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Harmonisation Working Group. HWG Workshop, Tuesday 26 October, 2010, Grand Canal Hotel, Grand Canal Street, Dublin 4. Hotel Website. HWG Agenda. MCR1024 – Global Aggregation V2.1. Global Aggregation

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Harmonisation working group
Harmonisation Working Group

HWG Workshop,

Tuesday 26 October, 2010,

Grand Canal Hotel,

Grand Canal Street,

Dublin 4.

Hotel Website

Mcr1024 global aggregation v2 1
MCR1024 – Global Aggregation V2.1

  • Global Aggregation

    • CER request for Retail Market implementation of recent SEM Committee decision on Global Aggregation (Option E)

    • Requested implementation date for ROI to coincide with next Wholesale Schema release (April 2011)

    • NI expect to implement Global Aggregation at or around the time of the Enduring Solution go-live

    • DR updated for comments and clarifications from last HWG

  • At today’s Meeting

    • For Approval

Dr0175 wp 18 token meters v4 0
DR0175 – WP 18 (Token Meters) V4.0

  • WP18 (Token Meters)

    • Re-versioned to reflect outputs from recent Market Workshops on Token Meters / Budget Controllers and supplier comments, feedback and clarifications around last HWG

  • At today’s Meeting

    • For Approval to MCR

Mcr0178 treatment of supplier unit excess of gen over demand v1 0
MCR0178 – Treatment of Supplier Unit Excess of Gen over Demand V1.0

  • Change Request

    • Allow positive values in 590 and 596 MMs to show excess of Supplier Unit generation over demand

    • Remove manual work items arising for MRSO and SMO

  • At today’s Meeting

    • For Approval

Es project update
ES Project Update Demand V1.0

  • ES Project Requirements Review

    • Status update

    • Required timelines for approval of current workload

  • Expected Outputs from Today

    • Advancement of 15 DRs to MCRs

    • Approval of 4 New DRs

Review of ni es project drs
Review of NI ES Project DRs Demand V1.0

  • MCRs with updates since DR approved at last HWG

    • MCR 1011 V2.0 (Use of 507/C) – wording change (to be withdrawn)

    • MCR 1012 V2.0 (Removal of 303R) – clarification

    • MCR 1023 V2.0 (Est. Reads for COLE) – clarification

  • MCRs unchanged since DR approved at last HWG

    • MCR 1003 V2.0 (Additional Codes)

    • MCR 1004 V2.0 (Use of MCC on 010 MM)

    • MCR 1006 V2.0 (Retain MPRN on change of Voltage from LV to HV)

    • MCR 1009 V2.0 (Removal of Cleansed Address indicator)

    • MCR 1010 V2.0 (Hold COS Requests until Old Supplier FW done)

    • MCR 1013 V2.0 (Removal of agg. to tariff and MCC level)

    • MCR 1014 V2.0 (Change of format for DUOS and Supplier invoices)

    • MCR 1015 V2.0 (Removal of field name “PostCodeMPA”)

    • MCR 1016 V2.0 (MM for Ungrouped UMS) – clarification

    • MCR 1017 V2.0 (Change Keypad Meter Configuration)

    • MCR 1018 V2.0 (Allow Supplier readings after 12 months)

    • MCR 1022 V2.0 (Removal of EAC/AAC effective dates from Data Agg Logs)

Review of ni es project drs1
Review of NI ES Project DRs Demand V1.0

  • New DRs arising since last HWG

    • DR 1029 V1.0 (Change of Supplier Appointment Booking)

    • DR 1030 V1.0 (Read Single Rate Keypad Meters)

    • DR 1031 V1.0 (Change of COS for Keypad Registration)

    • DR 1032 V1.0 (Alignment of Meter Configuration Codes)

Dr1029 v1 0 cos appointment booking
DR1029 Demand V1.0V1.0 - COS Appointment Booking

  • Change Request

    • Northern Ireland Suppliers will use the appointment web-site to view available appointment slots and then include an Appointment Date and Appointment Time Slot on the appropriate fieldwork or registration request

    • Affects messages:

      • 010 - Registration Request (Change of Supplier)

      • 017 - Meter Point Status Change Request

      • 030 - Meter Works Request

      • 252 - Special Read Request

  • At today’s Meeting

    • Approval to MCR

Dr1030 v1 0 read single rate keypad meters
DR1030 Demand V1.0V1.0 – Read Single Rate Keypad Meters

  • Change Request

    • All keypad meters will be read as part of the read cycle schedule

    • The routine for estimating consumption has been harmonised with the RoI market. This routine will use reading history to validate all readings (keypad and credit). It will:

      • generate high-low tolerance values against which actual readings will be validated

      • estimate consumption where actual readings cannot be obtained

  • At today’s Meeting

    • Approval to MCR

Dr1031 v1 0 change to cos registration for keypad
DR1031 – Demand V1.0V1.0Change to COS Registration for Keypad

  • Change Request – revised COS process

    - New Supplier sends in MM 010 (CoS) Registration for a Keypad Meter (no physical metering changes are required)

    - Supplier provides closing reads on 010

    - NIE system automatically sends CoS update to PRI through an interface (which will include the MPRN and New Configuration details)

    - PRI automatically performs the CoS on the customer record (it is proposed to remove the Retained Credit process)

    - Supplier has obligation to inform customer of CoS completion and new Keypad Premise Number (e.g. via automatic e-mail/SMS, telephone call)

    - At the customer's next vend using new Keypad Premise Number, PRI provides the new configuration codes along with the vend code (entering the code on the meter completes the reconfiguration of the meter)

    - On notification of the vend, NIE estimates the read to complete the CoS

    - Estimated read sent to Supplier on 310 market message

  • At today’s Meeting

    • Approval to MCR

Dr1032 v1 0 meter configuration codes
DR1032 – Demand V1.0V1.0Meter Configuration Codes

  • Change Request – align current Meter Configuration codes

    - A review of NIE MC codes will be carried out and where possible MC codes that effectively constitute the same register configuration will become a single MC code.

    • new field will be added to the 010 market message called "Prepayment Indicator“

    • Within the New Connections process MCC will be agreed upfront with the customer (Reference DR 1004).

      - Within the CoS process a Supplier can request a change to MCC. In this case the MC code will be used to indicate the register configuration required and as per current rules where a change is requested the Read Reason must be MC.

      - For Fieldwork Requests it is also proposed to introduce the "Prepayment Indicator" field on the 030 market message.

  • At today’s Meeting

    • Approval to MCR

AOB Demand V1.0

  • 3 Additional NI-Specific DRs

    • DR1034 – Change of Use to Non-Domestic - No Meter Changes Required

    • DR1035 – Use of Free Text Field on N131C Market Message

    • DR1036 – Use of Customer Number when searching MPRN website for First Domestic CoS

  • At today’s meeting

    • Confirm classification as NI-Specific

Closing Demand V1.0

  • Summary of work done

    • Approvals

    • Any major Open Items

  • Major next steps