the canon of Wroclaw cathedral Baltzazr von Neckern, than subsequently by Jan Henryk Heymann von Rosenthal, Gotfryd von Speatgen and since 1751 by von Sierstorpff, a Silesian family von noblemen. The abode of knights was in 1783 rebuilt and transferred into a residence in a classical style according to the draft of Jan Rudolph, who was a local architect. In 1859 building was purchased by Hans Ulryk von Schaffgotsch and Joanna Grycik vonSchomberg-Godulla. It was then rebuild in 1864 according to the project of Karl Lüdecke from Wroclaw. Due to its richness of style it quickly became famous all over the country.

  3. There are numerous buildings around the castle that don’t belong to ZARMEN and they are: The plan was to incorporate the allotments number 395/2; 395/5 and 395/6 by creating luxury apartments for current residents from the properties listed above. (as described in point 4 below)

  4. The property description Kopice Castle property listing

  5. Legal documents 1. The purchase agreement from 27/06/2008 for allotments: 84/1; 84/2; 84/3 and 84/4. 2. The purchase agreement from 09/07/2008 for allotments: 395/2; 395/5 and 395/6. 3. Permit no 441/N/08 issued by The Monument Restorer in Opole from 25/07/2008 for carrying out the 1st stage of works associated with the Kopice castle reconstruction covering the castle chapel. 4. Permit no 563/N/2008 issued by The Monument Restorer in Opole from 11/09/2008 for the castle security works and the rubble removal. 5. Notification of Land Registration for the allotments 84/1; 84/2’ 84/3 and 84/4 from 28/01/2009. (att. 1) 6. Notification of Land Registration for the allotments 395/2; 395/5 and 395/6 from 28/01/2009. (att. 2)

  6. The plan of the land use The Kopice castle is considered the pearl of the Opole area, which is no wonder consideringthat there are just few other structures like it in Poland. Kopice Resort & Spa were planning to create a Hotel and Congress Centre featuring a spa area and other various leisure facilities. The area of the whole complex was intended to be 260 ha. The Congress Centre would be a5 star hotel with numerous restaurants, a concert hall, and conference and ball rooms.In the surrounding areas the investor has planned a classic and full dimensional golf course structure, as well as a professional horse riding club and a swimming pool complex with both open and covered pools. There were also plans for a tennis club, country club and a professional sports court.An exhibition centre was planned for inside the castle itself. Alandscape park with numerous animal species hasbeen incorporated into the complex area. The investor has planned to buy out all the buildings in the castle’s neighborhood, which formerly belonged to a castle complex and are currently occupied by Kopice residents. The ZARMEN company has proposed to turn them into new luxury apartments, equipped in all the required media. The building of the first block has already started, and the investor was planning the imminent building of the second one.

  7. Attachments 1. Land registration for the allotments 84/1; 84/2; 84/3 and 84/4 2. Land registration for the allotments 395/2; 395/5 and 395/6. 3. Present photos 4. Development project 1 5. Development project 2 6. Kopice – land plan 7. Land development project