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welcome to mr west s grade 4 class n.
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Welcome to Mr. West’s Grade 4 Class! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Mr. West’s Grade 4 Class!

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Welcome to Mr. West’s Grade 4 Class!
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Welcome to Mr. West’s Grade 4 Class!

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  1. Welcome to Mr. West’s Grade 4 Class!

  2. Expectations - students come prepared to learn each day and have the tools that they need to succeed (good night sleep, breakfast and a positive attitude) - bring pencils and other materials that they need for the school day - check agenda for homework, upcoming events and for communication between school and home

  3. Homework • students should be reading for at least 30 minutes each and every night and including weekends • for math, students can always practise adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing - students can practise their writing each night and review what they have learned each day

  4. Homework - students will not be receiving worksheets on a regular basis, but when something is assigned, it is expected to be returned to school the next day -student workbooks can be found at most bookstores, just look for anything that is based on the grade 4 curriculum -if you have a computer and the internet at home, students can go on Raz Kids for different reading activities

  5. Homework - students should not be doing hours of homework each night, like everyone else, children need a break to have fun and be active - get your children involved in extra curricular activities that may include music, art and sports - discuss issues that are happening in the news and get your children to become global thinkers

  6. Websites - Lancaster is moving towards the future with our school website: http://schools.peelschools.org/1105/Pages/default.aspx - all important dates and events can be found on the website - school expectations and curriculum expectations can also be found there

  7. Websites - our class also has its own website where the above information pertaining to our class can be found - websites and homework directly related to our class and grade 4 can be found there - any announcements and information that directly affects the class can also be found there

  8. Report Cards November Progress Report Curriculum expectations Progress anecdotals...no grades Learning skills February and June Report Card Curriculum expectations Grades Learning skills

  9. Language READING -identify main idea, point of view, author’s message -read a variety of different texts and identify their characteristics -use a variety of reading comprehension strategies before, during and after reading -make inferences using stated and implied evidence -respond to what is read in reading response journals -vocabulary development (read, write, speak, listen)

  10. Language WRITING -summarize texts -organize information into summaries -jot notes for non-fiction information -indentify personal point of view -write a variety of complex texts (report, exposition, persuasive, explanation, narrative, procedure) -proofread, revise and edit their written work -grammar, punctuation, paragraphing

  11. Math NUMBER SENSE AND NUMERATION • place value: ordering, comparing, reading, expanding numbers to 10000 • solving equations and word problems involving adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing using mental math • representing, comparing, ordering fractions and decimals • read, represent, add and subtract money

  12. Math PATTERNING AND ALGEBRA -identify and create growing, shrinking, repeating number patterns -determine the missing number in equation involving multiplication

  13. Math GEOMETRY -identify and descibe2D and 3D shapes and solids -identify benchmark angles -lines of symmetry in 2D shapes -finding objects on a grid system -reflections

  14. Math DATA MANAGEMENT AND PROBABILITY -collect data and conduct surveys -display data in charts, tables and graphs -read and interpret data -demonstrate an understanding of median in data -make predictions during probability experiments

  15. Math MEASUREMENT -area and perimeter -mass and capacity -length, height, distance -develop and understanding of different measurement units -time -temperature

  16. Social Studies CANADA AND WORLD CONNECTIONS -name Canada’s provinces, territories, capital cities, borders and major bodies of water -describe and compare the physical regions of Canada -identify major points on maps

  17. Social Studies HERITAGE AND CITIZENSHIP -describe the social structure of medieval times -aspects of daily life -compare medieval life to their own community -make comparisons between social and environmental concerns of medieval times to similar concerns today -research information about medieval times

  18. Science LIFE SYSTEMS -animal and plant habitats MATTER AND ENERGY -light and sound EARTH AND SPACE SYSTEMS -rocks and minerals STRUCTURES AND MECHANISMS -pulleys and gears

  19. How can I help my child at home? There are so many ways you can help your child become an academically, socially, emotionally and physically well-rounded person. Here are some suggestions that go beyond worksheets, worksheets, worksheets!! -visit the public library -encourage your child to read a variety of texts to themselves and others -find opportunities to use and find math in everyday situations

  20. Helping your child -take your child to the store and encourage them to use mental math to add purchases and make change -review simple math equations on flash cards. Grade 4 students should not be counting on their fingers anymore!! -visit the ROM, the Science Centre, the Toronto Zoo and other places of learning to gather more information about the curriculum -if possible, enrol your child in a team sport or other extra curricular activity for exercise and to develop their social skills Most importantly, praise your child often for their efforts!