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Case study. Rosario Rosales Guillermo Estrada / Second Grade. Background Information. Name: Guillermo Estrada Date of Report: 5/4/10 Grade: 2 Dates of Testing: Feb- April Age: 8 yrs. old School: Audelia Creek Parents: Hispanic Family Examiner: Rosario Rosales

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Case study

Case study

Rosario Rosales

Guillermo Estrada / Second Grade

Background information
Background Information

Name: Guillermo Estrada Date of Report: 5/4/10

Grade: 2 Dates of Testing: Feb- April

Age: 8 yrs. old School: Audelia Creek

Parents: Hispanic Family Examiner: Rosario Rosales

Guillermo lives with his parents, brother Eduardo, and baby sister Mia. Parents are very involved in Guillermo and Eduardo’s academically progress. Guillermo was kept in second grade this school year to help him with the language barrier. After assessing Guillermo using the Running Records and using different level books, the best level with out frustration was level M.

Tests adminstered
Tests Adminstered

  • Running Records

  • Quick Phonics Screener

  • High Frequency Word Knowldege

  • Blending Sounds Test

  • Phonemic Segmentation Test

  • Reading Attitute Survey

  • Form A Sentences for Initial Passage Selection Level 3

Tests administered
Tests Administered

  • Running Records

    • Areas of Assessment: Fluency, Phonics, and Comprehension

    • Guillermo read the book The Mitten by Jan Brett, level M

    • 150 words from the book .

    • 10 errors out of the 150 words from text.

    • Structure Errors: Visual Errors:

    • Wood / Wool are- great- argue/argue/SC pullest/ pulled

    • Kite / knit

    • soon / sound

    • Meaning Errors: Self- Corrected Errors:

    • Have/ gave Say/ Saw/ SC

    • Shine/ Shinny /SC

    • lost/ lots/SC

Tests administered1
Tests Administered

  • Quick Phonics Screener

    • This assessment was intended to assess Guillermo’s knowledge of letter sounds in isolation and in words. Guillermo achieve high scores on most of the parts except, in Silent E.

      • Silent E in list

        • Guillermo missed 8/10 words

          • nice and vote were correct

          • mole, nite, doze, fate, ripe, cave, tile, cane, were incorrect by pronouncing words as if he was speaking Spanish.

Tests administered2
Tests Administered

  • Form A Preprimer: Level 3 Big Bad Wolf- 235 words

    • Part 1 Silent Reading Comprehension: 3 questions missed= Too hard

    • For example: What did Mr. Wolf do after entering the house? ( began to warm himself and changed into a nightgown.) His response: Read the note and saw his granny.

    • Oral Reading Accuracy- 2 errors= Adequate Ex: student/sudden Visual Error

    • Word Attack Behaviors- Mispronunciation (invents word substitution), Repeats, Attempts to self-correct, and sounds out.

    • Oral Reading Fluency= Guillermo was reading word by word.

    • Guillermo did not continue to the next reading passage.

Instructional goals
Instructional Goals

  • Writing:

    • Guillermo needs to practice writing legibly and leaving proper spacing to make it easier to read.

      • At the end of the practicum Guillermo was aware of writing and leaving spaces.

  • Reading:

    • Increase Comprehension of text.

    • Guillermo’s comprehension increased week after week of lessons his decoding improved.

      • He will benefit from direct instruction on applying prediction strategies through reading predictable stories and using pictures for clues.


  • There are many areas of literacy that Guillermo needs to strengthen. I established some goals after the third lesson plan and continue working on them until the last practicum. Guillermo needs:

    • Reading Fluency: Repeated readings, buddy reading, and guided oral reading.

    • Reading Comprehension: Interactive read alouds, story grammar instruction, oral retelling of comprehension.

    • Phonics: Explicit phonics instruction, Word boxes, Letter sound cards, Making words: CVC Generalization, VCE (final E).


  • Guillermo has made adequate progress in overall reading ability, but he needs more emphasis on phonics, he also substitutes words instead of attempting to decode. Guillermo always shows a positive attitude towards reading and willingness to work on any assigned activity. I believe all the assessments used for this case study helped me identify my students’ reading needs. It was a truly great experience to learn from Guillermo Estrada.