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By Nate Gordon, Micha Vargas, and Ian O’Conner. George HW Bush. Foreign Policy and the Gulf War. What do you know about this period of American History?. What was the first political office that George H.W. Bush held? 1: Texas senator 2: Ambassador to the U.N.

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George hw bush

By Nate Gordon, MichaVargas, and Ian O’Conner

George HW Bush

Foreign Policy and the Gulf War

Political background
Political background administration?

  • Texan Senator (1967-1971)

  • U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. (1971-1973)

  • Chairman of the republican national committee (1973-1974)

  • Chief of the Liaison Office to China (1974-1975)

  • Director of central intelligence (1976-1977)

  • 43rd vice president of the united states (1981-1989)

  • 41st president of the united states (1989-1993)

Take on foreign policy and the end of the cold war
Take on foreign policy and the end of the cold war administration?

  • Bush took quite the approach with his characteristic conservatism and pragmatism towards foreign policies (he spent most of his presidency on foreign policies) with the help of Dick Cheney(Secretary of Defense), Brent Scowcroft(National Security Adviser), James baker (Secretary of State), and Colin Powell (chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff). These were the advisers he picked, because he thought they would work well together towards his goals of stability in the world.

  • Bush, also helped to bring about the end of the Cold War. He did this through encouraging the independence of many of the countries in the Soviet Union, bringing down the Berlin wall, and establishing trade relations and strategic arms reduction treaties between the U.S. and soon to be former Soviet Union.

    (any additional Info will be included in the video)

Operation desert storm
Operation desert storm administration?

  • It was a operation that took place in the middle east

  • The operation consisted of forces from Europe, the Middle East, Asia ,South America ,the U.N and North America(United states was the primary lead for this operation)

  • This operation was response to the invasion of Kuwait(Iraq was the aggressor)(oil mostly a 1/5 of the worlds total amount)

  • The operation was a great success, but the oil that Kuwait had was purposely burned by Iraq’s Armed forces

  • The lost of coalition forces are less then 500

The blue represents the forces that were part of this operation

The raid on panama
The Raid on panama administration?

  • The raid started because of panama’s aggression us navy personal

  • 12,000 American troops took place in this operation to take down panama ‘s dictator(Manuel Noriega) down

  • This was a achievement that Reagan did not accomplish back in the 80’s (as he was settling multiple foreign problems at a time)

Clean air act amendments of 1990
Clean air act amendments of 1990 administration?

  • The clean air act was a anti-pollution act that works to eliminate many pollutants (in the air) across the United States of America

  • Stricter regulations on auto-mobiles with the gas emissions that were given off

  • Working towards reductions towards acid rain ( sulfur di-oxide)

  • Phasing out toxic chemicals(such as cfc’s, halons, and carbon tetra-chloride) from distribution factories

  • The E.P.A gains more authority with this act giving them the ability to police and fine for violations against the clean air act

The end
The end administration?