wp1 jra1 towards a theory of internet science n.
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WP1: JRA1 - Towards a Theory of Internet Science PowerPoint Presentation
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WP1: JRA1 - Towards a Theory of Internet Science

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WP1: JRA1 - Towards a Theory of Internet Science - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WP1: JRA1 - Towards a Theory of Internet Science. Kavé Salamatian UoS. JRA1 Vision. Building solid multidisciplinary foundations for Internet Sciences From human behaviour related sciences (sociology, anthropology, economics, etc.)

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Presentation Transcript
jra1 vision
JRA1 Vision
  • Building solid multidisciplinary foundations for Internet Sciences
    • From human behaviour related sciences (sociology, anthropology, economics, etc.)
    • ICT-based tools such as computer systems and network protocols
    • ‘hard’ sciences (e.g. mathematics, physics and biology)
  • Leverage on similarities and differences among different types of networks
    • expand the fundamental rules and principles applicable to large classes of networks, and enable predictions on network phenomena.
  • Follow a reflexive theoretical framework characterised by the interplay between questions of ontology and epistemologyand questions of social and economic value.
    • the first set of questions will address the challenge of communicating not just across different disciplines but across different epistemologies,
    • the second set of questions will draw from the field of economic anthropology to seek the right balance between the ‘base’ or ‘commons’ and the market in the context of the online knowledge economy and of the emerging cultural forms of the Future Internet.
  • Become a major focus point of the NoE, by interacting with other JRAs and providing some fundamental insight about their specific activities and in return getting major inputs nurturing the discussion on fundamental issues.


achievements over jra1
Achievements over JRA1
  • T1.1 An economics’ theory for information networks
    • Lead: Warwick and CERTH
    • Work on relations between Urban Planning, networks and behavioral economics
    • Several works on analysis of pricing and economical models for inter-domain and network interconnections.
    • Definition of a framework for Pricing in Future Internet Information-Centric networks
    • Activities in the area of regulations of Future Internet and Internet of Things.


achievements over jra11
Achievements over JRA1
  • T1.2 Understanding the structure and the evolution of communication network topologies
    • Lead: Delft and KNAW
    • Work on Graph-theoretic challenges in Internet science
      • Deliverable D1.2
      • Graph property testing
      • Graph-basedschema matching networks
      • Geometricembeddingsoflargegraphs
      • Spectraoflargenetworks
      • Limits ofstatic and dyadicgraph-basedmodeling
        • Hypergraphs
        • DynamicGraphs
      • Centralityand intelligent Internetattacks
      • InferenceoftheInterneteconomicstructure


achievements over jra12
Achievements over JRA1
  • T1.3 Fundamental basis of large-scale autonomous and dynamic information networks
    • Lead : ALB
  • Major contribution to the summer school
    • the emergence of networks
  • Laying scientific foundations for adaptive, interdependent, unpredictable, nonlinear, and dynamic networks
    • non-markovian reaction-diffusions equations with non-exponentially distributed waiting time (e.g., sub-diffusive transport) where memory effects in the diffusive transport process causes a nontrivial coupling/non-separable combination between diffusion and reaction in the equations governing the evolution of the densities, and
    • kinetic mesoscopic equations (in particular, the Vlasov-Fokker-Planck (VFP) equation
  • Study of the evolving dynamics of the Internet layered architecture: innovation, net neutrality and the interdependence of structure and function
    • Joint activity between two partners


achievements over jra13
Achievements over JRA1
  • T1.4 Collective network intelligence
    • Lead : EPFL, UoA
      • Works on understanding how models from cognitive psychology can be used to design data dissemination solutions for opportunistic networks.
      • Two collective intelligence cases
        • Intelligent parking
        • Medical networks


  • Deliverables
    • D 1.2 on Work on Graph-theoretic challenges in Internet science
  • Publications
    • More than 40 papers related to WP1
  • Cross-disciplinary work happening already
    • Several papers
  • Preparation of the Interdisciplinary Workshop on Decision Making and the Internet
  • Strong presence of JRA1 in summer school


decision making and the internet workshop
Decision Making and the Internet Workshop
  • Main scientific topics
    • Interdisciplinary analysis of decisions made on or over the Internet
      • How to decide in high-speed environments in which people are exposed to complex floods
        • Needs the formalisms of different disciplines (esp. economics, psychology, sociology
      • Cognitive framing
        • target for manipulation or surveillance.
    • The Internet as a shared (among disciplines) object of scientific enquiry and the implications for scientific and analytic decision making
      • Blind men and elephants or discipline-centredmodels metaphors (e.g. complex adaptive systems, epidemiological or ecological models, agent-based methods)
      • Applied sciences (e.g. medicine) vs pure sciences
      • Deciding when and how to pursue interdisciplinarity: does the interactive, shared and ‘unstovepiped’ nature of the Internet itself force a particular form of interdisciplinarity (e.g. like Systems Biology)?
      • Interrelation through the notion of design  
  • The workshop will be held in Oxford University on November 2014,
    • co-organized by Tamas David-Barrett (OXF), Panayotis Antoniadis (ETH), Jonathan Cave (UW), and Frances Griffiths (UW).


links with other activities
Links with other activities
  • Links with other JRAs
    • JRA2 –participation in JRA2 workshop
    • JRA3 – needs stronger links
    • JRA4 – Regulation of Inter-domain routing
    • JRA5 – Economics of privacy, privacy preservation techniques
    • JRA6 – Community detection
    • JRA7 – Relation with Task 1, 2 and 3
  • Response to the EINS open call(March 2013)
    • Research in the context of collective awareness platforms
      • partners: University of Florence-Italy, University of Cardiff-Wales
    • Research in the context of cognitive heuristics
      • partner: Max Plank Institute – Germany
      • Partners : LSE, TU Delft and UH.
  • Links with external activities
    • Wellcome Trust small grant: Society and Ethics programme.
      • Title: Impact of lay-controlled digital social networks on health and health systems
      • Partners : Warwick, UoS


internet science roadmap
  • Major challenges
    • Understanding human behavior in ICT-mediated communications
      • Behavioral Economics
    • Understanding emergence of network
      • Crowd-sourcing, incentives, structure
    • Collective intelligence emergence support
      • How to help in emergence of collective intelligence
    • Economical theory of information
      • Is information that is monezitable or money is just information !


future plans
Future Plans
  • Stronger interaction with other JRAs
  • JRA1Workshop on Decision making in third year
  • White paper on Internet Science challenges
  • Forthcoming deliverables
    • D1.4.2Outcome of the Interdisciplinary Workshop on Decision Making, 36M
    • D1.5 Roadmap on developing the fundamental basis of autonomous and dynamic complex networks 24M
      • Work has begun but is delayed and will be ready soon