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Purdue ARMY Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) PowerPoint Presentation
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Purdue ARMY Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)

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Purdue ARMY Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)
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Purdue ARMY Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)

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  1. Purdue ARMY Reserve Officers Training Corps(ROTC) Scholar-Athlete-Leader

  2. Reserve Officer’s Training Corps is: The only real leadership development class in college An elective curriculum you take along with your required college classes A practical and hands on training experience A challenging yet fun experience for all cadets A chance for cadets to lead peers and discover their strengths An opportunity to secure full or part-time employment after college. What is Army ROTC?

  3. Cadet Life Zero Week Classroom Instruction leadership lab PT Field Training Exercises ROTC clubs Army Schools Wear uniform on Tuesdays Socializing in the cadet lounge Strong social relationships Cadet Life

  4. College Life Attend classes Purdue clubs Social functions Campus activities Sporting events Part-time job College Life

  5. Equipment Issue PT Test Freshman Orientation Mentorship Callout Club Callouts Cook Out Zero Week

  6. Rappelling Land Navigation Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM) Squad Battle Drills Combat Water Survival Training Leadership Labs

  7. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 0600 PT Test Road Marches Platoon PT Battalion Runs Ability Group Runs Tri-Service Run Physical Training

  8. Confidence Course Land Navigation BRM Rappelling Road Marches Field Leaders Reaction Course Field Training Exercise

  9. Ranger Challenge - high intensity PT and skills competition Ranger Company - advanced infantry tactics Purdue Drill Team - precision drill and honor guard for Purdue sporting events Rifle Team - fires in competition matches Clubs

  10. “Hooah!” Training Jump School Air Assault School Mountain Warfare School Northern Warfare School Robin Sage Army Schools

  11. Scholarship recipients have 8-year service obligation upon commissioning 4 years Active/Guard or Reserve 4 years IRR (Inactive Army) Available scholarships 4-year Federal (not counting Nurses) 3-year Campus Based 3&1/2 year Campus Based Multiple 2-year scholarships (both in-state and out-of-state) What’s covered? Tuition Books Stipend that rises to $500/month as an MSIV cadet Monthly tax-free check Reserve Duty and National Guard Scholarships 2-year Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD) 3-year Indiana Guard Dedicated Scholarship with drill pay and monthly tax-free stipend Scholarship Opportunities

  12. ROTC Progression College Career PES 114-R all 4 Years Freshman Senior Sophomore Junior MSL 401/2 & Lab 4 Credits MSL 101/2 & Lab 2 Credits MSL 301/2 & Lab 4 Credits MSL 201/2 & Lab 3 Credits Basic Advance Basic Advance Graduate & Commission LDAC NSTP CTLT CPFT LTC ACCT SMP CPFT 4 Yr Jr. ROTC Basic / AIT Equivalent to Basic Course

  13. Any fees or scrubs covered by ROTC Receive all book money Fall Semester ($900) NCLEX practice course and exam covered Mentored by Brigade Nurse Counselor Summer training after Warrior Forge Milestone Recognition Items (MRI) Stethoscope PDA (palm pilot) Nursing

  14. Serve in National Guard and be ROTC cadet Training: Two year program (Junior and Senior year) Attend Basic Training and AIT Drill: work as assistant to chain of command Carry out 2nd Lieutenant duties On-the-job training NOT deployable Commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant in either the Active Army, National Guard, or Army Reserve Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)

  15. National Guard Financial Benefits 100% tuition (Indiana residents only) $10,000 accession bonus MGIB $297.00 & MGIB Kicker $350.00 Monthly ROTC stipend $300-$500 E-5/SGT pay-$226.00 monthly Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty Available United States Army Reserve Beneficial option for out-of-state students Same as National Guard SMP program Up to $20,000 for enlistment SMP Financial Benefits

  16. Where will I work? What will I do? How much will I get paid? What are the benefits? How do I sign up? Important Questions

  17. Army CONUS Stations

  18. Army After College

  19. Payment by EFT every 2 weeks Pay raises every year, with every promotion, and at every 2nd year of service mark Monthly Pay = Base + Housing (BAH) + Subsistence (BAS) Housing is provided on base for all, in exchange for BAH, if you choose. Free tax return assistance/filing Free legal aid (wills, powers of attorney) http://militarypay.defense.gov/pay/bp/index.html Retirement Pay – 50% ++ Financial (Active Duty)

  20. Base Pay(Active Duty, 2012 rates) Pay raise each year (2% - 3% usually) Officer promotions usually occur at years 2, 4, 8, 16

  21. Drill Pay(for one weekend, 2012 rates) Soldiers usually are paid the full drill pay for one weekend of drill. This usually occurs 10-11 times each year. In the summer, NG/AR Soldiers usually attend a two-week Annual Training, or “AT”, and are paid for two weeks of active duty

  22. Housing (BAH) Different rates for single, married, dual-military BAH varies based on location (more for expensive areas) Example: BAH for Purdue is $1095 for married 2LT, $966 for a single 2LT. Add ~ $300 in New York, or $900 for Hawaii Subsistence (BAS) $223 for officers, $324 for enlisted Your salary as a new 2LT in the Summer of 2014 would be approx $55,000, with only 2/3 of that taxed, and no health expenses (so add ~ $10,000) Other Recurring Payments

  23. Family Separation - $250 for month for each month separated Hazardous Duty Pay - $150+ Imminent Danger Pay - $225 Aviation Pay Health Professional Pay Dive Pay, Jump Pay Language Proficiency Combat Zone Tax Exclusion (no federal taxes) Savings Plan while deployed (earn 10%) Recruiter Pay Clothing Allowance (officers – once, $400; enlisted – annually) Temporary Duty Pay (travel, lodging, meals) Dislocation Allowance (= BAH++) Do-it-yourself (DITY) moves (gov’t moves you free) http://www.military.com/benefits/military-special-pay Special Pay

  24. Active Duty 30 Days paid vacation a year (max 60 days) Advanced civil schooling Military schooling Annual pay raises Promotional pay raises Career progression Family medical / dental health and life insurance Travel PX and Commissary benefits Reserve Duty One weekend a month Two weeks during the summer Steady income Hold a variety of civilian careers Promotional pay raises Military schools Financial support to continue higher education Possibility of Active Guard Reserve Duty PX and Commissary benefits Army Benefits

  25. Army Branches Operations Support Maneuver Fires and Effects Health Services Force Sustainment Armor Infantry Quartermaster Corps Adjutant General Corps Chemical Corps Military Intelligence Medical Services Field Artillery Aviation Finance Ordnance Corps Nurse Corps Air Defense Corps of Engineers Signal Corps Military Police Nurse Corps Transportation

  26. Interested??? For more information: Sergeant Kevin Connolly (765) 494-9397 klconnol@purdue.edu Purdue Army ROTC webpage: http://www.purdue.edu/armyrotc/