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Algebra I
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Algebra I

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  1. Algebra I Algebra I in Room 911 with Ms. Papenfus Please answer the questions written on the white board. Write your answers on the paper inside the folder on your desk. Begin this assignment immediately. Thank you!

  2. Consequences Friendly warning Name on white board and change seats Check mark next to name Conference with Teacher Referral to office (stays on your permanent record)

  3. My Peculiar Name It’s ok to mispronounce it! It’s ok to call me Ms. P instead. I will teach you how to say it.

  4. Relax! First days of school can be stressful I am here to help Lots of other people are here to help Everyone else is nervous too!

  5. About Your Teacher I have two daughters. Jessica Emily

  6. About Your Teacher Jessica had a son on July 6th. His name is Ethan.

  7. About Your Teacher He’s really cute.

  8. About Your Teacher Really, really cute.

  9. About Your Teacher This is my 8th year teaching. Before this, I taught 7th grade at Challenger Middle School. I have a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree, both from the U of A.

  10. About Your Teacher Look around the room. Can you guess who my superhero is? I know that some of you are seeing me for the second time today because you have me for ECCAPP. Please do the remaining tasks anyway, because you are introducing yourself to the rest of the class as well as to me. Maybe you can think of two better truths and a lie!

  11. About YOU Now I would like to hear about each of you. Please tell me about the answers you wrote when you came in to class. What is your name? Do you have a nickname or another name you go by? Where did you go to middle school? Tell me three things about you that are unique or special. Complete the sentence: I think high school will be… Complete the sentence: I am nervous about…

  12. Two Truths and a Lie Directions: On the other side of your paper, you will be writing two things about you that are true, and one thing about you that is a lie. When everyone is finished, we will take turns telling the rest of the class our two truths and a lie. The rest of the class will decide which one they think is a lie. Then, you will tell us whether or not we got it right. I’ll go first, but I am going to give you a couple of minutes to think of your two truths and a lie.

  13. Two Truths and a Lie I have completed 3 half-marathons. (13.1 miles each) I met Michelle Obama at Whole Foods last year. My family has been in Arizona for 5 generations. Which is the lie?

  14. How well do you follow directions? Following directions is essential to success! Most of the time, directions are either verbal or written. Verbal directions are spoken to you out loud; written directions are the kind you see on a worksheet or test. Right now we will test your ability to follow verbal directions. This is your first assignment and it’s worth 10 points – but don’t worry! I will give you all 10 points, as long as you stay on task and do your best. It’s ok if you miss some.

  15. Time is almost up… Please write your first and last name on the tab of the folder. I will use this folder to keep records of how you are doing in this class. Please do this even if you are in my ECCAPP class.

  16. Have a great first day! Please pass your folders up to the front. Leave the piece of paper inside it. Please stay seated until you are dismissed.