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George H.W. Bush

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George H.W. Bush

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George H.W. Bush

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  1. George H.W. Bush Dylan Dial, Thomas Nolan, Javien

  2. entry task, 1 or 2 riddles of some sorts to get the mind thinking 1) I HAVE ALL YOUR KNOWLEDGE BUT COULD FIT IN YOUR HANDS. WHAT AM I? the answer will be given last during exit task (no cheating no cell phone or computers) 2) THE ANSWER I GIVE IS YES, BUT WHAT I MEAN IS NO. WHAT IS THE QUESTION?

  3. About Bush the Elder. • Born June 12, 1924 • location, Milton Massachusetts • Nicknames, Bush 41, Bush the Elder, Bush I, And Bush Sr. • Graduated from Yale university in 1948 • Bush Excelled in Sports such as basketball and baseball • Middle name: Herbert Walker.

  4. Crash Course

  5. wait he played in basketball and baseball that reminds me of some other athlete that did that too but which one? (clicker response) • A) Kobie Bryant • B) Larry Bird • C)Michael Jordon • D) Dizzy(globetrotters)

  6. Focus QuestionWhat actions Did the united states take abroad during George H.W. bush’s presidency. Foreign policy Domestic problems lead to invasion of panama Saddom Hussein Nelson mandela

  7. Foreign policies and domestic affeirs • george hw'sforeignpolicy platform included support for a stronger economic and political relationship with latin america, especially mexico, and a reduction of involvement in "national building" and other small-scale military engagements The Valdez Spill: The Exxon Valdez oil spill occurred in Prince William Sound, Alaska, on March 24, 1989 As commander-in-chief, Bush orchestrated military operations in Panama, Somalia, and most notably in the Persian Gulf. Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, this found Bush successfully marshaling an international coalition against Iraq. Elsewhere, it was on Bush's watch that the Soviet Union collapsed along with its satellite countries. In the aftermath,

  8. Clicker response Question what president finally passed the clean air act through congress and got it aproved by the state legislatures for the 3rd time? A) Nelson Mandela B) Richard Nixon C) Ranold Reagon D) George H.W. Bush the answer is D

  9. the valdez oil spill • the valdez oil spill help george hw bush creat a following to get him self ellected for president • this also helped him renew and pass the clean air and water act through congress and had it forced to be something that can not be changed

  10. saddam hussein • during president hw bushs term he pulled out a couple classified documents that were released later on that had military plans for a "desert storm" and others like this to stop terrorism, during his presidnecy he was also one of the people who used military force to make saddam forces be surpressed this lead to succesfully nuetrilize sadam later on down the road in December 30, 2006 when he was orded to be hung for crimes against humanity On Sunday 5 November 2006

  11. nelson mandela during his life time nelson mandela was a prisonor when george hw bush was elected for his first term in 1990, George H.W. Bush called Nelson Mandela "a man who embodies the hopes of millions" before meeting in the white house george hw bush help mandela run for presidency in 1994

  12. exit task write a half page response or a small letter saying something that you would have done in the office. riddle answers 1) the brain 2) do you mind? (Click the arrow when in Slide Show mode)

  13. the game....YOU LOST THE GAME.....