wellness part of health resort medicine l.
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Wellness part of Health Resort Medicine ? PowerPoint Presentation
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Wellness part of Health Resort Medicine ?

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Wellness part of Health Resort Medicine ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wellness part of Health Resort Medicine ?. Prof. Dr.med.habil. Dr.rer.nat. Helmut G. Pratzel Academic Director a. D. Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich President of honour of the International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology (I.S.M.H.). Acupressure Acupuncture Alge packages

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Wellness part of Health Resort Medicine ?

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wellness part of health resort medicine

Wellness part of Health Resort Medicine ?

Prof. Dr.med.habil. Dr.rer.nat. Helmut G. Pratzel

Academic Director a. D.

Ludwig-Maximilians-University MunichPresident of honour of the International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology (I.S.M.H.)

which methods are not part of health resort medicine in spas


Alge packages


Bioresonance treatment


Body wrapping

Magnetic field therapy


Oxygen therapy

Ozone therapy

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

Aroma therapy




Fen Shui


Qi Gong



Cellulitis massage

Stone massage

Thai massage

Yumeiho massage


Which methods are not part of health resort medicine in spas?
health resort medicine balneotherapy and climatotherapy
Health Resort Medicine (Balneotherapy and Climatotherapy)
  • Traditional medicine of old centuries
  • Medicine without pharmaceutical products
  • Medicine without instruments
  • Cheapest medicine by use of water, sun, climate and plants.
health resort medicine
Health Resort Medicine
  • use natural healing processes
    • by training of misused possibilities of the human organism
  • The opposite is the artificial healing
    • by use of spare parts for missing functions
    • by use of medicaments
    • by use of surgery
what is equal between wellness and health resort medicine
What is equal between Wellness and Health Resort Medicine
  • Preventive training, that misuses physiologic functions cannot promote diseases.
hufeland and prevention
Hufeland and Prevention
  • „ It is better to prevent diseases than to heal, because the last use always more power followed by shorter period of life.“
possibilities for training


Blood flow


Performance of the heart

Resistance again bacteria and virus

Regulation of body temperature


Skin protection

Pain acceptance


Stress tolerance


Possibilities for training
health is modified
Health is modified
  • 50% by way of life
  • 20% by genes
  • 20% by environment
  • 10% by medicine

Quelle: Barbara Richter IKD Reisen München, Vortrag EUROKUR Wien 1997

wellness philosophy


Health is more than absent of illness.

Health is the situation of quiet physic, mental and social well-being. (WHO)

health is connected with
Health is connected with
  • Self-responsibility
  • Self-control of Nutrition
  • Control of Stress
  • Fitness
  • Sensitivity for the Environment
wellness tasks
Wellness Tasks
  • Active role in public and environment
  • High value of public rules
  • Profession and hobby are lovely
  • Tolerance against others
  • To be true to the own imagine of worth
  • Harmonic life
  • Healthy life
  • Medical self-responsibility
  • Intellectual adaptability
  • Maximum of interests
  • Creativity
  • Optimistic acceptance of life
  • Management of own feelings
regulates for health conscious life by hippocrates and galen
Regulates for health-conscious life by Hippocrates and Galen
  • Cultured relations with light and air, waters and heat, the climate, the ground, the environment.
  • Culture of the meal and drinking, the table-manners and abstinence-regulate.
  • Balanced rhythm of movement and rest, work and leisure time, stress and leisure.
  • Sleeping and waking state oriented at the cosmic rhythms.
  • Culture of the metabolism-processes.
  • Mastery of the passions, economics of the emotion-household, cultured contact with itself.
6 dimensions for wellness
6 Dimensions for Wellness
  • Wellness of the body (fitness, nutrition)
  • Emotional Wellness (sexuality, relations)
  • Intelligent Wellness (creativity, competence)
  • Social Wellness (family, society, environment)
  • Wellness in business (career, professionalism)
  • Spiritual Wellness (worth, ethics)


Wellness is the active process in learning and making decisions for a better quality of life

main task of wellness
Main task of Wellness
  • Wellness should promote long-time effects to stabilise human functional systems and activities
  • Wellness is an artificial word of
    • Wellbeing and Fitness
Wellnepp ?
  • Many Wellness-Studios sell to get much money from the customs non-effective treatments. Those treatments are effective only for short-time fun without any follow-up use. If this is not in connection with other stabilizing treatments, than we say Wellnepp (it’s a rip-off of wellness).
  • It is not easy to stop this trickery business in free market. Only well informed customs are able to decide between effective and non-effective products and may change this business.
misunderstood wellness
Misunderstood Wellness
  • Wellness-cosmetics
  • Wellness-ready-to-serve meals (designer food)
  • Wellness-pans
  • Wellness-design-fireplace
  • Wellness-fat for horseshoes
  • Wellness disco-balls
  • Wellness slipper
  • Tourism with short-time Wellness programs
passive treatments cannot activate or mobilize physiological functions
Passive treatments cannot activate or mobilize physiological functions
  • Massage
  • Smelling baths with soft music
  • Exotic environment with flair and luxury
  • Short break in daily stress
  • Cosmetics
  • Alga packages
statistic of diseases in spas
Statistic of diseases in spas

