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Performance monitoring

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Performance monitoring
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Performance monitoring

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  1. Performance monitoring Performance monitoring meeting, Rome (Italy), 05-02-2003 Nicolas Simar, Network Engineer DANTE

  2. Metric definition Singleton - Accuracy - cfr website • OWD - 1ms • OWPL - Order? • IPDV - 1ms • Re-ordering • Two definitions at IETF • Interresting to histogram per “level of re-ordering”

  3. Metric definition Singleton - Accuracy - cfr website • RTT - 1ms • for backward compatibility with existing systems • Measurement should be done between two points for ... (when service available) • IPv4 and IPv6 • BE, Premium and LBE • a fixed packet size for continuous measurement (which one?) • a packet size specified for requested measurement

  4. What do we want to present to who? • End user (over which period of time: 1min - 5min?) • current metric value (time scale?) • metric history (as well as traceroute history) • Planning • same as end-user • should be able to access raw data • NOC • same as planning • should be able to see the packets incoming in real time • should be able to monitor a particular session • should be able to set up a new session

  5. Statistics • Do we want to exchange statistics or raw data between domains? • Which statistics do we want to provide (which ones are the most useful?) • Average, SDR (does it work on any sampling methods) • Average max, average, average min • Absolute max, min • Over which period? • For one given packet size in continuous mode

  6. Statistics • Statistic showed and exchanged between domains on which time scale (1min - 5 min)? • Statistics additivity/concatenation across several domains? • Statistics accuracy across several domains?

  7. Sampling • How do we want to sample? • Relationship between singleton and sampling to achieve which statistics? • How to get a “burst” similar to what Steve was mentionning? (via Poisson? Pre-defined pattern?) • via Poisson? Pre-defined pattern? • What is the RIPE behavior? • How often? • Who can study it, is doing it? • How works Poisson?

  8. Logical Model Domain central tool

  9. Logical Model

  10. Inter domain communication Data exchange • Need to have a standardise way of exchanging data between domain • see what IPPM is doing • see what e2epi is doing • anything else? • Requests and message format should be understood by every domain.

  11. Inter domain communication Inter domain measurement • Need to have a standardise way of measuring the metrics, measurement point compatibility • see what IPPM is doing • anything else? • Need to have a defined packet structure.

  12. Domain central tool Functions descriptions - 1st draft • Communication module • with other domains and domain web-interface • check message format validity, authentication, request info to “request analysor” and send the result

  13. Domain central tool Functions descriptions - 1st draft • Request “analysor” module • receive a information request from communication module • check if this data is available in the domain • if yes, ask to the “path finder” module from which Point of measurement (PM) the data should come from. • ask to the “data recuperator” to retrieve data (either in a centralised DB, in a distributed DB or on the PM itself) • send information requested to communication module.

  14. Domain central tool Functions descriptions - 1st draft • Path finder module • receive a information request from communication module • check according to the information received from the request “analysor” module which PMs and which domain ingress-egress are involved on the path and send back this information • module should be linked to a network representation either via a database or to some routing information • some parts of this module are model specific • Quite challenging part :-)

  15. Domain central tool Functions descriptions - 1st draft • Data “recuperator” module • consists of several module to retrieve the data, up to one per type of information having to be retrieved (these modules are domain specific)

  16. IPv6 requirements -> Gabriella • Talking for xxx

  17. Date storage in a domain • Raw data distributed in PM • Central database (to avoid too frequent access to MPs) • Statistics (statistics over which period of time, which statistics) • raw data (database size)

  18. Measurement box wish list • Wish list • by mid March • any contribution/advices/help welcome • metric, parameters, sampling, security, data storage, data accessibility, future evolution, accessibility, price, additional measurements, real time access of packet, 2 NIC (one for measurement, one to access data), scalability, else?

  19. Concept test • Need of at least three consecutive domains having partially implemented PMs • concept validation • software being build on top of it (DANTE has resources)

  20. Miscelaneous • Henk answers • DANTE to investigate cost of GPS installation or to receive PPS signal in PoPs (by mid March) • Interest by a phone/video-conference every two week to discuss status of work • new mailing list with history feature (thanks to SWITCH :-) • Contact e2epi to see if both systems can be bridged

  21. Miscelaneous • Investigate more in depth with GRID to see if work can be shared • Investigate which NRENs are interested (more than an intellectual interest ;-) by the concept to get their input • Investigation of graphical representation

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