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“Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost. TP-CASTT. Title: Nothing can stay forever, nothing good ever lasts, money doesn’t grow on trees. T = Title (before we read).

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Presentation Transcript

T title before we read

Title: Nothing can stay forever, nothing good ever lasts, money doesn’t grow on trees

T = Title (before we read)

Read the poem

Nature's first green is gold, money doesn’t grow on treesHer hardest hue to hold. Her early leafs a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay.

Read the poem

P paraphrase literal meaning

  • Nature's first green is gold, money doesn’t grow on trees

    = nature in spring gives the brightest green

  • Her hardest hue to hold.

    = this green doesn’t stay green for long

  • Her early leafs a flower;

    = spring gives us flowers first

  • But only so an hour.

    = but not for very long

P = Paraphrase (literal meaning)

Paraphrase cont d

  • Then leaf subsides to leaf. money doesn’t grow on trees

    = then leaves merely stay leaves

  • So Eden sank to grief,

    = just like Eden was overcome with sadness

  • So dawn goes down to day.

    = just like the sunrise merely becomes a day

  • Nothing gold can stay.

    = nothing amazing can last

Paraphrase, cont’d.


Alliteration money doesn’t grow on trees – Ex) “her hardest hue to hold”

Effect: catches your attention, gives vivid description, rhythmic flow.

Personification – Ex) “nature…her”, “Eden sank”

Effect: adds detail, makes interesting, helps us visualize nature as a person with feelings/weaknesses.

Rhyme – Ex) leaf/grief, day/stay, flower/hour

Effect: rhythmic flow, organizes poem, completes the line, more fun to read, gives more life

Imagery – Ex) green, gold, leaf, flower, dawn, day, Eden, sank, early, hour

Effect: helps paint a picture in mind, helps you understand it, emotions become concrete, adds supporting details


Attitude tone

Save for “Shaping Sheet” money doesn’t grow on trees

Attitude (tone)

Shifts how the poem changes

1. “But…” – We may see beauty BUT it only lasts a short while.

2. “Then…” – shows time passing

3. “So…” – shows effect

Shifts (how the poem changes)

Title interpret

“Nothing Gold Can Stay” – short while.meaning is… seasons changing, beauty/time changes form, beauty can’t stay forever, seasons change just like peoples’ idea of beauty

Title (interpret)

Theme message of poem

What the poem might be about… short while.

Be thankful for what you have; it won’t last long.

Some moments in our lives have beauty, while others are dull.

Like the seasons, beauty will come and go.

Theme (message of poem)

Shaping sheet poetry analysis

You will create a shaping sheet for an analysis of the tone of “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

A shaping sheet is a prewriting graphic organizer that arranges the major parts of an essay

You will NOT be writing an essay, just planning one!

Shaping sheet – poetry analysis

Thesis statement

  • A thesis is a general sentence with a of “Nothing Gold Can Stay”subjectand an opinion (also called commentary).

    Example: In the poem “Dreams,” Langston Hughescreates an urgent tone through the use of metaphor.

Thesis statement

Thesis statement1

Use this stem: of “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

In the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” Robert Frost creates a _________ tone through the use of _____________ .

(think about imagery, word choice, alliteration, metaphor, rhyming words, etc.)

Thesis statement

Concrete detail commentary

This is the backbone of the body paragraphs. of “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

Concrete Detail - Use quotes from the poem as evidence to support your opinion.

Commentary – This explains how the Concrete Detail relates to your thesis. It explains why the quote is so important and how it supports your argument.

Concrete detail & Commentary


  • I. of “Nothing Gold Can Stay”Thesis statement: In the poem “Dreams,” Langston Hughes creates an urgent tone through the use of metaphor.

  • II. Body Paragraph:

    Concrete Detail #1: “life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly”

    Commentary 1:The comparison of a life and a bird unable to fly creates the idea that if we do not remember our dreams, then our lives will cease to become what we want them to become.

    Commentary 2: This metaphor creates a sense of urgency for the reader in remembering his/her own dreams, and not forgetting what he/she wants to become.