53 % Locomotoric system

14 % Heart-Circulation-System

13 % Psychosocial problems

5 % Metabolism

5 % Tumours

5 % Respiratory system

5 % Others

low backpain in germany
Low-backpain in Germany

Report of the Wiechert-Institut Tübingen 1993 by more than 18 years old persons

costs of chronic back pain
Costs of chronic back-pain
  • 19892,3 million cases with back-pain 43 million days of illness
  • 1994 45 billion DM for treatment of backbone and back-pain 27 billion DM continued payment of wagesSum of costs 72 billion DM
pain in germany ortho doc 3 2001 issn 1616 3745 magazin f r erkrankungen der bewegungsorgane
Pain in GermanyOrtho doc 3/2001 ISSN 1616-3745, Magazin für Erkrankungen der Bewegungsorgane
  • 32 million human have pain
  • 8 million have chronic pain
  • 30 % have back-pain
  • 20 % rheumatism and arthritis
  • 4/5 of these are capable of gainful employment
  • 20 % of these get pension
  • 48 a mean oldness
  • 62 % female
  • 9 a mean-value of pain
  • 11 doctors consulted without results
the most important tasks of wellness
The most important tasks of Wellness
  • To improve well-being against painful life
  • To improve well-being by strengthening circulation system and heart to get more fitness
  • To improve well-being against smoking and use of alcohol
  • To improve well-being by stabilization stress tolerance
wellness in history

Wellness in History

It ever existed but wrong spelling

wellness of the roman
Wellness of the Roman

Life and geting up by a jung-spring. Holzschnitt nach einem Bild von Hans Sebald Beham

hufeland says to unit of body and soul
Hufeland says to „Unit of body and Soul“
  • „Hope, love, pleasure are so cheering feelings, and nothing certain and common support for way of life and health does exist, than happiness, cheerfulness of soul. This mood of mind maintain the power of life in proper to similar sensitivity, promote digestion and circulation ...“
wellness in period of mythology
Wellness in period of mythology
  • Faith spirit to power of effectiveness has been stimulated by exotic smell and colour
    • by stinky and dirty strong effects in ancient centuries
    • by well-smelling and light-coloured low effects to day
examples for wellness programs in spas to day
Examples for Wellness-programs in spas to day
  • Health training for stretching, strengthening and activation of the body in water
  • Exercise for relaxing and against tenseness
  • Training of circulation system by controlled heart rate
  • Learning of movement by problems with backbone
wellness by kneipp
Wellness by Kneipp
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Herbal treatment
  • Health education
principles of kneipp wellness
Principles of Kneipp-Wellness
  • Unit of body and soul
  • Harmonisation of physic and psychic functions hardening to get lower susceptibility, more resistance and adaptation to be able to meet the demands of one’s life.
  • Information for preservation and to get back health by active and extensive care.
1 hydrotherapy by kneipp
1. Hydrotherapy by Kneipp
  • Water to use as a thermal, chemical and mechanical stimulus of the organism to get useful reactions.
2 exercise by kneipp
2. Exercise by Kneipp
  • Active and passive moving by gymnastic, walking, sports, cycling, swimming to counter act lack of exercise humans to day.
3 nutrition by kneipp
3. Nutrition by Kneipp
  • Nature-adapted nutrition, by use of coarse wholemeal products, fresh foot, products of milk, vitamins, minerals by avoidance of all denatured food and social drugs.
4 herbal treatment by kneipp
4. Herbal treatment by Kneipp
  • Critical use of herbals for health by use of scientific proved knowledge.
kneipp said
Kneipp said:

„Against each illness God had grown a plant.“

prie nitz said
Prießnitz said:

„Not diseases we have to treat, but the patient, its life functions, its intention, its organ function, its excretion and haematinic capability. These are quiet different between patients with same illness and therefore treatments too.“

prie nitz

„To follow the nature and not to force“

general rules of behaviour by prie nitz
General rules of behaviour by Prießnitz
  • To sleep cold by open windows and to have always enough fresh air, that never became sweating.
  • After get out of bed to take a bath, to rub off, to wash and to drink some glass of water. To take an air bath during drying off and moving strong, than walking or working that hands and feet became warm.
  • Breakfast and dinner cold.
  • Much more walking and working outside.
general rules of behaviour by prie nitz41
General rules of behaviour by Prießnitz
  • If anyone became little tired during work or something else, got dizziness or a fright, he should wash the face and rub the feet after a cold feet bath as long as he feel totally warm, and he should after strong tiredness nothing eat.
  • By an upset stomach many water should be drunken, use a thin wet compress on the body, and stay long time in coldness by moderate movement.
general rules of behaviour by prie nitz42
General rules of behaviour by Prießnitz
  • Get out early and go sleeping not to late.
  • Eat simple food and less or no sweeties.
  • Avoid all hot drinks if possible.
  • Do not dress warm at home, go without socks, except on travelling without movement.
general rules of behaviour by prie nitz43
General rules of behaviour by Prießnitz
  • Prießnitz attach importance to warm hands and feet. That shows him an intact thermal regulation system, a precondition to use his cold water treatment.
the gr fenberger prie nitz cure
The Gräfenberger Prießnitz-Cure
  • Sweat compress followed by cold diving bath.
  • Sweat exciting walk followed by a shower or fast-flowing stream.
  • Compresses (Prießnitz-Wickel)
  • Air-sun-bath
  • To walk barefooted
  • To walk in dew
  • Physical training (to saw and to chop wood, to shovel snow)
the gr fenberger prie nitz cure45
The Gräfenberger Prießnitz-Cure
  • Simle nutrition and cold water drinks. Fasting was not used by Prießnitz, because this worn-out patients to much for water treatments. His principle was strengthening
  • Dressing in summer time by light and non restricting clothing.
  • Healthy rhythm in sleeping and waking state, care of thermal functions.