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The Browne Family

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The Browne Family - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Browne Family
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  1. The Browne Family B10 Dominic Perkins Amelia Kerswell Sian Davies

  2. The Browne Family. Underlying Issues that the family may be facing. Gina needs more support with the children Robb ( her husband ) has to work away from home fairly often leaving Gina to cope at home. This is made even more stressful for Gina as she is pregnant. Robb and Gina may become attached to the new baby and neglect the other two children, especially Thomas who needs more support. The issue of Gina becoming depressed again, which could affect the whole family’s development. How Gina pregnancy could be monitored. Regular visit from the Mid Wife, to regulate Gina’s health.Especially blood monitoring due to previous complications. Links to mother and baby groups to support Gina after the birth of the baby. Discussions with Claire and Thomas so that they feel included in the arrival of the new baby.

  3. Factors for Thomas • Pros and Cons of special vs mainstream education for Thomas and his family. • Pros: • Thomas would be given the same opportunity as the other children of the same age. • Transport and child care would be the same as his sister. • Opportunities to maximise his cognitive and perceptual skills instead of the focus being on his physical dysfunction. • Cons: • Thomas might not receive the appropriate standard of care for his physical needs at a mainstream school. • He may be affected psychologically by the other children’s perceptions of him. I.e Bullying or stigmatisation. • Thomas’ parents may wish him to go to the mainstream school as it would aid the family to fit into the local society. • Factors Requires for successful inclusion into mainstream school. • Education for teachers to provide appropriate care, providing aids and equipment, knowledge of condition. • Education for the other school children, I.e impact Thomas will have in the classroom. • Thomas needs to be aware of what is available to him, • Thomas should be included in the class and the activities and not singled out because of his condition.

  4. Goal Planning • Postnatal situation. • Gina as the main carer in the family may not be able to care for her family as she did before. This may be passed onto her other children. • Short Term Goal. • Carer for the family to help with the chores and daily running of the household. Leaving Gina more time to spend with the children. • Advise Robb of the situation, that perhaps it would be helpful him to work closer to the home, providing more support for Gina. • Gina to see her doctor for her depression • Medium Term Goal. • To try to understand why Claire is truanting. • For Gina and Robb to receive advise on which school is most appropriate for Thomas. • Long Term Goal. • To improve Thomas’ development to avoid problems with the other children. • To provide support for Claire to prevent further truanting. • To maintain a stable family background for Gina and her family.

  5. Professional Intervention • Professional involved with the case. • Social worker, Educational Psychologist, community nurse ( to monitor Thomas development.) Speech and Language Therapist so assist Thomas with his speech and his swallowing control. Physiotherapist to assist with Thomas’ mobility.. Community Mental Health Nurse for Gina’s depression. • Resources and Agencies to help meet the families needs. • Youth club for Claire. • Sports activities for Thomas.Cubs or Scout or any other social groups to increase interaction with peers • Escort for Thomas to take him to his clubs, this will allow Gina more time with other tasks. • Mother and baby group for Gina. • Carer for the family, to assist in smooth running. • Advantages and potential Disadvantages of multi-professional intervention. • Pros: • More holistic and outcome . • Focus is on the whole family rather than just Thomas • Cons: • Could be disruptive to the family with too many professionals. • Cost • Professional overlap, could be confusing for the family. • Factors that promote effective multi-professional teamwork. • Understanding of each other’s profession and the skills they bring to the case. • Collaborative team work • More generic relevance to the situation.